Zebronics Zeb-Fit4220CH Smartwatch: Price, Specs

Hellos guys good news for you finally after so much time zebronics is comes with the new smartwatch and that was zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch.

Mostly you here this brand which was making the electronic product like computer mother board , keyboard , headphone and as well as sound bar , and lots more other electronic this was zebronics was manufacture but in the recent time most of the brands launching there health related product so this time zebronics is comes with the new smartwatch which name was zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch.

So in this article we are deeply reviewing the product this is really good choose for you or not , what there specification , there battery backup , accuracy of the sensor and lost of the other thing we are covering in this article so read this article complete.

What is inside the box

Inside zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch you will get the all the major components which was main zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch , user manual , warrenty card also provided in the box.

Design and build quality .

This zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch is fully made with the mixture of the plastic and the metal . The main body is made with the metallic body and other part of this watch is made up with the plastic material

One thing we like about this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch and that was its strap material because its strap was specially made up with the silicon materiel it will, don’t causes any discomfort in your wrist .

So lets talk about the design of this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch then on this watch you will get the traditional rounded type display which was looking very cool in wrist and most important this smartwatch was looks like a traditional watch . On this watch you will also get the two button to control the watch.

If we look at the back side of the watch then we will get the all sensor  the most important this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch is available in three different color which was white gray and last one is mixture of the gray and white .

The size of this watch was quite average and it will perfectly fit it most of all the person. And this is is a unisex watch so girls and boys use this.

Connectivity .

For the connectivity features in this watch you will get the most probably bluetooth 4.1 to 5.1 bluetooth version . And if we speak about the connectivity range then it will easily covers the 7 to 8 metres area .

To control this whole watch they will also provide the zeb fit 20 series app which was easily available on the all app stores . And this watch was also easily connect with the andoried phone as we as iphone.

With this application you can control the most of the ting like you can also update this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch throng the app .


On this you will get the one year manufacturing warranty . The one thing we want to add about the after sales service of this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch was very good and if we speak the honestly and as per our own experience zebronics service center was quite fast and most importantly they value there customers


The most important thing of the any smartwatch is there ipex rating so in this watch you will get the ipex 67 rating which means this waterproof watch with some limitations

Sports mode

On this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch you will get the 7 sport mode which include the basketball, football, walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton  .The output data on this watch was also good so if you are a sport person and you are looking for the decent smartwatch so you can consider this smartwatch.

Health relate function .

So this is fitness rated smartwatch so in this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch you will get the decent sensor such as 24*7 heart rate monitor, spo2 sensor and blood pressure monitor also you will get it this watch which was very good. The accuracy of this smartwatch was also nearly prefect and like we say in the most of the article if you have some serious problem you consult with the doctor because this small watch didn’t replace the actual machines but you ca use this watch for just your reference.

Other than this sleep monitor, step counter, calories burn distance tracker was also available in this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch so it was nearly compete package.

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Battery performance

So lets move into the main thing battery backup with this smart watch you will get the decent battery backup and to charge this smartwatch they will also provide the magnetic charging cable . The battery backup is totally depend on how we use the smartwatch means if we use the all function at a time then it will consume more battery obviously.

Calling feature .

Yes you hear it right with this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch you will get the calling feature with this watch you will get dedicated speakers and the microphone was provide that why it was possible.

To enable this calling function you must have to connect your watch with the your smartphone with your bluetooth.  This is very cool function but there is one drawback was also there and that was it will consume lots of battery.

Watch faces.

On this smartwatch you will get the more then 100  watch faces and most important if you can also customize the watch faces even  you  can also set your favorite photo as a watch faces .

Price and availability .

The price of this zebronics zeb-fit4220ch smartwatch was between 2500 to 35000 and this watch you can buy it from the amazon india as well as you can also buy this from the zebronics official website .

Final verdicts .

If we honestly speak about this watch then it was looking value for money product . The fitness track was also good . The most important in this smartwatch you will get the calling feature because this kind of feature was available in the only few watch .

Design and the build quality of this watch was also looking very good .

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