Which is better Boat bassheads 100 vs 103?

Hello friends in this article we are directly compare the two best headphone which was boat bassheads 100 vs boat bassheads 103 . Both of headphone was made by the same brand so most of the people get confuses about the which one is good for you and most importantly is  there  any difference between it or not .

So in this article we are deeply comparing  its specification , build quality , sound quality , mic quality and other stuff was also we are deeply comparing in this article so read this article very carefully .

We are also given our final verdict regarding this which one is really gives us value for money so read this article till the end.

What Is Inside The Box .

Inside the both of the boat bassheads 100 and boat bassheads103 you will get the all basic components which was main product ,  to setup this device and understand this device user manual also you will get on the both of the box, other than this warranty  card also you will get and on the both of the box lots of promotional pamlple you will get .

And one thing we want to add with the both of the headphone you will get the extra ere tips .

Design And Build Quality .

First of all we are talking about the boat bassheads 100 so this headphone was available more than 10 colors which quite good but as per our opinion  orange , black and while boat bassheads 100 looking very impressive as compare to the other colors .

This boat bassheads 100 was fully made with the plastic materiel and main ere tip was made with the silicon which was skin friendly. In this headphone regular rounded type cable was give which was not a tangle free that was a big drawback of  this boat bassheads 100 .

And if we talk about the joints of the headphone then it was also quite strong so if you use this headphone with the proper care then it will gives you long life .

So let look at the our second product which was boat bassheads 103 so this devices is also same with high quality plastic material and similarly  its ere tip is also made with the silicon material.

In this boat bassheads 103 you will get the regular rounded type cable and if we honestly speak the quality  of this cable was quite good as compare to the boat bassheads 100.

The one of the most important thing of this watch its is very light weight so if you use it for the long time then it will not get any pain.

On this boat bassheads 103 you will get the gold plated 3.5mm jack so it will directly impact the overall performance of the audio

And on the other hand on boat bassheads 100 you will get the normal 3.5mm jack .

Buttons And Microphone

On the both of the boat bassheads 103 and boat bassheads 100 headphone you will get the same inline buttons and the microphone.

On both of this bassheads 103 and boat bassheads 100 headphone you will get the only one button the placement of this buttons was quite good but we didn’t  like the overall build quality of this buttons in both of the headphone  we get the cheap buttons so our recommend  is don’t use that button very frequently.

And if we speak about the quality of the microphone then on bassheads 103 headphone you will get the better microphone output so if you want a decent mic then you can go for the bassheads 103.

One more pulse point of  this bassheads 103 headphone and that was voice assistance features yes on this wired headphone you will get the voice assistance feature and you can easily enable this with the single button.

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Sound Quality .

So first of lets talk about the bassheads 100 so from this headphone you will get the decent sound quality the high and low was also decent as compare to the price range.There is only one drawback of this headphone is  that was distraction yes on this device you will get the distraction when you use this at the full volume.

Lets move into the bassheads 103 so on this device you will get the extraordinary thymmy bass . Like bassheads 100 headphone you will get the crystal  clear audio with the fine lows and mids .

On this bassheads 103 headphone you didn’t get the any distroction.

Price .

If we look at the price then there is huge difference between because bassheads 100 was available between the 300rs to 400rs

And if we look at the bassheads 103 then this headphone was available between the 500rs to 600rs . And both of this device is available on the amazon..

Features boAt Bassheads 100 boAt Bassheads 103
Manufacturing Date 16 May 2017 30 May 2019
Wired Yes Yes
Bass Driver 10mm 10mm
Alexa or other Voice Assistants Yes Yes
HandsFree Call Yes Yes
Button Yes Yes
Noise Cancellation Yes Yes
Colour 14 3
Sweat & waterproof No No
Cable Length More than 1 Meter More than 1 Meter


Final Verdicts.

Honestly there is not such comparison between the bassheads 103 and boat bassheads 100 headphone because both of this headphone was similar.


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