Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 Earbud Features, Price, and Specs

In this article we are covering not so popular  brand in india but in recent time it was give good competition to others we establish brands such as the boat, jbl.Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2

In every online you will get the all most 5 star positive rating. So in this we are detail review the newly launch product which was wecool moonwalk m1 v2 tws.

After reading this article you can easily decide this product is actually worth to buy or not.

Over View

On the box you will get the normal information like the model name of the product. On the back side you will get the specification like battery backup, bluetooth range , and other stuff was mention on he back side of the  box.

So lets talk about the what’s inside in the box. Fist of all after unboxing the box you will get the 200 rs paytm voucher card.

After that inside the box main charging case, usb cable, user manual was given with the extra ere tips.


First of all Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 this is totally made with the polycarbonate .Size wise this was very compacts in size. This product was available in the only black  color with the shiny finish.

And if we talk about the look and feel then it look very cheap. And if we talk about the durability then we don’t think it would be a longlisting or long time .

For the charging this device there are one usb port was given on the back side of the case.

In this airdrop there are one good feature was available that was led display indictor so you can easily monitor the battery percentage. We all know how much problem we face when only led indictor was available.


In this Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 Earbud no such information was provided that was its ipex certified or not. So we cannot give you detail information about this airdrop was dust proof, waterproof or not.

Battery Life 

On this this you will get the 350 mah battery  in that charging case. And in the earbud you will get the 50 50 mag battery in both airdrop. You can easily charge this airdrop by the usb cable which was provided with headphone .

If we talk about the batter backup then by the charging case you can charge the airdrop almost 2 to 3 times . And if we talk about the charging time of the case then it takes almost 2 to 3 hours to fully charge .

In this device charging time also big drawback. In todays life any smartphone was charge fully within 1.5 hours so compare to the this small case intakes lots of time .

By the single charge on call it gives you fours hours battery backup

On music it gives you almost four hour backup .

And on the standby mode you it can gives you 100 hours battery backup.

Buttons And Controlled -Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 Earbud 

On this airdrop you can get the physical buttons you did not get the any touch capacitive buttons. While our test  of the psychical button are little bit hard and when we try to operated this button while when it is on the ere then it gives little bit some pains on the ears.

In airdrop you will get the one extra feature that was you can control the volume thought the airdrops. If we look at the others brads like boat, jbl in that airdrop also we didn’t get this feature.

You can also control the other some activities like play pause button, previous, forward buttons .

Comfortableness-Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 Earbud

Conformable wise this is one of he best airdrop which was available in the market with the airdrops you will get the extra ere tip so you can easily replace ere tips according to your ere size.

This product is fully made with the plastic so it is not a very heavy. And because of the plastic build this device is not a strong enough to gives you long run this product was very very delicate .


On this product you will get the 1 year warranty after purchasing the any product from the wecool brand then just register the warranty for your product.

Sound Quality -Wecool Moonwalk M1 v2 Earbud 

In this device drive size is not clearly mention anywhere. They just write it has very louder bass that it. So if we talk about the sound quality then it just gives you normal sound quality .

As per our research we did not get the  clear tribles, mids and low in short it gives you horrible sound quality


latency was one of the most important thing in the any Bluetooth device. products from the big brands also suffering from this problem so in this airdrop also have latency issues .

We test this airdrop while gaming, watching movies, listing music then we face almost 1 second latency.

So this is doesn’t gives you best experience.

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Final Verdicts

So lets talk about the this product is wort it or not? So in short it was totally money wasting  product. So if you think but in online stores there are so many positive rating was available then how it is possible ? So answer is with this product you will get the 200rs vouched card, you can redeem  them by giving the 5 star rating on online stores.

That why most of the people was give the 5  star rating.

As a personals opinion this strategy was a not working on long term.By the given the some voucher they are just selling cheap product.

In youtube or as well as in the another blog  you will get the positive reviews because most of the blog, or youtube channel they are using the affiliate link in there description  so if you purchase there product from there link then they will also get the some amount of the commission.

So if you think this product was not worth it then which device we buy that our opinion is that you can go for the boat products or any other brands product.



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