Vivo TWS 2 Features Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Hi guys how are you I hope all are you fine so lets start today we let you know about the vivo tws 2 earbuds. This is from the vivo brand newly will get to launch the earbuds.

So from our sources we will let you know about the newly going to launched the product vivo tws 2 about this product specification and there features.

In this article we will let you know about the product is all are from our sources and from our predication and from earlier vivo earbuds reviewing we gone let you know.

Launching Date

So from the vivo officially announce the date when this earbuds will launch the vivo official revel the some picture of the vivo tws 2 and the launching date is 20 may .

Vivo TWS 2  Noise Cancelling Earbuds :

Vivo tws 2 noise cancelling earbuds this is specially have the noise cancellation earbuds. So this earbud is specially have a very good feature they added noise cancellation

Now a days almost all the newly earbuds launch they have the noise cancellation features. That is important because due to the covid 19 there is lock down and all most most of the school, college, office are doing online work . So there some office meeting or online classes the best earbuds is mandatory and to not get any of the disturbance in between so noise cancellation should required.

So that’s why most of the people are buying noise cancellation feature earbuds.

So like we check already in the market some other brand like noise, boat, etc have the noise cancellation features.

Like the vivo is also going to launch the vivo tws 2  noise cancelling earbuds so from the name only we can identify that in this earbuds noise cancellation features is available.


From the officially vivo revile the some so the vivo tws 2 features noise cancelling earbuds image so from that images we will let you know the details and design as from the look wise we can see that its look very attractive and it is very stylise as you can see in the below images .

The design is look like its have in ear design it means its design is make like that it can perfectly fit in your ears.

What You Will Get Inside The Box

As from the earlier vivo earbuds we pretend that in this earbuds what you will get inside the box 1 earbuds, charging case, warranty card , manual book, thank you card.


In this earbuds as we probably let you know about the version as we get to know from our sources and earlier vivo earbuds that in this 5.0 buteooth version or 5.1 bluetooth version will be there. So this is you can use upto 7 to 8 meters radius easily.

Sound Quality

As we get to know from the noise cancellation features is available so we probably thing that in this the sound quality will be very good. And in the name vivo tws 2  noise cancelling earbuds so from the name only we can see that it have the better sound. This is specially for the calling purpose and for the gamer lover and of course to get to listen better music .


As from the earlier vivo earbuds we probably thing that its have a good battery backup and the proper full review we will do when this product will launch we will update the article.

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Touch Button

In this touch button is also available as we get to know from our sources . So this button is very useful from this button you can easily operate the device. From this button you can increase and decreases the volume, play and pause the music, receive and reject the calls easily.

Warranty Information

As from the earlier vivo earbuds we will pretend that in this vivo tws 2  noise cancelling earbuds also have 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

To avila the warranty is also very simple only you want to visit the vivo officially website and register the warranty.

If in case you face any of the issue you can contact to the vivo customer care they will assets you and resolve your issue.

Final Verdicts

As we already let you know this product is till yet not launch it will launch on 20 may. So without using the product we cannot get you review properly it will not fair to give you the verdicts .

So when the product s launch we will give you the proper review about this product.

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