[Top] 3 wet grinder machine for kitchen in India 2021

Mixer grinder is one of the most important product in the household for the daily use. From this we can easily make our food and fast we can grind any thing like wheat, rice ,dal, idle batter, dosa batter, etc. In early time when there is not grainer from the stone plates its grind the all thing which required to use in food to make coconut past or any thing also. And for the wheat or for the idli or dosa batter we want to depend on the old tradition cahaki its process is very hard and its required lost of effort.

But now not to worry here are the solution there are some of the wet grinder are available in the low cost and its have many of the extra facility. Which make the process more smooth and time saving .

Also its not take so much effort only you want to on the machine .It is automatics mix grind also available in the market. Within a few minute the batter our flour will ready for you.

As we notice now a days most of the people trying the varieties of the recipe at home it self from seeing in YouTube and make new dishes . when we came to know that certain dish have the wet batter require like dosa ,idli ,etc. why to take ready made  batter from shop it will effect our dish and we will not get as same taste like hotel.

So to get the better taste we want to have the wet grind with the best motor and bladde. So it can grained the batter properly and make the smooth paste.

There are many of the wet grinder machine  available in the market but when  purchasing want to check what accessories we are getting extra and what benefit we will get.

So in the below article we will let you the some best wet grinder machine  in India you can check the below list:

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1.Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, 2L (White) with Coconut Scrapper Attachment.

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, 2L (White) with Coconut Scrapper Attachment

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder is one of the best product its is manufacture by Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited . Gandhimathi Appliances Limited IS A OLD BRAND Which rules areoub 50+. One of the trusted brand in electronic appliance. The outer look of the product is good and its comes in good packaging.

Easy to use and easy to handle The weight of the product is 11 kg 200 g. The look is super stylish easy to clean also you can use damp cloth to clean the mixer.

Along with mixer you will get 1 jar which is 2 litter and the jar is made from Stainless material. The price of the products also very low and value for money. Cheap and best to use we Recommended you to use this mixer.

Grinding is very best it also grind rice, dal, etc whiteout making no sound. The jar is enough for the 5 to 6 member of the family easily. Yu can also grind the mixture of dosa easily with a 30 min and make the fresh dosa at your home.

And also idli it just take 20 min to grinder the batter and read to make the idli.

Also its provide coconuts cribber it is most useful for the daily purpose its work smoothly.

  • 2 Year Product Warranty
  • Powerful Motor
  • 4 Way Grinding System
  • High Torque Motor Used
  • NA

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Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder


The product is made from plastics material from outside it is good quality and the jar is made from Stainless. It look is awesome and its work super charm and fast . Dose not make wired sound it is no Not as noisy as a mixer. Easy to use the product u can easily grinder the raw rice also and also easy to clean.

The capacity of the product is 2 liter which is good and at one time you can easily grand up to 2 liter batter. The batter is made within 30 minutes not take so much time and super fast.

Motor of this product is powerfully from this its grinder  super fast and fine. also if you have any of the issue with this product you an contacts customer care they also help you they are polite and understood the issue quickly.

The upper side of the lid is made from plastic No heating issue and it fix to drum.

Has its take Minimum half an hour is required for half-1 kg of dal/dal+rice for smoother batter and make the batter very smooth and make fast. Also you you can fix Coconut Scraper and  Atta Kneader but this two you want to purchaser separately.

The product have 5 years on product so you can use without any of worry. Invoice copy is enough to claim warranty.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Conical Grind Stones Used
  • Vibration Free Operation
  • 5 Years On Product Warranty
  • NA

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3. panasonic 230-watt plastic wet grinder with automatic timer.

panasonic 230-watt plastic wet grinder with automatic timer.


Panasonic 230-watt plastic wet grinder with automatic timer is one of most well known brand in electronic industries. This  was founded in 1918 Kōnosuke Matsushita.

plastic wet grinder with automatic timer is 230 watt. It is east to use Just set the timer and relax! its have  Easy automatic timer. This product is made up from Hight quality of Plastic material.

Also easy top lock it can easily lock the upper lid and not to worry about the split and messiness. The capacity o the product is 2 liter.

Motor power is excellent is have SR WA22F wet grinder from this its grind super fast and smooth easily and its required 240 Watts power. The lock protection feature is good and its also have the transparent lid from the transparent lid you can easily seen the inside mixture. The product is light weight 13 kg 700 g only.

Inside the package you will get  1 Wet Grinder , 1 Lid , 1 Roller ,Warranty Card & Manual.

  • 13.67 Kilograms Weight
  • 2 L Capacity
  • Transparent Lid
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Powerfull Motor
  • Na

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can wet grinder be used for dry grinding?

no because in wet grinder machine they capacity is bid and its most make to do the  wet grind you can  grind like idli batter, dosa batter, etc.

how wet grinder works?

Wet grinder is work automatic and the main is the some specific wet grinder the power of motor s very strong with the help of this it can easily grind your food in a few mint.

which wet grinder is best?

In the above article there are most good and best feature wet grinder machine information is provide in the low price you can check the above article.


  • First if all you want to check what is your usages and requirement on that basic you want to select the wet grinder.
  • After that you want to now the feature about the particulate product.
  • the feature proper and the usage of that product and check the warranty of the product
  • check whether the particulate product  what extra accessories are provide because as you see some its provide extra accessories.
  • check the capacity of the wet grinder machine it is most important point because on that its depend that how much batter you can grind at one time .


Wet grinder is one of the most useful product in our kitchen appliance as we suggest to use this product. From the wet grinder machine it easy to make the batter and not require so much of effort within an few button you can operate this grinder. And most important that it is long last product as we can say its one time investment in the product.

As from the regular use of the product you can also save lost of money which one you waste to buy ready made batter or grind from the local shop.

Wet grinder have many of the types and there many of the feature so in this article we let you know about the some most useful and with more feature wet grinder . And with a low cost so in the above article you will get to know the product feature in detail.



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