Skullcandy Dime Tws Earbuds All Features & Specifications 2021

Skullcandy is well known brand in all over the world within the few year skullcandy is emerged as the best brand in the  sound and audio equipment .Skullcandy Dime Tws Earbuds

Skullcandy also manufacture the other electronics devices but they get huge success in this audio industry . The one of the important thing of this skullcandy products was they was give best quality product in the cheap price .

After the huge success from the other product they finally decide to launch there new product which was skullcandy dime tws earbuds in this article we are covering the main feature of this earbuds this is worth it or not we are covering in this article so read the full article .

What You Will Get Inside The Box .

As per our reporters you will get the main skullcandy dime tws earbuds  with charging case, for your comfortable ness they will also give you extra two or three ere tips, of course manual also they give for the  charging this device micro usb cable also that provide inside the  bx..


If we talk about the design then this product was available in the tree different colors like true black other one is dark blue green and third one is of couse light blue gray .

One of the most important thing of this earbuds its size, the size [of the charging case was very compact means you can compare the size of the case with your keychain so just imaging how compact its is .

They make compact design for you can easily use this every day without any issues.

Lets talk about the case so on the top of the box you will see the skullcandy branding logo they give the charging port on the back side of the case .

The hinges of this case is made up with the plastics so  that was negative point of this case.

Connectivity .

In this device they give bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that easily cover the 30 feet or the area means 10 meters area. As per the company claim that it can gives you smooth connectivity it doesn’t disconnect  automatedly that was one of the major problem which was seen in wireless earbuds .

This device is easily connect with  phone, tablet, mp3 player, laptop, or anything else with a bluetooth connection. You can not use this with xbox one,ps4 so if you want to use this earbuds for this devices then you can go for other eardrops .

Voice Assistance.

Yes in this skullcandy dime tws earbuds you will get the voice assistance features if you want to activate the voice assistance the just thee time of any side of the earbuds  that it your voice assistance is now ready

This skullcandy dime tws earbuds supported the google assistance and  siri .

Battery Backup

On this earbud they hives you big battery but how mah battery was they used they still not disclosed but they said by the single charged of the earbud it can easily give you 3.5 hours playtime and with the charging case it can easily  gives you 12 hours of total play time..

And if we talk about the total charging time to get the fully charge of the case then it takes almost 5 hours to completely charge that was one of the negatives point of this earbuds because now a days any smartphone also fully charged within 2.5 hours .

And if we talk about charging point of the earbuds then they can fully charged within 1 hours .To know battery is full charged  or not they give you indictors light when that red indictor light wads turn off then this means your eardrops is fully charged.

Its also give you waring when your charging became low. Indictor light was flashing in very 5 second when your battery was low.

Role Switching feature and functionality

We are in short descript what is exact functionally with this functionality you can also use the anyone earbuds you didn’t want to were both of this burds.

Not only you use this earbuds but you can also control most of the setting through the only one earbuds.

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waterproof ..

This skullcandy dime tws earbuds is comes with the ipex 4 that means this water and sweat resistance. But only earbuds is comes with the ipex4 rating so charging case it is not a water resistance .

sound quality .

In this earbuds they give you 6 mm dynamic driver so its definitely give heavy bass output. Before releasing the actual product we cannot say the unbiased review on this categories so when this product was launch after that we update this article .

Final Verdicts

In this skullcandy dime tws earbuds there are so many extra ordinary feature was available like compact size, unique design, and most importantly three color combination .

If you want to purchase this device then you can purchase it but there is only one negative point is there and that was it takes 5 hours to fully charged that case .

Ii for you charging time is not matter then you can blindly go for this skullcandy dime tws earbuds without any dought.



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