Realme Buds Wireless 2 All Features & Specifications

Hi friends how are you we hope all are you find, so lets start today in this article we will let you know about the realme buds wireless 2 all features & specifications.

This is newly launched airbus from the realme so today in this article we will let know about this product so stay tune with us.

What Is Inside The Box

So lets see what you will get inside the box so in this you will get earbuds, charging cable, owner manual guide, warranty card, thank you card.


As we look in the below image the look wide it is very stylish and awesome . Its have the magnetic ear tip which makes its more unique this magnetic ear tip is very helpful.

In this realme buds wireless 2 its have the 2 color variation first is grey and second on is yellow both look very good. So you can use according to your choice.

This realme buds wireless 2 is very light weight the weight of the earbuds is just 29 grams.

Sound Quality

In this realme buds wireless 2 its have the 13.6mm bass boost you will get to see so from this the sound quality you will get it is much good and it will very clear.

Now a days in any of the earbuds the sound output its much to be check its play an important role in any of the earbuds.

Active Noise Cancellation

So to improve the audio quality more its have the one more features it is active noise cancellation features. So from this your audio will not break and you will get the clear sound and also if you are in the crowded are so from  the surrounded sound also you will not get disturbed and you will get the clear sound.

Its cancel the noise  upto 25 decibel which is good.

Also its have the environment noise cancelation feature its have  enc support . Which is good for the calling calls quality.

Specialty it is good for the online classes , office meting, conference call, so without any of the issue you can continue your work without any o the worry.


if we talk about the battery it is very good its have total 22 hrs play back time. and if you on anc so you will get the 18 hours of playback time. so this is very good you can carry for long time without any of the worry.

To charge this dives fully its only takes 50 min. So if you are in hurry so this is good for you because its charge fast as compare to other earbud.

If you are in hurry you just charge this earbuds for 10 min and you will get 12 hour of play back time. Specialty its is good for busy people.

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Charging Cable

In realme buds wireless 2 its have the charging cable to charge this earbuds its have type c usb cable.

Magnetic Instance Connection

In this realme buds wireless 2 its have magnetic instance connection so this is very useful this the ear tips have the magnetic tip so its attaché each other.

So this also help to not fall while it is not in use and most important whenever if you want to use this earbud you just speedread the magnetic tips form each other and its ready to use.

And when its not in use just attach each other.

Water Resistance

Also its have the water resistance features which is good. But this is not fully water proof it is water resistance it means you can use in rainy seasons without any of the worry.3

Its have ipx5 water and sweat  resistance . Sweat resistance also very useful so if you sweat also so it will not get any effect on earbuds and it is skin friendly you will not get any of the issue.


Realme buds wireless 2 as we talk about this earbuds warranty so in this its have the  year of warranty from the date of purchases. So in future in you face any of the issue you can contact to realme customer care support they will assets you.

Final Verdicts

So in this article we let you about the realme buds wireless 2 all the specification and features. In this we let you know the main features of this.

As we let you this product details you can read but in this earbud its have the also most all the features whichever is there in highly brand product.

So in short this is very good product and budget friendly product and worth to buy it.

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