pTron Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band Price, Specs, Launch, Features

Hello friends how are you so in this article we are talking about the latest product launch by the ptron  . In this time ptron  was recently launch the two smartwatch which was pulsefit p261 smartwatch and pulsefit f121 smart band so previously we deeply review the pulsefit p261 smartwatch so if you want to read then you can read that article .

In this article we are taking about the ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band there specification , there functions , its accuracy and most importantly this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band is really worth it or not this kind of the all information you will get it in this article so read this article very carefull

What’s is inside the box

So first of all in this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band you will get the first of all main ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band and to charge this smartwatch charging cable also you will get to setup this device user manual also provide and most important thing to claim the warranty you will get the warranty card in the box

Build quality  and design

First of all lets talk about the build so this smartwatch is made with the plastic, thermoplastic polyurethane and stainless steel materiel .

The main dailer was made with the stainless steel and other part of this smartwatch was build with the plastic, thermoplastic polyurethane.

On this device tft-lcd was used with 135 x 240 pixels display resolution that means you will get the clear view an this was also help to use this watch in the outdoor.

So lets move in to the design so this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band was available in the four different color which was black , blue , red and green

The total weight of watch was very light its have only 25g total weight so it was very comfortable even if you use this for a long time .


So on this smartwatch they will gives us bluetooth v4.0 which is not a latest version but it was reasonable if we look at the price .And if we look at the connectivity range this smartwatch easily covers the 7 to 8 meters area .


On this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band you will get the one year manufacture warranty which was very good . But the process of the calming warranty that was not so fast.

Battery backup

On this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band they gives 90 mah battery and if we look at the battery backup then it will give us 5 days battery backup and 10 days stand by mode ..

To charge this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band they also provide the charging cable so with that cable this watch was completely get fully within a 3 hours .

The battery backup is also depends on the our usage if we use this watch at the high brightness setting then obviously it will consume more battery.

So if you want a more battery backup then manually turn off the unnecessary function this technique really increase the overall your battery performance .

Sports mode .

On this smartwatch you will get the only 5 sport mode which was climbing, riding, running, football, basketball so if your are doing apart from this sport then this watch is not for you.  But in this price rang this was a value for money deal .  The accuracy of the all sport mode data was also quite good.

The most important yoga monitoring tracking was also not there that was drawback because in this days most of the people are doing so that was also a big drawback .

Health rated feature .

On ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band you will get the heart rate monitor, sleep tracking monitor, sedentary reminder, daily steps count, calories burned that kind of the feature you will get it.

In this watch we notice some features was missing and that was spo2 monitor, blood pressure monitor sensor was  also not there.

Sensors and notification

On this watch they will give some sensors like accelerometer sensor, heart rate sensor, g sensor that means it will track the good amount of data.

And if we talk about the notification then you will get the almost most of the notification like call alert you will get , with this watch you can also control your phones camera means this small smartwatch is work like a remote control.

Other than this you can get the weather info and one thing we like about this watch and that was it was comes with the find your device, feature .

You can also customize the notification seeing through the application. One thing we want to add wherever notification was arrive it will notify you with the vibration .

Water proof / water resistance .

So on this device you will get the ip65 water-resistance which means this watch was not a fully waterproof but it was a water resistance so you can use this while intense work out  and it was also handle some water splashes but be careful.

This watch was water and dust resistance so you didn’t want to clean the watch regular basis.

Use interference .

This ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band was well optimized and you didn’t get any or any performing issues while using this watch.

One thing was we like about this watch and that was this watch was comes with the multiple watch face so you can easily set .

Supported apps.

As you all know every smartwatch was comes with the  apps with that app you can control the most of the setting so this watch also have there dedicated app that name was hryfine .

This hryfine was available on the play store as well as the app store. The user interface that app was also well optimist and most important it was very easily setup .

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Price and availability .

The price of this watch was between the 700 to 900 yes you here it right and if you want to buy this watch then this watch was available on the flipkat .

Final verdicts .

First of all we want to understand this ptron pulsefit f121 smart fitness band was entry level smart band so you didn’t expect more feature from this watch.

As per the price this smartwatch is comes with lot of feature like heart rate monitor , sleep monitor, 5 dedicated sport modes. And if we look at the design on this watch then this watch was similar to the mi band .

So at the end of this article if you have very tight budget then you can go for this . Or if you want more features then you can go for the boat storm xplor.


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