[Ptron Bassbuds Plus] Price, Features, Review 2021

In this article  we are talk about the latest launch product from the ptron. Which name has ptron bassbuds plus . This is made in india airdrop so we are happy to see that indian brads also set up there manufacturing  plant in india .Ptron Bassbuds Plus

What Inside The Box.

Ptron bassbuds plus  come with the compact colour box. In front of the box you will get the ptron branding with the model number. Upper side of the box you will see the qr code.

On the back side of the box you will get the detail specification like driver size, bluetooth rang, bluetooth version, connectivity option like that all the information was mention on them .

All of that information we are explain in detail so stay with us and read the full article.

Inside the box you will get the charging cable that was not a usb type c. And you will also get the main product with the extra ere tips,you will also get the manual so if you face any issue then you can consider that manual.


So lets talk about the charging case so  this charging case is comes with the two colour combination. On the front side of the case you will get the ptron branding.

On the back side of the case they give you charging port. And in the bottom side of the case you didn’t get anything..

This charging case is fully made with the metal  shine colour coated design so it make them very different.

Lets talk about the actual ptron bassbuds plus airdrops so by the first experience it was very lightweight because the airdrop was made with the plastic materiel .

You will get the proper left right indicator was well written on them.  And on the both side of the aidrop you will get the led indicator light .


In this device touch capacities buttons was not provided in this airdrop they give you normal plastic buttons. We use this airdop for 10 to 12 days so we did not get any discomfort to operating the actual buttons.

So lets talk about the buttons functionality by single button you can play pause the track. If you want to go froward to next tract then just double tap on any of the airdrop.

You can also enable the assistance feature with this by just hold and press it for a second.If you want to reject the call then just pres it and hold for a second that’s it .


Fitting and the conformable wise this is one of best airdrops from the ptron. We use this airdrop for the sports activity, causal activities so we doinot feel any discomforts.

If we use the correct ere tip according our ere size then this airdrop dose’t fall from your ears while sports activities .

And because of this airdrop was fully made with the plastic so you don’t feel any kinds of pains and discomforts. We used this airdrop continues 3 hours so we didn’t feel any discomforts.

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Sound Quality .

In this sound quality segment ptron bassbuds plus makes huge improvements. Like when we review the old ptron products then we feel the heavy distraction while 100 volume. In this airdro you didn’t get this kind of the problem which give very tough fight to boat, jbl, bolut products.

In this airdrop drivers, loudness, bass was very well optimised. So it give a good audio output. Over all this is good choice if you want budget airdrops.

Call Quality 

In our research if the call quality of this airdrop was below the mark. First of all we get the two microphone but it gives a not so clear voice on call.

If you are thinking to buy this products for regular calling then we didn’t recommended to you.

Gaming Test .

In this airdrop you will get the 100 latency issue. You didn’t get any sound detailing so it doesn’t differentiate from where he enemies was coming .

Battery Backup.

On the charging case they give a 350 mah battery and in the actual airdrop they give  50 mah battery. So  by the charging case you can chard this airdrop 3 to 4 time .

As per the ptron  they claim that by the single charge airfburd it can give almost 8 hours lay time .


  • Stereo earphones with hi-fi audio & built-in mic
  • Hands-free experience
  • 4 hours playback time
  • 8mm dynamic driver
  • Made in india

  • NA

Final Verdicts.

First of all this ptron bassbuds plus is a budget oriented airdrop so we didn’t expect more form this device. In this airdrop we get the average performance.

In this airdrop we get the premium design,long lasting battery life, heavy 8.Mm drive .

There are so many feature available but there are some negative point also there like latency issue, poor microphone.

So there question arise should we consider airdrop or not so our answer is yes if you are want airdrop for light usages like watching movies, listing musics and some normal calling then you can blindly go for this airdrop ..


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