PTron Bassbuds Evo Bluetooth Price, Features, Review 2021

In this article we are again reviewing the latest airdrop from the ptron  side. Previously we are reviewing the ptron bassbuds plus airdrop which was budget oriented airdrop. In this article we are deeply reviewing the yet another budge oriented airdrop from the ptron. Which name has ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset.

First of all this ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset is also have another name which is ptron bassbuds elite so don’t confuse between them


This ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset comes with the small compact size box. On the box we didn’t get any detailing like specification, special feature or other stuff. On the box and the sides of the box the main product model was mention .

On the back side of the box we get some information like driver information, battery backup, playtime and other stuff was mentioned on the back side of the box.

PTron Bassbuds Evo Bluetooth Price, Features, Review 2021

So lets talk about what you get inside the box. So fist of all manual you will get the manual was only available in English language, you will also get the extra ere tips, charging cable, and actual main airdrop and charging case you will get inside the box.


This PTron Bassbuds Evo Bluetooth was available in the two color which was combination of black and red combination and second one is pink with the black color combination .

All of this  color combination are available in the glossy finish. From the personal opinion you can go for the black and red color combination that combination gives you premium finish.

Design wise this airdrop was build with the plastic material. On the earbud notification light was also given so you can easily understand airdrop is on or off .

So lets talk about the charging case on the front of the charging case they give ptron logo. Above the logo you will see the four led lights for battery indicator .

PTron Bassbuds Evo Bluetooth Price, Features, Review 2021

On the back side of the case you will get the usb port for the charging

Look wise this charging case also comes with the glossy finish. In this charging case unnecessary information was not mention so it gives a premium and classy finish .

If we talk about the weight of the charging case then it has little heaver than other brands case that because of the big battery was provide .

We are give you detail information regarding the battery backup so stay with us and read the full article ..

This ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset is come with the strong magnetic charging case. And the hing of the case is also made with the heavy material so it can give you long life .


In this ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset device you will get the bluetooth 5.0 version and it can easily covers the 8 meters of area . We use this airdrop for one week so we didn’t feel any specific connecting issue.

When you are pairing with your device make sure both of the airdrop was put out of the case. If you see only one led is blinking on any of the airdrop that means this both airdrop was ready to pair with the devices ..

And next process you know how to connect the airdrop. And if you face any problem then you can read the manual or you can also mention your problem in the blow of the article in the comment section our team give you a  reply within a moments

Buttons .

This is budget oriented  ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset so it didn’t came with the touch capacitive  button. In this airdrop you won’t get the tradition physical buttons.

When we use this airdrop so we didn’t face any discomforts the button are very smooth and sensitive if you just lightly press on them then also detect the activity

We are reviewing many airdrop  which has physical button but majority of the airdrop gives little bit pain in ere when we press them because that button required more  pressure so it create discomforts in our erars

Battery Backup.

On this ptron bassbuds evo bluetooth headset price wise very impressive battery was provides that  gives you 300 mah battery on the case and on the actual airdrop you will get the 45 mah battery on each side of the airdropped .

And if we talk about the battery back so single charf of the airdrop it can easily  gives you 4 to 5 hours of playtime. And and with the charging case it can gives you 12 to 15 hours playtime .

With the charging case you can charge this airdops for 2 to 3 time.

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Sound Quality .


If we talk about the sound quality then it is very good with this price range. You didn’t get the extra ordinary sound quality from this airdrop .

By this airdrop you can easily enjoy the basic task like watching movies, music, and other stuff.

In this device mids, high, tribles was not so good but it is reasonable and of course we are talking about the budget oriented airdrops.

One of the best thing of this airdrops on the high volume it don’t create any distraction that was good thing. Visually we face distrotion on high volume.

So lets talk about the gaming experience so we give you clear cut answer in this airdrop you will get the latency issue. So when we are playing the games like pubg and other online games then its doesn’t give best performance .

If you want gaming headset then you can go for the wired headset like boat 225.

final verdicts .

So first of all again we clear that this is a purely budget oriented airdrop so it doesn’t have so many features like any other airdrops.

So if you think this product is good or not ? So our answer is it is totally depend on your usage. If you are gamer then its is not for you.

This airdrop is for casual user. This airdrop easily perform your day to day task like you can attends calls, listing music, watch videos.

The battery backup also very good by the single charge it can give a almost 15 to 16 hours play timeeasly .3

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