Nokia T2000 2 Bluetooth Headset Price, specifications

Finally after the so many months nokia is coming back with the there brand new audio device which was nokia t2000 2 bluetooth headset. Today officially announced in the upcoming days this product was launching in indian market. Nokia T2000 2 Bluetooth Headset

So in this article we are covering the detail information about this nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset like there review, launching date sound quality, price, latency and other important thing we are covering in this article so read this full article .

What You Will Get Inside The Box .

Inside the box  you will get the regular components like main nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset with manual card if you face any problem then you can consider that manual .

Micro usb charging cable for charging the device and thank you card was also giving that was good gesture from the nokia.

Design -Nokia T2000 2 Bluetooth Headset

This nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset is available in the three color like midnight black, pearl gray and last one was twilight blue. All of this color are comes with the matt color so midnight black is always gives premium look.

If we talk about the build quality  then it is made with the plastic and on the ere tip you will get the shiny metallic like finishing that was gives looking very fabulous .

The all of the button and control was given on the right side of the neckband and on the left side you will see the nokia logo in the white color.

If we talk about the cable quality then cable is also made with the rubberize materiel and they are not comes with the flat design in this nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset you will get the rounded type cable .

Because of the rounded type design mostly they get tangled with each other .

Buttons And Controllers -Nokia T2000 2 Bluetooth Headset

Like we already mention all of the buttons was given o the right side of the headset. The placement of the all buttons as very good you can easily reach the all of the buttons easily .

So lets talk about the build quality of the buttons then yet again its buttons are also made with the hard plastic. The operation of he buttons was also smooth it didn’t require  lots of pressure .

On this headset you will get the four physical buttons you can read  the detail information of the buttons on the manual.

In this headset you will also get the magnetic controllers that was used to switch of the headset .

Connectivity .

Nokia T2000_2 Bluetooth Headset is come with the latest 5.1 version  Bluetooth version that easily covers the 10 meters of the radius area the connectivity of the headphone was just awesome you didn’t face any connectivity issues on this device.

The most important feature of this headphone was you can connect the 2 device at a time example you can connect the headphone with your phone as well as to your laptop at a time .

Battery .

In this device you will get the type c charging port to charge this device so it can charge the device very fast as compare to the old headphone .

As per the official reports by signal full charge it can easily gives you 14 hours playtime but you can except 10 to 12 hours playtime . If you are in hurry then this device also have a fast charging option by just 10 mins of charging it can easily gives you 6 to 7 hours playtime.

If we talk about the charging time then its only take 45 minutes to get  charged.

Microphone And Call Quality -Nokia T2000 2 Bluetooth Headset

The one of the important thing of the any headphone is sound quality and the call quality so lets talk about the sound quality so in this v nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset you will get the dual microphone set up which perform very good and perfectly  pick you voice .

Other than this this headphone is comes with the  qualcomm clear voice capture (cvc) technology it is work like a noise cancellation feature. Because of this technology you will receive the crystal clear output so you can easily attend the calls even at the noisy environment.


Sound Quality .

Nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset is one of the best headset in this price range because for the best sound quality they gives you 11 mm dynamic drivers.

Along with the 10 m driver they also give you  qualcomm qcc3034 chipset that’s means it can give you very good sound quality .

Because of the 11.Mm dynamic drive you can get the thummy sound you can really feel the vibration on your eras.

latency .

If you are looking for the wireless gaming headphone you can consider this nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset. Because of low latency rate you will get the best experience while playing the online games like pubg and other games .
Most of the bt headphone also have problem of the synchronization that means sound was not coming perfectly you will get the same sound at a time that kind of the thing you will not face on this headphone .

Ipx4 Protection

In todays most of the devices is come with the ipex certified so this headphone is also comes with the ipex4. That means it is water and dust resistance headphone.


By this  nokia t2000_2 bluetooth headset you will get the one year warranty and to claim the warranty   was also easily and uts seric cenyr was located in every part of the country

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