Nokia BH205 Nokia Lite Earbuds All Features & Specifications

After the so many days nokia was success nokia t2000 erbud noika is launch there new product which name has nokia bh205 .

In this article we are covering this nokia bh205  is really worth it or not. What you will get the extra features there specification and all of the other thing we are discussing in this article .

If you are planing to but this nokia bh205  device then you must read this full article .

What You Will Get From Inside The Box .

Inside this nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds you will get the main nokia lite earbuds three different size extra earbuds like small, medium and large ere tips .

Other than this you will also get the main charging case with the type c usb cable . And of course you will also get the user manual so if you get any problem then you can solve the most of the problem by just referring the user manual.

Design .

If we look at the colour option then this nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds was available in the two different variant which was polar sea and charcoal and both are available in the matt colour that why its looking very premium.

This nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds is fully made with the plastic materiel but it was quite durable and most important thing it dose not look like cheap product .

The hinges are made with the plastic materiel so we are not sure about there durability .

If we talk about the charging case then it was very compact and you can easily carry this case in your pocket . On the top of the box you will see the nokia logo and in front of the case you will get the led indicator lights which was looking very cool .

On the back side of the case you will get the usb charging port .

So lets talk about the actual earbuds so in size of the earbud was very compact and most important you will get the silicon ear tips that was best if we see at the comfortableness .

Battery Backup .

On this nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds you will get the 400mah battery on the case and on the both of the earbud they gives you 40 mah battery that was very good if we look at the price .

Playtime .

As per the nokia claim that by single charge of the earbud you will get the 6 hour unitripted playtime.. And if we talk about the over all playtime including the charging case then it can easily give you 36 hours non shop playtime .

Because of the big 400mah battery you can easily charge this earbuds for 5 time .. The charging time of the case was quit normal it can fully charged within 2 hours .

If you want to know how much battery was remaining then on the charging case you will get the indicator light so you can see the battery status.

Connectivity .

For the better connectivity in this nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds you will get the bluetooth 5.0  it easily cover your 10 metes area.

And because of the latest 5.0 version bluetooth you didn’t get  any connectivity issues.

Sound Quality

The nokia is always  try to gives you value for money product so in this nokia bh205 earbuds you will get the 6mm drivers which give you extra ordinary bass output .

The overall experience of this ere buds was just amazing. You will definitely enjoy the bass.

Microphone .

On the both side you will see the microphone that why this device is very clearly get your voice. But in this nokia bh205 earbud there is not  voice cancellation was provide that why if you want to use this at the crowed place then this microphone was dosen’t perform well .

If you want to buy it for some outdoor meeting, calls , Skype calls then it was perfectly do there work without any dbought. If you are in the quite place then by this nokia bh205 earbuds you can also record some voice overs , perform youtube videos without buying additional mic .

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Voice Assistance Features.

In today’s date most of the people  use the voice assistance features on there device to perform some task. So in this headset you will also get the voice assistance  features.  This earbuds was easily synchronise with the google assistance as well as siri .

Buttons .

For the better use experience in  this earbuds you will get the touch capastative buttons which as very smooth and it was quickly response to your action.

From this buttons you can perform most of the task like you can attend or denies the calls by single press, you can also enable the voice assistance feature. If you want to know the all the controller then you can consider that user manual .

Final Verdicts.

From the recent years nokia was doing very good in this audio field and this one was one of the best example you will get .One of the most important thing of this nokia bh205 nokia lite earbuds that was it was not a chines products

You will get the 100% quality product the design, battery backup , sound quality was just awesome you will get the all of the features in this price range .

Other than you will get the brand assurity if you face any issue then you can easily visit nokia stores and you can claim for the warranty.


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