Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Earbuds Price, Specs, and Features

Hi friends how are you I hope all are you fine. So lets start today we will let you know about the noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds. This is one of the newly launch earbuds from the noise brand. Noise is one of the leading brand and it is indian company. So this is indian company s one of the important things and so most of the indian people prefer to buy indian product.

Most of the important thing is that if the product is indian company so its direct impact on the price so from this price will also low and we will get the best quality product.

What You Will Get Inside The Box.

So lets start inside the box what you will get we will discuss in this article and let you know what you will 1 earbud ,charging  case, warranty card, 1 manual book, thank you card, extra ear tips, micro usb cable.

Main Specification-Noise Shots X1 Air 2

Lets start and first of all we will let you know whatever specification you will get in this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds . First we will let you know about the specification and in the below article we will explain you in details about the specification . So lets move and let you know the details like bluetooth version5.0, total 15 hours playtime, ultralight, 6mm speaker drive, bass, quick paring.

Design of the Noise Shots X1 Air 2

As look wise this earbud is looking very stylish and fabulous , this earbuds is available in only one color and the color is raven black. As we know black always look awesome . On the top case its have noise branding and on the bottom its have led light indicator. On the back side its have micro usb cable port to charge the case.

Sound Quality Of Noise Shots X1 Air 2

Noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds sound quality if we talk it is good and we personally test the sound quality and from our experience the sound its have proper bass . Latency test also we done we do latency test in pubg we play pubg for all most 30 min we didn’t face any latency issue . So it is good for game lover.

So you can also you use this for your office meting conference call and to attend online classes also it is best.

Water Resistance.

Now a days most of the earbuds is came with the water resistance so this is the treading feature is there in the earbuds nowadays. So in this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds its have water resistance but it is not fully water proof its have sweat proof so you can we wear this product and do the sports and gymming ealiy without any worry.

And it is hand free earbuds so its double  advantage. And it is also skin friendly it will not create any skin problem if you wear for long time then also. Even also you can wear this in the little rainy season without any worry.

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How To Pair

We will let you know how to pair in detail so lets start. First open the case and remove both the earbuds from the case and then turn on your bluteeoh and add your device and ready to use . This earbuds first time you want to follow this step once the device is save.  So from next time you just want to remove the earbuds it will automictic connected .

Battery Life

Battery life is most important point in any of the earbuds . So in this earbuds it have 300mah battery . And non stop 5 hour paly time means 5 hour continue you can use this earbuds. The charging is also fast within 2 hour it will get fully charge.

Build Quality Noise Shots X1 Air 2

As from our personal experience we use this product for all most 1 week. So we will honestly review about the product the case of the earbuds its very light weight and the earbuds is good quality on the back side its have touch button .


In this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds its have touch button so how its work and what are there uses we will let you know now from this button you can control call means you can receive or reject the call easily , music control means you can paly pause or change the music, volume control means you can increases or decrease the sound .

Voice Assistance Support

In this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds its have voice assistance features means from this you can easily [operate  your device with the help of this feature the voice assistance support google assistance and siri so all android phone and iphone can access the voice assistance features .


All the noise earbuds have almost 1 year warranty from the date of purchase and in this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds also you will get the 1 year warranty .

How To Register Warranty

To avail the warranty you want to register the product online visit on www.Gonoise.Com/pages/warranty-registration and do the warranty register and you will avail the 1 year warranty.

What Will Not Cover In Warranty.

So this is very important point in any of the product when you purchase what will cover or what will not cover  so know I will let you know about the what will not cover in this earbuds . Physical damage ; water logging or any other damage due to heat, humidity or moisture doing operations this all will not cover in warranty.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset
  • In-built Microphone
  • Unmatched Battery life
  • IPX5 Water-Resistant
  • 6mm Headphone Driver
  • Smooth Touch Controls

Final Verdicts.

From our point of view and from our person experience we  review this product and almost for 1 week  our team use this product and after that we review this noise shots x1 air 2 earbuds.

As from our experience the case is very light weight but the earbuds quality is good and its all most have the all feature which ever are important and the price is also low it is budget friendly.

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