Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband All Features & Specifications

After the successful previous nosie product so now noise come with the there new neckband which was noise flair bluetooth neckband. If we look at the history then noise is doing very great job in this segment.

So in this article we are unbiasedly reviewing noise flair Bluetooth neckband  which feature you will get with this neckband there pro and cons so after the reading this article you can easily decide this neckband  is really worth it for you or not.

What is inside the box.

So without any time lets look at the components which was come with fist of all you will get the main noise flair Bluetooth neckband  with the type c charging case also you will get and for setup the device user manual you will also get and like any other neckband extra ere tip also you will get that it .

Design and build quality.

If we look at the build quality then it was made with the mixture of the plastic and the rubber material that why it was very flexible the main cable was also come with the regular rounded shape design and we are sure it was not a tangle free

With this noise flair Bluetooth neckband  they will give us extra ere tips so you can replace them according to your comforts and the ere size and the the ere tip was also made with the silicon materiel so it dose not create any discomforts in yours ere.

So lets move in to the design this noise flair Bluetooth neckband  is comes with the four colour which was carbon black, mist Gray ,stone blue and last on is forest green

In this neckband you will get the magnetic ere tips that was a good thing and most importantly on the both of the ere buds you will get the right and left indicator.

And on the both of the ere tip you will get the noise branding logo .


So on this noise flair bluetooth neckband  device you will get the bluetooth 5.0 and as per the official website it will gives us 10 meters connectivity area but as per the our experience most probability it will cover only 7 to 8 meters area .

On this devise you will also get the dual pairing connectivity feature which was very good that means at a one time this neckband was paired with the 2 device at a time .

Other than this you will also get the automatic pairing means after the turn on the neckband it will automatically pairs with the last device .

Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband All Features & Specifications

Battery backup .

So lets move in the most important thing and that was its battery backup so how much mah battery was used that was not clearly  mention yet but as per the official website it will gives the 35 hours non stop playtime so you use this neckband for the 70 percentage of the volume.

But as per the opinion if you used this neckband for the full volume then it will gives almost 29 to 30 hours playtime which was very good.

And if we look at the charging time then it will get fully charged within the 40 mints and most importantly this noise flair Bluetooth neckband  also comes with the fast charging option that means if you charge this neckband for the only 8 mints then it will gives 8 hours playtime so if you are a normal user then it was enough for you.

Warranty and waterproof

So first of all lets talk about the warranty then with this device you will get the one year manufacture warranty the after service of the noise products warranty awesome.

This noise flair bluetooth neckband  is come with the ipx5 water resistance feature means this isn’t a complete  water proof its only water resistance product

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Controllers and voice assistance.

With this neckband you will get the fully touch responsive controller which was very unique feature and with that buttons you can control  the almost most of the this like volume up down , change the track , play pause,etc.

And if we look at the voice assistance features then yes in this neckband you will get the voice assistance feature which was perfectly works with the almost all of the device  to enable the voice assistance just long press the touch buttons for the 3 sec thatNoise Flair Bluetooth Neckband All Features & Specifications it

Sound quality .

Till this date noise didn’t reveal the audio performance but they are just disclose with this noise flair bluetooth neckband the give 10 mm driver so this time we are not give any opinion  about this section .

Final verdicts .

So as per the research and sources information we let you the detail about the noise flair bluetooth neckband from this detail we get the information that this is one of the best neckband. But after the product launch we will let you know in detail about the product so stay tune with us .

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