Noise Buds VS201 TWS Dual Equalizer launches in India

Hello friend after the very long time period noise is yet again comes with the new tws which name was noise buds vs201 tws . Noise is mostly made the budget friendly devices and they believe that value for money product that why noise became the successful brand in not only india as well as all over the world .

So in this article we are deeply reviewing the noise buds vs201 tws its specification , price, components, this tws is really give us value for money that kind of the all information we are covering in this article so read it till end

What is inside the box in noise vs201

Inside the noise buds vs201 tws you will get the main tws and to charge this device charging cable was provide, along with this user manual , extra pair of the ear tips , warranty card was also available within the box .

Design and build quality .

Fist of all if we look at the build material then it was totally build with the plastic material and the main charging case was also made with the plastic material but quality and the strongness of the product was good

And if we look at the ere tips then extra three pair of the ere tips was also available and if we look at the build material of the ere tips then  it was made with the skin friendly silicon material so it doesn’t create and discomfort in you ears even if you are using this for the long time .

The size of the noise vs201 was quite small and the size of the main charging box was also quite small you can easily carry this in your pocket .

And if we look at the color combination of buds vs201 then at this time this devices was comes in only one color which was black .

If we look at the other detail then on the both of the earbuds you will get the noise branding which was looking quite nice.And in the both of the earbuds you will get the left right marking .

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Connectivity of noise vs201

So for the connectivity this noise buds vs201 tws device they give us bluetooth 5.1 so without and dought with this device you will experience the lag free and smooth connectivity experience .

And if we talk about the connectivity range then it was easily cover the 7 to 8 metres area.

Battery backup.

On this noise buds vs201 tws device how much mah battery was given that was not officially mentions but as per the official information with just a single charge noise buds vs201 tws gives you 4.5 hours playtime and if we include the main charging case then it will gives you total 14 hours playtime so this noise earbuds vs201 battery backup is good.

The battery backup was depend on the how we use the product so if you want a more battery life then you can use this noise buds vs201 tws at the 70 to 72 volume this technic definitely increases the overall battery back up .

Buttons .

on this Noise Buds VS201 TWS you will get the fully touch capacitive control the sensitivity of the all the touch button was quite fast and smooth and most important with that touch button you can easily control most of the setting like charging the track , play pause the media , call receive or end that kind of the thing you can easily control through this buttons .

Voice assistance .

In noise buds vs201 tws device you will get the voice assistance feature you can easily enable this feature by just single click,. With this voice assistance feature you can do the most of the thing like you can also do the hine calls through this feature without touching the phone

This noise buds vs201 tws support the I phones siri as well as android voice assistance

Sound quality

So if we honestly speaks noise products never disappointed the sound quality so as visual you will get the bass bosted sound output and even you can also do the sound output from the normal mode to the bass boosted mode so if you don’t like the bass then you can easily toogle to the normal mode


So if we look at the warranty of the noise buds vs201 tws then it was come with the one year manufacturing warranty that was good and as per the personal experience the total process of the claim the warranty was quite easily as compare to the other brands process

Price and availability

So lets talk about the main point so the price of this noise buds vs201 tws device was between the 2500 to 3000 and it was easily available on the amazon india website and also available on the noise website .


So with this noise buds vs201 tws you will get the dedicated microphone that why you will get the crystal clear voice so if you frequently on the call and you require a airdrop then this noise buds vs201 tws perfect choice for you .

Final verdicts.

In this we let you know about the Noise Buds VS201 TWS all the features and specification so if we see this is a good product and budget friendly product you can buy this product without any second thought.


  • 1-year Assured Warranty
  • Dual Equalizer
  • 14-hour Playtime
  • Crystal Clear Calls
  • Full Touch Controls
  • Ipx5 Rated

  • NA
What is the price of Noise Buds VS201 TWS?

This product will be available around 2500Rs to 3000RS .

When Noise Buds VS201 TWS it will launch in india?

This product is already launch in india.

What is the warranty of Noise Buds VS201 TWS?

This Noise Buds VS201 TWS warranty is for 1 year.

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