Noise Buds VS102 Launched: Features, Specs, Price

Hello guys after the very huge time period we are back with the new article and today we are give you information about the upcoming tws airdrop which was launch by the noise and the product name was noise buds vs102

So in this article we are deeply reviewing this product and gives you information about all the aspect like what features and specification you will get , what its price , this noise buds vs102 is really better than other and other information also you will get in this blog so if you are planing to buy this airdrop then consider this article for making any choice .

What inside in the noise buds vs102 box .

So inside the noise buds vs102 you will get the all he necessary components like main noise buds vs102 airdrop with three extra pair of the silicon ere tips , to charge the device one usb type c charging  case also there warranty card , user manual , and some promotional pamphlet also you will get with inside the box .

Design and build of the noise buds vs102

So if we look at the design then first of all this airdrop was available in the two color and which was of course black and second on is white.

If we talk about the all design then design of the actual airdrop was little different and it was really looks fabulous because of the unique design it was also became a little light in weight

And we are also mention this airdrop is comes with the silicon ere tip which also helps us to give conformable feeling and even after the using the long hours you didn’t feel any discomforts.

If we look at the other detail then on the both side of the ere tips you can see the noise branding logo which really looks fantastic .

If we look at the main charging case then it was comes with the regular shape and design the size of the case was also quite compact over it will easily fit it on your pocket . Along with this the build materiel of the this device is very strong so don’t worry about the any sever damage .

On the front side of the case you will get the charging notification light and on the back side of the case you will get the charging port .


This is a bluetooth tws so of couse for the connectivity you will get the bluetooth connectivity but as of now which bluetooth version was they actual was given inside the device that was not still clearly mentioned . But as per the rumors in this noise buds vs102 you will get the bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 bluetooth version .

If we talk about the connectivity range then this noise buds vs102 cover the 10 meters of the connectivity area . As per the rumours you will get the quick wake and pair technology .

Controllers .

This noise buds vs102 is a entry level tws but on this device you will get the premium features its have touch controls with this touch controllers  you can control the most of the thing without actual touching the phone . With this button you can attend or disconnect the calls , play pause the and other thing also you can control with this .

Voice assistance

In this days voice assistance is became one of the most essential feature so in this Noise Buds VS102  Tws you will get the voice assistance feature which was compatible with the google voice assistance as well as siri voice assistance

The response time of the .. Was very good and very quick .

Battery backup

This device is not officially launch so as of now actual how much mah battery was they give that was not clear yet but as of now we have confirmed information and that was this .. Gives us almost 14 hours battery backup with the charging case and with the airdrop you will get the almost 3 hours battery backup.

To charge this Noise Buds VS102 Airdrop you will also get the type c charging cable . With this charging cable this device is easily get fully charged within 1:20 hours.

The battery backup is totally depends on the how we use the device.

Sound quality and microphone.

As of now this device is not officially launch and this was a very important aspect so we update this information after officially launch this product.

Waterproof/ water-resistant

Yes this Noise Buds VS102 Is also comes with the ipx5 certified so this is a not a fully waterproof but it was water and sweat resistance.

Because of the sweat resistance feature you can also use it while gyming and other sports activities.

Price and availability

This Noise Buds VS102 Was officially lunch in india within the next two week on the online store like amazon, flipkart

The price of this Noise Buds VS102 Was still not officially confirm yet but you can expect that this airdrop was available between 1.5k to 2.5k price range


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