Noise AirBuds+ Price, Features, Review: Launched

Hello guys after the very long time noise is launching there new airdrop and that was noise airbuds+. As you all know noise is one of the best selling brand in india .

So in this article we will give you information about what is specification what is price this noise airbuds+ is really better than other airdrop what our final verdicts and may more information you will get it on this blog.

What inside the box.

So inside the noise airbuds+you will get the all the basic components which was main noise airbuds+ to charge this airdrop of course charging cable was also provide along with this extra three pair of the ere tip was also provide and ofcours user manual , warranty card and other promotional pamphlet was also provide with this box .

Deigns  and build quality

So first of all lets talk about the build quality of this noise airbuds+ then this airdrop was totally build with the high quality plastic  materiel and pulse point of this airdrop was the ere tip which was provide with this airdrop they are made with the skin friendly silicon material so if you use it for the long time then also you didn’t get any discomfort .

As of now this noise airbuds+ was available in the one color which was white color and we did not feel this product was available in the any other different colors . The design and the shape of this airdrop was similer to the apples airdrop not complete but it was identical .

One thing we like about this noise airbuds+ and that was its size the size of the actual airdrop and the charging case was very compact because of this you can easily carry this device even in your pocket .

The build quality of this airdrop was also very strong  on this case they gives us plastic hinges that was also good .

So lets talk about the other detail so on the main charring case you will see the noise branding on the front side and on the beck side the case you will get the charging port.

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Connectivity .

So here we are taking about the main thing and that was connectivity so to get the better connectivity in this airdrop they gives us bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 version which easily gives you 10 meters of the connectivity range .

In this noise airbuds+ airdrop you will also get the instant wake and pair functionality which means it doesn’t require again and again paring which means it will saves your valuable time and energy .

With this noise airbuds+ you will get the similess connectivity you didn’t get any connectivity drop when you are using but if you are use this airdrop apart from the 10 meters connection area area then of course it will start the connection drop .

Battery backup .

As of now how much actual mah battery was given in this airdrop that was not clear yet but with this noise airbuds+ you will get the fast charging option means with just 8 mins of the charging it will gives you 78 hours playtime then you just imaging how powerful battery was they gives .

To charge this airdrop type c charging cable was also they proved . On the case you will get the charging notification led so you can get to know battery status .

Here are some tip if you want a little  bit more battery  backup so as you all know battery backup is totally  depend on the how use the airdrop so if you use this airdrop at the 60 to 70 % volume the it will give you more battery and one more don’t use this airdrop from the far away distance if you use this airdrop between the 4 to 5 meters range then it don’t come extra battery for the connectivity .

Price and availability ..

So here we are if you are planing to buy this noise airbuds+ then you have to wait some 7 to 14 more days this product was officially launch in india within the next 2 week and you can purchase this airdrop; from the amazon .In .

The price of this airdrop was not disclose yet but you can expect this device was available between the 1.5k to 2k .

Sound quality  and call quality .

So to get the awesome audio experience this noise airbuds+ is comes with the 6mm drives . So if you think only 6 mm dives was there so we will think that you will not so good sound quality then you are wrong with this airdrop you will get the heavy bass output .

The noise brand was mainly focus on the sound output and they are improving there sound quality day by day. Apart from this loudness of this airdrop was also very good and most important even at the high volume sound don’t break .

The high mids and lows was perfectly tune apart from this if you want more control on this airdrop then you can also use the equalizer .

If you want a good airdrop in minimum budget then this is perfectly for you because on this price you will get the individual calling mic because of this you will get the crystal clear call quality.

Waterproof and warranty .

So now a days most of the airdrop is comes with the water resistance feature similarly this device was also comes with the water resistance feature that is ipex rating comes with this is not clear but officially is mention that this device was also comes with the waterproof

If we talk about the warranty of this noise airbuds+ is comes with the 1 year manufacturer warranty .

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