Mivi DuoPods M20 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review, Price in India

mivi duopods

After the huge request we are comes with the new product that was  mivi duopods m20  . The most of the people was searching for this unbiased review so in this article we are covering the detail unbiased review of this product .

In this article we are covering the design, there build quality , sound output and the lots of the stuff we are covering in this article if you think to purchase this headset then read this article .

What Is Inside The Box.

First of all we talk about the overview of the box so in front of the box they gives you mivi branding with the product design.

The overall size of the box was compact and packaging was also good.

On the front side of the box they mention this product was design and engineering by india . And on the back side they mention other features like deep and powerful bass, battery back up , bluetooth version.

So lets talk about the actual what you will get inside the box then inside the box first of all you will get the kit box inside that kit box you will get the welcome card, one year warranty card and of course users manual you will also get .

Other than this actual mivi duopods m20 true wireless with the charging cable and ere tips.

Design .

This mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset is comes with the four color variant like black , blue, white and red  all of this are available in the matt color combination .

And if we talk about the build material then it was fully made with the plastic materiel if we compare this headset with the other brands device like boat, jbl then without any dbought it has very good build quality.

On the top of the box they give you mivi branding other than anything was not mention on the device. On the charging case most of the product mention there some specification but in this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset you will, didn’t see anything like this that why you will get the plain design .

And if we talk about the hinge then it was made with the plastic but it was durable it doesn’t break it easily

If we talk about the actual airbud then on the earbuds you will see the charging plats for charge the device . Other than this they also mention the left , right earbuds that was very good for the stereo effect

On the top of the both earbuds you will get the mivi logo and that light was glow with the rgb lights so during the night it was looking very fabulously.

Connectivity .

For the connectivity in this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset you will get the bluetooth 5.1 version and it can easily covers the 30 meres of the area .

We use this for one week so we didn’t get the any connectivity issue. Like most of the device is struggle the connectivity if some obstacle was comes but in this device you will didn’t face this kind of the issues.

First time pairing of this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset also very easily you need to just put it out from the case then earbuds was automatically goes to the pairing mode.  That it your mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  is ready to use .


In comfortableness wise this  was one of the best headphone which was seen in this price range .On this headphone metal was not used that why it was very light weight .

We use this headphone for continuous 4 hours so in that time period we didn’t get any pain or headaches .

With this headset you will also get the 3 extra ere tips that why you can attach the ere tips according to your ere size.

The ere tip materiel was also skin friendly.

Buttons And Controllers

On this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  you will get the touch capacitive buttons you can control the mostly all of the settings like you can play pause the music , attend the calls

The response time both of the touch capacitive buttons was very smooth and fast.

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Voice Assistance.

Like moist of the headset in this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  also have voice assistance feature .

By this headset you can easily access the voice assistance  if you want to enable the assistance  them you need to just touch the right side of the erebuds for three time that it .

This headset supported the google , and siri voice assistance .

Sound Quality .

In this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  you will get the 6mm dynamic drive that why bass output was very good it really justify the price .

Buy if we talk about the trible then it was not so clear but  it was manageable. The loudness of his headset was also good even the high volume you didn’t faced any distraction .

Overall the sound quality was very good we didn’t expect this kind of sound output from this device.

latency .

every budget segment headset had latency issue so in this headset also you will face one or two second of the latency which was quite normal if we look at the other brands headset .

This latency didn’t impact your day to day usage like if you watching movies , listing music then you didn’t face any latency issue.

But while playing volume games then you will face latency issue .

Battery Backup .


On this headset you will get the 300 mah battery on the case and on the actual airbufds you will get the 50 mah batte on both of the side .

Over all this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset gives you 20 hours uninterrupted playtime .

Warranty .

One of the best thing of this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  is with this you will get the one year warranty  and to claim the warranty was also easily .


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • High-Definition Sound Quality
  • Battery life upto 18 hours
  • Soft and Comfortable fit

  • NA

Final Verdicts .

If we summarise this mivi duopods m20 true wireless bluetooth headset  in one word thenit was just awesome product in this price range .

The most importantly comfortableness of this device was very good seriously you didn’t feel anything in your ear after using this headset just think how conformable it was.


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