Mivi Duopods A25 All Features & Specifications Launching Soon

Yet again mivi  comes with the there new product which was mivi duopods a25 . In this article we are deeply explain there feature , design , battery backup and other detail we are explain in this article..

After the successful launch of the mivi thunderbeats bluetooth earphones , mivi duopods m40 true wireless bluetooth consumer expect more from this device.

Design And Build Quality .

Mivi duopods a25 is fully made with the made with the plastic material as per the leaked images we get to to know. And like most of the airdrops you will get silicon tips.

The most probability with this airdrop you will get the ere tips which was good thing. And as per the official statement this mivi duopods a25  was available in the three different colour like white , red and blue but if we look at the history of the mivi then most probability this device also available more than 5 to 6 colour variant.

And if we talk about the charging case then by the some photos we see that this charging case available in the compact size you can easily carry this on your pocket.

And if we talk about the design then on the top of the box you will get the mivi branding on the top of the case. And on the back side of the case you will get the charging port and we are sure thet you will get the regular type c charging port and charging cable you will also get with this box

Launch Date And Availability.

The most important thing this mivi duopods a25  was launch on the within the next two week this is and this product was available on the online stores like amazon and you will also buy it from the there official websites.


The one of the most important thing of any device is that there warranty so most of the mivi devices is comes with the one year warranty so we can accept that in this mivi duopods a25  you will also get the one year manufacture warranty .

The one of the best thing of mivi brands is there after sale service experience as per the our research boat and mivi are provide best service experience

Google Assistance

Yes you here it right on this mivi duopods a25  you will get the voice assistance feature you can easily enable the assistance by just single click this mivi duopods a25  easily support the google assistance, iphone siri

With this assistance you can do the mostly any thing with your voice like you can go the calls, set alarms, open the any application like if you want to open the whats app then you can say that hey google open whats app.

Sound Quality And Microphone .

Yet till date mivi didn’t clearly clearfly the which driver was used so in this section we didn’t want to give any verdicts and like that we didn’t   give verdict for the call quality

When this product was officially launch then we actually review that product then we will gives you actual unbaise review.


For the connectivity on this mivi duopods a25  devices most probability you will get the bluetooth 5.0 version and it will easily gives you 8  to 9 meters of area .

And most importantly you will also get the notification light so you can easily understand.

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Here are good news for you in this mivi duopods a25  you will get the touch capacitive buttons and most importantly if we look at the previous mivis airdrop then we assume that you will also get the smooth touch experience.

With this controllers you can control the almost all of the general setting like you can control the music track, enable voice assistance and other section you will control the setting .

And most important ting if they gives you volume control setting then it was good thing because most of the airdrop was suffering to give this setting on there airdrops.


Final Verdicts.

This product was officially was not yet release but by the leaked images and the terse we give you above information. So as per the information available this is also good option thee battery back and the quality was decent .

And most important thing if this product was available within the 2500 rs  then it will be the game changer

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