Mivi Collar Flash Features & Specifications Launching on 6th July

Mivi is finally comes with the new neckband as you all know mivi is a totally indian brand and mivi is always provided us value for money product so that why within a few years mivi capture good amount market share so so that continue mivi announce there brand new neckband which was mivi collar flash neckband.

so in this article we are cover the detail information regarding about this product what is the major specification , when it was available to buy , there pro and cons and most importantly this is really wort it not that kind of all information you will get it in this article so read it very carefully .

What is inside the mivi collar flash box .

Inside the mivi collar flash  box you will get the all the basic component such as main neckband with the extra ere tips to charge this device type c usb cable was also provide Along with warranty card and user manual was also provide.

Design and build quality

So first of all talk about the build quality then this mivi collar flash  was made with the flexible plastic materiel which was very strong and because of the flexible plastic material you can even carry this on your pocket

If we speak about the color combination then as of now this mivi collar flash  was available in the 6 different color which was black , orange , green , gray and so on .

One more important thing of this neckband was main driver housing was made with the metal so it was little bit heaver but it dose not cause any discomfort in your ears

And if we look at this mivi collar flash  in deeply then you see on the both of the ere trip you see the mivi branding logo which looks very amazing .

Mivi is always comes with the magnetic ere tips so this feature was also we get it on this neckband . Because of the magnetic ere tip you can wear it without fear of the falling ..


Mivi collar flash neckband is a wireless neckband so to use this device bluetooth connectivity was given as of now which bluetooth version was given that was not still disclose yet but if we look at the price and other thing we expect that this mivi collar flash  comes with the bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 version .

And if we look at the connectivity performance so we expect that for this device also easily coves the 7 to 8 meters connectivity area .

Controllers .

So let talk about the controls so in this mivi collar flash  neckband you will get the inline controllers the placement of the all controllers button was was quite good easy to reach.

All of the buttons you will get it on the right and he side and in this neckband you will get the three different buttons with that buttons you can easily control the almost most of the thing like you can control the volume , you can also change the track , etc.

One thing we want to add we hope that in this neckband you will get the voice assistance feature know a days most of the neckband was comes with the voice assistance feature so we hope that this feature was also added on this device.

Battery backup .

As of now about the battery backup how much mah battery was provide inside the neckband that was still not official disclosed yet but they give some confirmation and that was with the single charge this mivi collar flash gives you 24 hours playtime which was very good specially looking at the price .

So even if you are the heavy user then it will gives you 14 to 15 hours playtime along with this this neckband is also comes with the fast charging technology .

With just a 10 mins of the charge it will gives you 10 hours battery backup which was more than enough for the emergency situation .

Sound quality .

As of now not a signal detail was revel yet so without any information we cannot give any verdicts of this segment as of now but when it was officially launch we personally review this product and update this article .

Price and availability .

The price of the mivi collar flash was between the 900 to 1000 and you can easily afford and this neckband from the online stores like amazon , flipkart also you can even buy , even this product from the mivi official store also you can buy .And it was exclusively available on the amazon from the 6 july


The warranty of this mivi collar flash  neckband was quite similar to the others mivi product which means this neckband was also comes with the one year manufacture warranty .

Final verdicts .

As per the information was available this mivi collar flash  neckband was looks quite good the design and build quality was also looks good and most importantly the connectivity was also looks good. So you can buy this product without any second thought.


What is the price of Mivi Collar Flash?

This product will be available around 900Rs to 1000RS .

When Mivi Collar Flash it will launch in india?

6 july

What is the warranty of Mivi Collar Flash?

Mivi Collar Flash  warranty is for 1 years

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