Is Nova An Indian Or Chinese Company? Detail Case Study

Nova is one of the most popular brand in the india. The nova products was easily available in all over india like you can see this products on online stores like amazon , flipkart like website as well as you can also see this this product on offline stores.Is Nova An Indian Or Chinese Company

As compare to the other product then nova is always  provide the cheap products. That why people was confuse why they are selling this for cheap price that why some people raise this question is nova an indian company ?

So if you have also this question then don’t worry in this article we are covering all the information so read this full  article so you will get the detail information.

Difference Between The Nova And Nova Electronics

First of all people was confuse about the two names such as nova and secondly nova electronics .We clear that there is no link between the nova and nova electronics.

Fist of all nova is not a company it is a Japan’s private education system which was founded on 1981 in osaka, japan. Nova doesn’t manufacture any accessories  like trimmers, hairdryers .

So lets talk about the nova technology and this is not japanis, chines just name was similar with the nova that why this kind of the misunderstand was happened.

So Nova Is Indian Company

If you want clear cut answers then it is yes nova electric is a 100 india company.

Nova electronic was non-govt company which was establish in  09 nov, 1992. In delhi, as per the report of the economics time .Com nova electronics has 5.0 lakhs authorized capital with 1.09 lakhs paid-up capital

And if we look at the performance then on 31 mar, 2015 they update there balance sheet and in 23 sep, 2015 last  agm  was held.

And if you want to know the status of the nova electronics then it is on strike off status . If you any more statists then you can read this article

Nova Trimmer Made In China?

The most of the people as get confuse because while when we are purchase product then manafratung in china was mention. Also in online stores like amazon, flipkart website also mention china in the manufacturing details .

Before came to any conclusion we must have to know what is difference between the manufacturing in china, assemble in india , made in india . The most of the people doesn’t know the difference between this term that why confusion was crated .

Made in china product :

The term is made in china means the company was fully resister in china and product was made in that county and all the revenue share was goes to the china .

Assemble in india or any other county

Explation of this term was easy spare parts was collect through the different county and then assemble in one place. Real life example is iphone was assemble in chain yes you hear it right iphone also dependent on china in some case . Iphone collect there all the parts from  different ,different country and assemble in chain.

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Manufacturing in china

This was very simple the company was register on other county rather than the china. As you all know china has advance technology and advance manufacturing plant that why most of the company was build there manufacturing plant in china. So it dose bit makes them that product was chinese .

All the revenue was not goes to china.

Is Nova Trimmer Made In China? So Its Is Good To Buy?

First of all know of the the nova product was made in china it is manufacturing in china all of the research and development  was done in other country. So there is not to worry about  the quality .

And if you think if you buy this product then revenue was goes to chine then its totally wrong . All the revenue was come to india .

Why Nova Product Was So Cheap?

The pricing of the product was mostly depend on how much they cost for a product because the nova electrics was manufacturing there products in china. In china as compare to the india there are advance technology was available , with the cheap skilled labored that why the original cost was reduces .

And to give the tough  competition nova electronics was operating the profit share in very low percentage so most of the people was buying that product so they get profits by selling more product on cheap price that was  a business plane .

this plan was also adopt by the xiaomi company.


1.Is nova trimmer Indian company

ans: yes.

2.Nova trimmer company origin country ?

ans: India

3.Is nova a chinese company

ans: no

4.Nova trimmer official website india



Final Verdicts  Nova Is Indian Company Or Not:

As we already disuses nova it is only manufacturing there products on chains. It doesn’t make a chines products .  During this process all the research  and development works was done in the india . Only manufacturing was done in chaina.

In nova its not a signal brand was doing this popular headphone boat brand also doing same woke. And if we look at the internal market then jbl, auto cars

But in india after the lockdown supply china was disturb and because of the india chain conflicts most of the india companies was shifting there manufacturing plant from the chain to any other country or india

The  perfect example is boat company after the raising the funding they are planning to build there own manafratung plant in india . International iphone brand also plating to build there plat in india .

All of this are good signal for all of us we didn’t depend on other country so we  hope that in upcoming years nova electriles also place there manufacturing plant in india.



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