Fire Boltt Beast Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatches Comparison: Which Is Best?

Hi friends how are you, in  this article we will let you know about the fire boltt beast vs noise colorfit pro 3 smartwatches comparison: which is best?

So in this article we will let you know about the both the product features and specification about the fire boltt beast and noise colorfit pro 3. So stay tune with us we will let you know in detail and which is best.

Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2 1.69” Industry’s Largest Display Size Full Touch Smart Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Spo2 Smart Watch with Built-in Oximeter Function

First We Will Let You Know About The Fire Boltt Beast .

Fire Boltt Beast

Fire boltt beast is one of the smart watch from the fire bolt brand. This is newly launch product from the fire bolt.

What Is Inside The Box


In the fire boltt beast what you will get inside the box so lets see in this you will get the smart watch, user manual book, charging cable, membership card, zee 5 subscription for 1 month card, 3 month music subscription card  , warranty card , thankyou card .


As we see in the above image its look very stylish and awesome its goes with any where of clothe easily. The watch straps are are very good it is very soft and not irritated your skin even if you wear for long time.


The side of the watch is touch  is  metallic design but its made with polycarbonic material.

On the back side you will get the all the sensor and on the middle of the back side its have the fire bolt brand logo.


So lets see the display how its look and we will talk about it more in detail. The dialer  size is 1.69 inches which is average size of the display. Its also have  the bezel if you look properly . That also look good and from that it provide great effect in the watch.


In fire boltt beast  what are the specification you will get so we we talk about this so lets start its have the crown button you can operated all watch features esaily.

If you do right  side o you will get to see the all the specification icon on the display. And if you do the left swipe you will get to see features like sport ,sleep, measure , exercise, camera shutter, music player etc..


If you swipe from the up to down you will get to see the control panel in this it also have the do not disturb option so you can also opt this feature if you don’t want any of the disturbance, also have wifi mode, brightness , flash, theater mode and setting option you will get all the normal features.

The features like alarm, countdown, brightness, vibration on, etc.

Sport Mode

In the todays life most of the people is conscious about there fitness so sport mode plays and important roles . So let’s see in the sport mode what exactly benefit you will get its have exercise mode so in this its have the multiple option like running, walking, cycling, skipping, badminton, basket ball, football, and swimming.


So all this mode is there so you can select according to you requirement and tract down the data.


As we talk about the smart watch strap so its very comfortable and the quality of the strap is also very good. It will not irritated your skin.


In this fire boltt beast that battery life is for the 8 days so it is good you can easily use for the long time.


In this smart watch you will get the all the basic notification so it is good you don’t want to check your mobile. Like sms, email, caller id, etc.

Watch Faces

so in this Fire Boltt Beast you will get to see verities of watch faces so you can control with the app easily and select the watch faces according to your choices.

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Noise Colorfit Pro 3

Now we will let you know about the noise colorfit pro 3  what are the specification and there usage and we will compare with the fire boltt beast which is best that also we will let you know.


As we look the box on the front side of the box you will see the image of this smart watch of noise colorfit pro 3 . On side of the box its mention that is design in india .


And on the back side of the box its have the highlight feature which is important  that we will talk in the above article about the features.

Look Of The Smart Watch

The smart watch look very stylish and fabulous as we talk about the display size of this noise colorfit pro 3 have 1.55 inches if we compare to fire boltt beast its is small little bit

On the back side of this watch its have the sensor . On the side of the watch its have the single button so from that you can operate the watch.


As we talk about the strap it is normally look but the quality its good and the fitting is also proper even your wrist is small you can adjust the size easily.

Its have the metallic body and in the fire boltt beast have the aluminum body both look good.

This noise colorfit pro 3  is available in the multiple color so you can choses according to your choice. The color is available is jet black, jet blue, rose pink , rose red , smoke green, smoke grey.

What Is Inside The Box

So lets see in noise colorfit pro 3  what you will get inside the box you will get smart watch, charging cable, owner manual box, warranty card,


As we look the brightness point its have the upto 500 nit so even you use in the heavy sun light you can see the display clearly and in the fire boltt beast also have the same 500 nit .

Also its have the auto brightness so in the night also you can see clearly.



So now we talk about the battery performance in the noise colorfit pro 3  the battery life is for 10 days . But as compare to the fire boltt beast its have the 15 days life which is higher.

Water Résistance

In noise colorfit pro 3  have the water resistance features which is good its is not a fully water proof but its is water resistance its have 5atm water resistance and in the fire boltt beast have ip67 water resistance.



As we talk about the senor ist have the three sensor first motion sensor, heart sensor and spo2sensor

Sport Mode

Its have the 14 mode so specialty it is good for gym lover . So you can easily operate you activates and you can track you activist easily with tis watch and in the fire boltt beast also have the sport mode.



In the noise colorfit pro 3 you will get  the all the notification so you can easily check . You will get notification like sms, email, caller id , etc. An d in the fire boltt beast also have notification option.

But you can not  replay  for that you can only see and read it the notification.

Fire Boltt Beast Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Specifications Comparison

Features Fire Boltt Beast Noise Colorfit Pro 3
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
Bluetooth Range 10m 10m
Watch faces Multiple Multiple
Display HD HD
Display shape Rectangular Rectangular
Display Quality Clarity HD TrueView
Display size 1.69″ 1.55″
Frame material Aluminum alloy Metal
Brightness 500 nit 500 nit
Fitness modes Walking, running, swimming, cycling, badminton, trekking, jogging, and 10+ modes Autosport recognization
Extra features Yes Yes
Water resistance IP67 5ATM
Call alerts Yes Yes
Smart notification Yes Yes
Health Trackers Yes Yes
Battery Life 15 days 10 days
Heart rate monitor Yes Yes
SPO2 monitor Yes Yes
Box Content The smartwatchFAQ cardWarranty cardThe bandUser ManualCharger The smartwatchFAQ cardWarranty cardThe bandUser ManualCharger

Final Verdicts

As in this article we let you know about the fire boltt beast and  noise colorfit pro 3 smartwatches and also we do the  comparison.

So you can read this full article and we provide you the detail information about both of this. As we personally use this both of the product. And as we review both this. As personally both of this product is good and as both are the have the similar feature

The price of the both of the product is budget friendly so you can buy from both of this any one as your choice.


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