Fire Boltt Beast Launching Soon: Price, Specs, Features

Boltt is on of the best and most admired brand all around the word from the recent time boltt  is launched  there new smartwatch line up. Boltt   is recently launch there fire boltt 360 that was very deeply review .

Design And Build Quality Fire Boltt Beast

The one of the most important aspect of any smart watch is that there which materiel was use so we clearly said that in this is made with the purely plastic materiel and most probability main case is comes with the metallic casing.

Build wise boltt  always gives us strong and sturdy product so we can same expected on this smart watch .

The one of the important  thing is that colour combination which this fire boltt beast is available in the three different colours which was black ,blue and the pink .And the colour combination was looking very cool and this is smart watch means any one wear this watch .

On this fire boltt beast  you will also get the slicky rotating buttons which was give us little bit traditional watch . And most importantly with that buttons you can actually control the settings.

And as visual on the back side of the fire boltt beast you will get the all main sensors and the magnetic charging port.

The most important thing of any smart watch its display size so in this fire boltt beast you will get the 1.69 large hd display screen .

With the 1.69 large hd display screen you will also get the 500 nts peak brightness.

Battery Life .

How much mah battery was given this information  still not disclose yet. But they give information with the single charge it can easily give you 8 days and it will gives you 15 days backup .

This battery back up also depend on how you use the watch.

Sports Mode Fire Boltt Beast

This is dedicated fitness related smart watch so obliviously you will get the 12 sports mode. Like walk running . Cycling . Swimming,football, basket ball

On this Fire Boltt Beast smart watch you will also get the intelligent sports and fitness tracker so you will get the accurate data which was very helpful for monitoring your activities .

Health Monitoring Sensors .

In this fire boltt beast you will get the lots of the health monitoring sensors to track your daily health so if you think what kind of senor we will get it on this watch then on his device spo2 monitoring system ,heart rate tracking sensors  , etc

Pressure monitoring sensors other that this you will also get the sleep monitoring

Function  to track your sleeping pattern .The most important you will also get the 24*7 dynamic heart rate monitoring .

And if we look at the accuracy then no one watch beat the actual equipment but it will gives us nearby  accurate data so you can just use this data for to track your daily activities so if you have any serious problem then yon can directly consult the doctor .

Connectivity  And User Interference

For the connectivity you will get the bluetooth option but which bluetooth version was given that was not yet disclose but as per the some insiders news most probability you will get the 5.0 version .

And to control the full watch official application was also available with this application you can easily control the some function like you update the watch , change the watch faeces


Yes on this fire boltt beast  smart watch you will also get the notification like Facebook , call , whatsaap, email but on this watch you can just see the notification you cannot answer it them .

You can also customise the notification with the application so that was good feature you can easily disable the application which you don’t like to get it on your fire boltt beast  watch .

Water Resistance.

Yes this fire boltt beast smart watch comes with the  p67 water proof  technology so you can also use this while you are swimming but in the limited condition you cannot use it for the deep swimming every p67 water proof  rating has thee limitation so if you want to know detail information about the ip67 the read this article

Other Feature ..

This is smart watch so in this watch you will get the lots of option like camera controller means you can control the camera

With your this smart watch yes you hear it right you didn’t need any selfies sticks to click the photos .

Other that this you will also get the weather forecast but in this watch gps was not available that why some time it will not give accuracy data but if we look at the price the it will totally negotiable.

If you are strictly want a fitness watch then one more good news for you because in this fire boltt beast watch you will get the meditative berating mode which was very helpful while doing the breathing exercise .

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Availability .

So this fire boltt beast smartwatch was available on the online stores like amazon and you can also purchase this on  boltt official, site and the as of now the price of this watch was 3888 which was quit good.

Final Verdicts .

So if you think it is worth ti buy it or not then buy our opinion as per the the information available it seem worth to buy but honestly you wait it for the some days because we are not sure about the use interference after the personally reviewing this fire boltt beast we updated this article three performance , accuracy so wait it for few days.




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