Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch Launching Soon: Price, Features, Specs

As you all know boltt is always known for there innovative devices this makes them different from the other brands that why consumer also mostly prefer this brand. So in this time most of the people was conscious about health so boltt is comes with there new smartwatch which was fire boltt 360 smartwatch

From recent time boltt is are working on the there artificial intelligence feature so from many time it was rumour that they are intrigant this feature in this watch so good to see that.

So in this article we are clearly tell which kind of the features you will get it on this smartwatch so read this full article.

Design And The Build Quality -Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

First of all this didn’t look like a typically smart watch design . This watch comes with the classic rounded dialer shape design and that why it was looking very fabulous and it perfectly fit it on your wrist.

As per the information with this case you will get the metallic housing design and most importantly its band was made with the rubberise materiel so it was gives you perfect grip and comfortably on to your wrist so you can use it for long time without any worry .

This fire boltt 360 smartwatch  you will get the lots of colour option like golden, white, black colour design which was really good finishing and its gives you premium finishing.Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

Fire Boltt Beast Screen Size

The most important thing of any watch its there display so on this fire boltt 360 smartwatch  you will  get the 1.3 full hd capacitive display.  On this watch you will also get the rotating  interaction which was very unique feature you will get it on this device .

If we look at the other watch so in this watch also you will get the decent brightness option. Fire Boltt Beast Screen Size

User Interference.

The user interference of any device is most important so user interference so in this watch you will get the smooth user friendly as per the previous boultt device you will get definitely lag free experience.

Connectivity-Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

To access full feature of this watch that on this watch you might be get the bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 version bluetooth .

And if we talk about the connectivity range then it like any other smart watch it will also gives you 10 meters coverage .

Most of the smart watch comes with there official watch so this watch also comes with there app you can easily find on the play store as well as the apple store. Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

Bt the application you can do the lots of things like you can easily change the watch faces, personalise faces also you can do this and most important you can easily access the all data on your phone  and last and most important you can also update the smartwatch using the application .

Battery Backup.

Another most important features  is there battery backup most of the people didn’t like to charge there watch frequently so if you are among of them then good news for you this fire boltt 360 smartwatch gives you 8 hours battery backup with the 20 days stand by mode .

If we look at the others brands smart watches like boat storm, them it will gives you almost similar backup but price wise this watch was little more affordable .

The battery backup is also depend on how we use this watch if all the major feature simultaneously then as visual it will consume more battery so when you don’t need feature then you can manually turn off it will definitely gives you  more backup . Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

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Fitness Mode .

This fire boltt 360 smartwatch is made for to track your fitness so in this watch you will get the lots of fitness related mode like to measure the blood oxygen monitor that why it gives you spo2 mode, 24*7 heart rate monitor , blood pressure, medative berating mode, sleep monition mode etc mode you will get it on this watches

As we earlier said this fitness reflated smart watch  so on this watch you will get the 9 dedicated sports mode like cycling , skipping , swimming , football , basketball, etc.


Yes like any other smart watch you will also get the ip68 certified product which gives you 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes facilities..

Other Features .

In this fire boltt 360 smartwatch you will get the lost of other features like water for case , smart step counter , smart notification also you will get message on your watch you will get the notification like call notification ,sms, email , whats-sap and many more you can easily control the notification on by your application.

Music play pause feature and most importantly you can also click the photos without touching your smart phone this watch also works like a remote controller  of the camera.

Launch Date And Availability-Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

Officially launch date of this fire boltt 360 smartwatch is not disclose but our reporter this watch probability launch within the next 2 weeks.

If you want to purchase this watch then this watch is available on online stores like amazon.

Final Verdicts .

this Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch is still not launch yet and we didn’t personality tested yet so we are giving the verdict which was information available on the internet .

So feature wise and look wise it was looking very good . If this watch prove the accurate fitness data or if it is providing the nearly perfect date then for this watch our thumps up because this is over all fitness tracking watch.



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