Crossbeats Orbit Smartwatch Price, Features, Specs

Hi guys we hope you are doing well so yet again we are comes with the brand new smartwatch review which was crossbeats orbit smartwatch . From the recent time crossbeats are performing very good and it is also gives the value for money product that why we are reviewing this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  so in this artifice we are unbauslit cover the most of  the aspect .

if you are planning  to buy this smartwatch then read this article so you can know it is really worth it or not or better option are available so stay tune with us.


what is inside the box.

So first look of the design was quite good on the front side you can see the crossbeats orbit  branding and there logo and one thing you can also notice this product was comes with the dedicated tagline which was design to deliver this type of the marketing strategy was mostly seen on the specially bota product.


And if we look at the back side of the box then they mention the key feature on the back .So lets move into the main contain honesty inside the box they give lost of paper contain like warranty card, user manual, product pamplate .

Other than this you will get the main crossbeats orbit smartwatch to charge this device you will also get the charging cable with the pogo pin adaptor that is .

Design and build.


First of all without any doubt it was looking very premium watch overall this is eye catching watch and that was good thing because in this time most of the smartwatch makers try to add different different sece on the watch that why most of the smartwatch didn’t gives the premium finishing.

And if we talk about the color combination then this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  are available in the two different color which was metallic blue and graphite black .

So lets talk about the build quality then this the main dialer housing was made with the metal so for some people it will feel it was bit heavier for them but if you are wear this crossbeats orbit smartwatch for 2., 3 days then you become the use to with this watch.

And if we look at the strap of the smartwatch then it was made with the silicon materiel so it was light weight and skin skin friendly also . This watch doesn’t create any irritation like other rubberize or ,metallic strap material.

Other than this o the left side you will also get the one microphone and one speaker if you are confuse on watch why the give microphone and sparkler so stay tune with us we are cover this topic on the other point

The one of the best we get that was its strap was totally removal able so if you want to replace the strap then you can easily replace it



So lets talk about the specification so key feature of this watch was its 1.3 inches full had ips display screen and with this large display you will get the 240*240 resolution so its gives us better display output .

If we look at the brightness then it was amazing specially if we compare the the other smartwatches on this segment but if you are try to use this crossbeats orbit smartwatch at the extreme sunlight then it was not perform well and that was  not a big deal specially if we are look at the price.

Other than this to give protect the display templet glass also they gives at the free of cost and because of this templet glass it was also protect from the scratches .

Yes you read it right on this watch you will also get the  wake gesture controller the perform of the  wake gesture not a upto mark but its is a average .

Battery backup.


As per the company claim that it will gives us 10 days battery backup but they are also mention it will give this better performance if you use this watch at the specific condition.

The battery backup also depend on the how you use the watch like if you enable the calling option then obviously it will consume more battery and this was also commge by the official they said that if you enable the calling function then it will gives us only 2 days battery backup.

The charging time of the crossbeats orbit smartwatch  was also quite fast it will get fully charge within the 2 hours.

Bluetooth connectivity


On this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  you will get the two bluetooth option first one which was comes wit the 5.0 version and second on is comes with the 3.0 bluetooth version .

So still you are confuses about why double bluetooth was give then first one was gives to handle basic task and second one is for exclusive to perform calling feature .

So you understand or not because of the dual bluetooth was running on the background when the calling feature was enable that why it will consume lot of battery.

And if we talk about the connectivity then we are personally use this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  for more than 4 days so on that time period we didn’t get any single connectivity issue.

But the connectivity area of this smartwatch was slidly low when we are testing the connectivity then will get the smooth connection the 7 to 8 meters .



So lets move into the ipex rating the this smartwatch is come with the ipx68 rating that means with this smartwatch you can also go for the swimming but with some limitation mean by wearing this smartwatch you cannot do deep swimming every ipx has there limitation of the water level  but by wearing this you can take a bath also even you can also use this watch in the rainy season without any worry

Heath related feature

So this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  primarily a fitness related smartwatch so in this you will get the various function like 24*7 live heart rate tracking features, spo2 counter also you will get .

Other than this some conman feature like sleep monitor, guided  breathing  mode also you will get. The  accuracy  of the all this sensor are always questionable  because all of this smart watches doesn’t give us 100 accurate data but it will gives us nearby perfect data.

So if you have some  health issue then without wasting time you can directly consult good doctor this statement also gives by the manufactures of the smartwatch .

Other features.

Other than this you will get the some amazing features like music controlling mode, remote camera access , most important calling function, find my phone option.

Sports mode .

On this crossbeats orbit smartwatch  you will get the 12 sports mode that include the yoga, run, walk, cycle, climb, skipping, treadmill, spinning, basketball, football, badminton, swim

So if you ask what’s is new on then with the sports mode is one extra feature you will get and that was good

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So on this watch they gives us one year manufacture warranty and you can easily claim the warranty by the scanning the bar code which was giving on that card.

The after sales service of this  crossbeats orbit smartwatch  we don’t know so we didn’t give any verdicts on this point.

  • 12-days Battery performance
  • Heart rate tracker, menstrual cycle tracker, blood pressure tracker, Spo2 monitor, sleep tracker
  • 12 Sports modes
  • Customizable themes
  • Availability of speaker and mic
  • NA

Final verdicts.

As per the all detail and review it was looking value for money product . The design and build quality was also very strong and if you are use this each with the care then it will definitely gives long life .


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