Boult Vs Boat Review: Which Is Best Value For Money

In this time we see the different different brand was come in india specially in this audio segment but not brand was worth to buy it but in this situation you are also notice two brands was successfully emerged so in this article we are deeply analysis the two audio product from the boat and bolut brands basically we are reviewing bolut vs boat .

In this article we are reviewing the boat rockerz 255 vs boult audio probass  what is main feature of this both product what are the cons and what are the pros and this is really worth it or not that kind of the all detail you will get in this blog.

What is inside the box Boult Vs Boat Review:

So basically on the both of the product you will get the same components like main neckband, to charge this neckband you will get the micro usb cable and extra 2 ere buds was and one pair was already attach with the neckband, other than this warranty card , use manual was also given on the both of the boat rockerz 255 vs boult audio probass  box.

Build and design Boult Vs Boat Review:

First of all lets talk about the boat rockerz 255 so this neckband was fully made with the fully plastic materiel and earetip housing was specially made with the metal that why it was also have magnetic ere tip.

And if we look at the cable quality then one good thing you will get and that was it was comes with the flat cable deign that was totally tangle free and the joints of the boat rockerz 255 was also strong and it is really long lasting.

And if we look at the colour combination then this boat rockerz 255 neckband was available in the more then 15 colour variant and it was very amazing but as a personal opinion black and red colour was looking very cool and it was also goes with the all wears .

The length of the cable was not adjustable that was one drawback of this neckband other than this on the right side you will get the all buttons and microphone and on the lefts side you will get the buld on bater.

So lets move in to the boult audio probass so like the boat brand this band was made with the plastic material and and ere tip was made with the metal but main different we get and that was design of the cable in this neckband rounded regular cable was given that it has high chances to get tangle .

But one extra function you will get it on this neckband that was adjustable cable function that was a very small function but it will impact on the design .

One more thing you will get impress and that was flexibility honestly you can carry this neckband even in your pocket yes you hear it right.

So both of the product was silidly identical to each other only small difference was you will get.


Boat Rockerz 255 Vs Boult Audio Probass  connectivity  Boult Vs Boat Review:

So first we talk about the boat rockerz 255 on this device they give bluetooth 4.1  version yes it was slidly outdated version if we look at the current market.

Even the 4.1 bluetooth was given it has far better connectivity it will easily covers the 8 to 9 meters of area and we are properly use this boat rockerz 255 for more than one months so we didn’t get any connectivity dropout issues .

So lets move in the second product and that was boult audio probass on this neckband you will get the update bluetooth 5.0 version if you compare the both of the version 4.1 and 5.0 so you didn’t  get the difference so connectivity wise this boult audio probass also gives similar performance .

This boult audio probass easily coves the almost 8 to 8.5 metes connectivity area like bout neckband we are also use this product for 1 months so within this period we didn’t face any single connectivity dropout.

If you think 4.1 version is outdated and it was nit worth it then you are totally wrong .

Battery performance of  the Boat Rockerz 255 Vs Boult Audio Probass

Like previous segment first of all we are taking the boat rockerz 255 so on this device 110 mah battery was given and it will get fully charged within the 1 hours and it will gives you 6 to 7 hours play back time and if you want more playtime then you can use it on the low volume as you all know it was wireless neckband and if you are use this for the high volume then it will automatically consume lots of battery.

So lets talk about the boult audio probass so in this neckband you will get the big battery but company didn’t disclose the battery capacity but it will gives us 15 hours continues play back time and it was really amazing

And this boult audio probass  was completely get fully charge within the 1 .10 hours so to charge this neckband usb cable was also provided in the box.

Boat Rockerz 255 Vs Boult Audio Probass Controls 

On the both of the product you will get the similar control buttons both of the device has inliencontroler that placement of the button was also quite good and easily to reach. With this button you can perform your msdt of the basic task like attending or reject the call , controlling the volume etc

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Sound quality .

In the boat rockerz 255  you will get the big bass and that was speciality of the boat product so without any dought you will get the thumpy bass experience if you are purely bass lover then you can go for this because with this neckband you can litterly feel the bass vibration.

The bass quality of this neckband was also amazing you will get the clean, tight  bass output. And if we look at the other aspect of then you will get the  clear and crisp vocles and if we look at the loudness then we gives garebty that you cannot use this neckband for the high volume for the long period.

So lets talk about this device you will get the decent bass with the crisp and clear audio. And more thing we want to add and that was its mid and high then it was basically amazing because the driver was perfectly tune .

If you want more balances sound then you can use the equaliser .

Price rang and availability.

Both of the neckband was available in the all online stores like amazon , flipkart and even you can also buy on there official website .

So lets move in to the main point and that was its price no one  this dare but we are writing this article boat rockerz 255 has 1299 price and boult audio probass has 999 price.

Brand Boat
Model Rockerz 255
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Compatible Devices All Bluetooth Devices
Special Features Wireless, Sports_&_fitness
Microphone Form Factor With Microphone
Battery Capacity 110mah
Connector Type Wireless
Item Weight 26 g
Product Dimensions 35 x 2 x 2.5 cm

Final verdicts .

Both are good product you can buy any of this products .


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