Boult Audio Escape Neckband Features & Specifications

After the very long time boult is comes with the brand new neckband which was boult audio escape . In recent time we didn’t see the any neckband from not only this boult brand as we all any other brand so it was good to see finally neckband was launching after so long time .

So in this article we are gives you all the detail about the boult audio escape neckband its build quality , price range , specification , there is voice assistance feature is available or not, warranty  period and other stuff we are discussing in this article so read this article completely.

What you can expect form the box .

Inside the boult audio escape  neckband you can expect the main boult audio escape neckband with the some extra pair of the ere tips , as visual warranty card , user manual and usb cable you will get it from the box .

Build quality and design.

By the fist impression this boult audio escape neckband was made with the plastic material and the ere tips is made with the silicon materiel

This  neckband was available in the three color which was envy blues, black and last one is the red colors.

Other than this in this neckband you will get the inline microphone  and other controllers . If we look the detail then in this boult audio escape  neckband you will did not get the adjustable clip .

And if we looks very closely then on the both of the ere tips you will get the boult brand logo which looks really cool . And on the right and side of the part you will see the boult logo.

Battery backup

Battery backup is the one of the most important thing of the neckband so with this boult audio escape  neckband you will get the 1 day battery backup which was quite good .

And if you are a heavy user then it will gives you 12 to 13 hours backup. To charge this neckband you will most probability get the type c charging cable .

Price and availability

This boult audio escape  neckband was available on the online stores like amazon, flipkart and if we look at the price then it was available on 800 rs to 900rs price range means this was entry level neckband.


On this boult audio escape neckband you will get the dedicated physical button with this button you can easily control the almost most of the thing like you can play pause the media, you can also receive or end the call trough this button .

Volume up down setting also you can control with this neckband.


Officially which bluetooth version was given that was still not clear but if we look at the price range then most probability you will get the bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 bluetooth version .

And if we look at the previous boult device then without any dought you will get the similar connectivity.

Sound quality and microphone.

As of now no such detail was available so we didn’t give any verdicts about this boult audio escape neckband . And most important this was a budget segment neckband so we didn’t expect any extra ordinary perform but this is our assumption  after the actual lunching this product we will update this article .

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Voice assistance.

In this  neckband you will get the voice assistance feature you can enable this feature trough the single click .

With this voice assistance you can easily do the most of the task .

Water resistance.

In this neckband you will get the ipex5 rated product which means this was not a fully water proof but it was a actually water resistance which was splash proof and dust proof.

So you can even use this neckband for the intense sports activity.


Officially how much warranty was given that was still not officially clear but as per the previous boult product on this boult audio escape  neckband you will get the one year warranty .


1. When boult audio escape neckband will launch in india?

on 21st jun boult audio escape neckband will launch.

2. What is the price of boult audio escape neckband ?

Around 1k will be the price of this neckband .

3.What is the battery backup of boult audio neckband ?

You will get 1 day battery backup .


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