[Boult audio airbass z1] Price, Features, Specs

Today yet another product launch by the the boult . boult is a Indian company. The boult CEO & Founder is Varun Gupta. Boult audio airbass z1

According to the official report by the boult they selling around 7000 to 9000 unite per day. After the huge success from the various boult  product like boult audio x1, boult audio airbass, etc.

According to the report this product was available in the amazon and there official store. If you dont want to miss the product then you can visit the amazon and turn on from the notification

so whenever this product was available then you will get notification on your phone.

Because of the heavy demand boult product was qualify sold out so in our opinion you can turn on the notification .

So lets talk about the launch date so according to the reports this product was available I the first week of the march

Design-boult audio airbass z1

As per the reports and the inside news this product was available in the black colour in india and this product was fully made with the polycarbonate material . So because of the polycarbonate its give premium finishing with the strong build design.

If we look at the size and the weight then it is very light weight and size of the this airdrop was also compact so you can easily carry this with you everywhere

What is inside the box?



If we talk about the connectivity feature then we get the bluetooth 5.0 version which was perfectly works with your android phone, iso device as well as your tab.

The bluetooth rang of  this airdrop was quite similar to the other airdrop like it can easily cover the 8 to 10 meter radius area..

Auto Pairing Quick Pairing{Boult Audio Z1}

As per the reports you will get the auto pairing/ quick pairing  option mostly this features was available in the high end airdrop so it was vert good to see in this  budget oriented segment also we get premium  features.

We explain this features in details in details review after the launch but now we explain in short how this quick pairing works if you open the case and put on then your airdrop was connect within a sec.

Sound Quality .-boult airbass z1 review

If we talk about the sound  quality then you will get the loud and clear sound quality with the bass full experience. Because of the stereo speakers it will give you a hd sound quality so if you are the music lover then this is for you.

Battery Life .

How many battery was there is not mention yet from the officials .But they mentioned it gives a 40 hours battery backup with the case .

And if we talk about the battery backup of the airdrop then it gives almost four hours backup.

To change  this airdrop  you will get the type c charging port .


As per the reporter from the past experience they try to resolve the latency. The latency problem not only face by the bolt airdrop the most of the airdrop which was present in this market they are facing this kind of the problem .

So we hope that in this airdrop we didn’t face any kind of this problem.

Latency issue was seen while playing online games like pubg., csgo and it is very working smoothly in offline games, streaming videos , music.

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Led Indicator

For the indicator you will get the two light on the tips of the both airdrop they are glowing when both airdrop was on.

For the battery, battery indicator you will also see the led light, by that led light you can easily know how much battery was available.

voice assistance{Boult Audio Z1}

Like any other device in this airdrop you will get the voice assistance feature . By the single click you can easily activate the voice assistance.

This boult audio z1  is supported google voice assistance as well as siri so if you have iphone or android it can easily activated.


Boult audio airbass z1 price

The price is not actively revel from the official but we expert that this airdrop was  available in 2500 to 3000 price range.

And this product was available in the amazon, flip-kart and there own website.


This airdrop was likely certified with the ipex 6 or ipex 5 rating that means this is not a fully waterproof airdrop but this is water resistance product .

Extra Earbuds.

Like any other boult airdrop you will get the extra three earbuds so you can easily change the airdrop according to your ear size.


Like any other boult product you will get the  one year manufacturer warranty from the boult side. Along with this if you face any problem or if you didno like product then you can easily replace or refund if you purchase from online stores like amazon , flip-kart.


Boult audio airbass z1 overall this is one of the best airdrop from the boult side price wise this is little bit higher if we compare with the other airdrops.


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