Boat Watch Xtend Price, Specs, Launch, Features

Boat is finally comes with the new smartwatch after the very long time which name was boat watch xtend. Boat was doing very excellent job . On this week boat is also lunch there new tws which name was boat airdrop 281 pro.

So in this article we gives you all of the information like the its release date , there functionality , price where you can buy this watch and most importantly this watch was realy better than other smartwatch and at the end of the article we are also gives our final verdict about this product.

What you will get it from the box.

Inside the boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the most probability all the basic components like obviously main boat watch xtend to charge this watch magnetic charging cable also they gives, warranty card , to setup this watch user manual  also they provide and other promotional pamlaple was also they given inside the box.

Design and the build quality .

First of all this boat watch xtend smartwatch comes with the regular rectangular shade dailer which was most probability made with the metallic housing and as obviously the main band of this watch is made up with the silicon material

And if we talk about the in-depth physical overview then on the left side of the dailer you will receive the button . And on the back side of the boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the all senors and the charging port is also paced on the back side of the watch

If we look at the display then on this watch you will get the big 1.6 inch colored display .And if we talk about the color combination then this boat watch xtend was comes with the four different color which was peach ,black ,deep blue, sandy cream and last one olive green .

The weight of this smartwatch was little heavy as compare to the other watch because some extra features was given in this watch. This watch also unisex watch but if you have skinny wrist then it will dose not looks good in your hands.

Battery backup

Inside this boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the 300 mah rechargeable battery which was give you 7 days battery backup.

Like we most of the article says battery back is also depend on how we use the smartwatch means if you use the all of the feature then it will consume more battery so if you use this watch at there full potential it will gives you 3 to 4 days backup.

Sports mode.

On this boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the 14 sport mode which include the indoor walking , outdoor walking , hiking , swimming , cycling , workout mode and most important you will also get the dedicated yoga mode . This yoga mode is a one of the good feature of this watch because we see in the high end devices they neglected the yoga mode.

Health tracking feature .

In this smarts you will get the literately tons of health  tracking feature which includes the guided breathing mode , 24*7 heart rate monitor , spo2 monitor also get to track down your sleep pattern sleep monitor is also there .

No of the smart watch gives you 100% accurate data so this smartwatch also gibes you nearly perfect data that why brands also recommended that if you have some serious problem then you consult the doctor.


For the connectivity on this device most probable they gives us bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 version . The bluetooth version doesn’t impact the overall performance. And as per the previous boat smartwatch on this device also we will get the similar connectivity .

Other than this to connect this smartwatch dedicate app was also avail you can easily download  it from the app store and most important this smartwatch was compatible with the android as we as ios.

Watch faces

As per the boat officials in this watch you will get the more than 50 watch faces and you can change this watch faces through the boat wave application.

And as per the our reporters on this watch you will also get the customize watch faces.

Build in alex voice assistance

Yes you here it right on this boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the build in alexa voice functionality . With this voice assistance it will perform some basic task you can set the alarm we are still not clear what you can do with this build in alex after the deeply review this smartwatch we can update this article.

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Automatic screen brightness.

This was very small feature but it was very useful . This feature was very useful when we are go to outdoor and as you know on the direct sunlight display was not clearly see so we need to adjust the brightness frequently  this process was very irritating and it will also impact the overall battery up.

So after this automatic screen brightness this thing was get solved.

Notification controller.

On this device you will get the notification like whatsapp message , email , call alerts , weather forecast also available on this smartwatch.

You can also control the notification setting mode you can even completely turn off the notification .


Most important thing on this boat watch xtend smartwatch you will get the 5 atm water resistance features which means it will easily survive the 50 meters depth in a water for the 30 minutes


Boat is always gives you 1 year warranty so with this smartwatch you most probably get the one year manufacturing warranty.

Final verdict

As per the information available this boat watch xtend smartwatch looking very good . The design also looking fine but this watch is wort it not that was totally depend on the price and the accuracy of the health features. After the officially lunching this product we are deeply reviewing this product and update this article.

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