Boat Watch Xplorer | Inbuilt Gps | Smartwatch From Boat

After the good response from the last smartwatch series boat is yet again comes with  there new product which was boat watch xplorer . In this pandemic situation most of the people was very conscious about there health that why most of the company is launching there new smart watches

In this article we are taking about the brand the new upcoming smart watch which was boat watch xplorer . We are covering the some specification, there pricing and it is really worth it or not that all information we are covering in this article .

What Inside The Watch .

Inside the box you will get the of cours main boat watch xplorer  watch with the detachable watch strip, warranty card, user manual in that user manual you will get the qr scanner code so by using that code you can easily download there official app.

Other than this for charging this watch you will get the magnetic pointer charging cable .

Design .

Before moving forward this watch is didactically design it for the fitness and sports related activates that why its doesn’t comes with the very designer watch

First of all this watch is comes with the three new colour variant which was combination two colour like black and gray , other one is blue and orange colour option and third one is comes with the back and gray variant .

If talk about the build materiel then most probability main watch casing was build with the aluminium and there bands is made with the mixture of the rubber and the silicon materiel .

In this boat watch xplorer  watch you will get the normal size band so if you have skinny hand then it also look very good in your hand.

The most important thing of this watch in this watch is come with the 1.3 cm full touch controller curved display which was very similar to there last boat storm watch series

And if we talk about the physical button then in this watch you will get the on physical buttons to control some setting of the watch. And on the back side of the each you can get the all fitness related components like heart rate compons and all pairing to use this watch you need to pair

This watch with there app you can directly download it from the play store or you can scan the qr code which was given on the user manual this app was easily available on the both devices like android as well as iphone so don’t worry abut the compatibility .

The most of the device is comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 version so we hope that you will get the 5.0 bluetooth version. And because of the 5.0 Bluetooth version you will get the uninterrupted connectivity .

Watch Face .

Initially for this watch you will get the four to five watch faces so after the some time boat is releasing the new watch faces by the upcoming updates.

This watch also gives to customization the watch faces by there application you can also set your favourite photo that was very good feature.

Sports Mode .

As per we are already mention this is fitness and health relate watch so in this watch you will get the lots of the sports mode. Till this date how many sports mode was there that was still not disclosed.

But by our opening you can get the obviously get the conman sports mode like swimming mode, running, skipping , cycling , tracking , etc.

Build In Gps Features.

The most of the best feature of this watch that was build in gps feature because of this feature it become a premium smart watch. Because of this features it can give a correct data while when you are on walking, treacking, basically it can collect your real data so you can fix your scheduled .

This features is mostly useful if your are doing the outdoor activist .

Other than this you can also use this features for your child safety because of the build in gps you can easily monitor real time location data which was very useful as a parent.

24*7 Heart Rate Monitor.

On this boat watch xplorer you will also get the heart rate monitor which was very good when you are on work out you can easily track your heart rate. This feature is not only use full for the sports person if you are normal user than also you can use this feature to track your health .

One of the best ting of the boat band its improving there technology like if we look at the early model of the boat smart watches then its not giving the accurate data but if we look at the latest models like boat flash smartwatch it can give us nearly perfect data .

Weather  Forecast.

Yes in this watch you will also get the weather forecast if you think that was not a big deal then you are wrong it can gives you 3 days weather forecast.

Because of the gps tracking it can perfectly locate your location and gives you accurate weather forecast data..


As per the official update it is not clearly mention this watch has spo2 features is there or not. But in our opinion  you can accept spo2 features from this watch because in this time most buying smartwatch for to measure there spo2 level.

So they didn’t lose this potential market so probability spo2 feature we will get.

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5 Atm Water Resistance.

Yes in this boat watch xplorer watch you will get the 5 atm water resistance feature this was a tricky feature  by wearing this watch you can swim in swimming pool but you cannot use it while bathing . And this watch also have dust resistance , sweat resistance .


Most of the boat devices is comes with the one year warranty so this smart watch also come with the one year warranty. The process of the claiming the warranty was very easy you need to just scan the qr code which was giving on the warranty card.

Other than  this boat service center was easily available in the all over the india .

Final Verdicts .

Boat is always come with the value for money product. This watch was directly gives the tough competition to the amazfit bip u pro which was also have similer features.

This is as per the early leaks and information this smart watch is going  to be very successful in the india market if its price between the 3500 to 4500 .


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