Boat Watch Flash Smartwatch Detail Review.

After the  huge success in the headphone sector boat is slowly  expanding there products . When boat was stared then they are specially made headphones , earbuds, speakers and other stuff related to the audio .Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch

But from the recent time they are started manufacturing other products likes powebanks, mobile accessories and because of there quality and pricing that products was also get good response.

So because of this boat are recently launch boat watch flash smartwatch

What Is Inside The Box

The box size is compact and it easily carry any where  inside the the box you will get the main products boat watch flash smartwatch with the usb magnetic charging cable.

And as visual  warranty card with the manual you will get with this device . Inside the box you did not get assemble product. You need to assemble  that strap with the main watch case. That is simple you can easily assemble it its not a big deal.

Design(Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch)

In this watch you will get the metallic body  and the strap was also made with the  silicon material which is best quality   that’s why you can were this for long hours .

As you can see if you were the normal watch for long hour it will irritate your skin and some time its get scratches and sweets and feel irritation on your skin that was one of the most annoying things in the watches but because of the silicon material with proper air ventilation this problem was not there so in this watch you will not face any kind of this problem.

Look wise this was very slim. The colour combination is good its looking very premium quality.

Charging(Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch)

Charging of this device is very simple in side the box you will get magnetic power cable that you can see in the below image . This is new type of charger its not like normal usb cable its have the one of the new thing in this watch . For best result you can use 5v/2a adaptor.

It  only takes 2 hours to get  full charge and like smartphone in this watch you will also get the power saver option. power saver was automatically turn on when your battery hit 5 percent.

during the power saver mode all the extra feature was automatically disable .

Boat Flash Watch Specifications And Features

This boat flash watch comes with the 1.7 inch’s lcd display which was very good if you have skinny hands or healthy hand it is perfectly suit on you .

Boat is also comes with the something new stly so in this smart watches are comes with the three colours such as active black, electric blue and last one is vivid red.

With this smart watch you will get the other some special features such as guided medative breating, 24/7 heart rate monitor ,sleep monitor with the blood oxygen level monitor .

All of this are key feature of this device.

And as a smartwatch you can also perform some day to day works with the help of this smart watch such as you can easily control music setting as well as you can also control the cameras without touching the your phone.

To maintain your health and track down the your physical activity that why you will get the 10 sports modes such as running, swimming , cycling, walking , climbing , badminton , football , skipping and other sports activity

On/ Off Smart Watch

In this watch you will also get one of the important features if you want to use this so you did not touch the button to on/ off this device  just press the side buttons for 3 seconds so that it .


With the one touch you can easily adjust the brightness for the maximize the battery life you can use this watch at 0 to 1 then it will gives maximum battery life it was specially said by the boat officials

synchronise with smartphone .

If you want to add extra feature then you can just download boat wearable app which was available in both  play store as well as app store . With this application you can easily charge the dialer skin and many other things you can easily don via that application.

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Call And Text Notification

To get the call and text notification on your watch then just enable this setting by the application. In this watch you can see the latest 5 notification .

Like another normal smart watch by this smart watch you can just read the text msg or reject the calls.


With this device you will get the ip68 waterproof ratings that means this is a fully waterproof watch so you can use this watch while you swimming , rainy season and if you use this while swimming then it can easily collect the yours swimming activity.

But it is only 5 feet so if you are use below  feet’s then it create problem so check before using I swimming pool

Find My Phone(Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch)

If you are misplace phone and don’t know where it is ,so you can use this feature. Just go the find my device on you watch setting and on that feature

If you phone  is connected with your smart watch then it will started ringing. This feature don’t works like google find my device its only works when your device is connect with your phone and you are in the Bluetooth rang…


Like another boat product you will get the 1 year manufacture warranty.

Raise to wake function

Raise to wake function means whenever you pick up your  hand then this watch was automatically shows’ you information and display get on

Raise to wake up functionality  was very fast and smooth its really work well you don’t want to press any button just raise you hand and get display on

Heartbeat Sensor

On the last smart of the boat also have a heartbeat sensor but in that watch it gives wrong info about the heartrate .

Like if we cant were the watch then also they count heart rate . So from the last product they improve this feature in this watch you will get accurate information .

If you are not wearer this watch and you want check heart rate hen it gives a notification that was big improvement. And for the accurate information you tightly were this.

Bluetooth and pairing

On this watch you will get the bluetooth 5.0 bluetooth version. To pair this watch wit your mobile ten you need to install official app.

After installing the app you need to just on the bluetooth on your phone . Then open  the application after that read the terms and condition and hit o  the agree button after that you will see the pair button that’s it you watch is now connected wit your phone.

Ui And Lagging And Animation

If we compare to the other watches the ui was very smooth it doesn’t lagging while using and touch quality of this watch also smooth


Final Verdicts

If you want budget oriented smart watch with some extra features then this watch is absolutely for you. This watches specially made who was fitness orientated person .

In this watch you will get the ten sport activity tracker. And mostly importantly size of the watch is perfect it can suits if you are healthy or skinny person .

This smart watch have the best feature and its all work properly. It makes improvement from the earlier smart watches and makes best . Like early smart watch not give accurate heartbeat  data but now its improve there features.

The look of the smart watch is also very premium and the colour combination is also very best you will fell great an when you wear this you will look more dashing.


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