Boat Watch Delta Price, Features, Review: Launched

Hello guys here we are after the very long time so in this article we are comes with the exclusive upcoming smartwatch information and that was boat watch delta . Yes after the huge time periods boat is comes with the new smartwatch .

So in this article you will get the all the information regarding this watch like what its features and specification , its price , this smartwatch is really worth it or not so read this article till the end.


What inside the box .


Inside the boat watch delta you will get the all the basic competent which was necessary like main smartwatch with the magnetic charging cable was also given with the user manual , warranty card and other promotional card was also you will get .


Design and the build quality .


So first of all talk about the design then this boat watch delta smartwatch is comes with the rounded dialer with the metallic dailer housing and if we talk about the strap necessary them it was build with high quality silicon material so that why it will gives you very comfortable feeling even if you wear it for whole day .

This boat watch delta smartwatch is comes with the three color which was black , white and last one is combination of the black and white.

There is one good feature of this watch and that was the size of the dalier and the strap is was not so broad so if you have skinny hands then it was perfectly goes with you .

If we look at the back side then you will get the all the sensor with the magnetic charging port .

In boat watch delta smartwatch you will get the 1.3 inch full touch lcd round display which was quite good along with this you will get the 3d dynamic interference .


Connectivity .


So this is a health tracking smartwatch so to operate this smartwatch this boat watch delta smartwatch is comes with the bluetooth version 5.0 or 5.1 .

To get the detail access of this watch this watch is also comes with the dedicate application which was easily available on the all the stores and this watch was compatible with the iphone as well as the android devices .

And if we look at the connectivity range then it was easily coves the 10 metres of the connectivity area . One more thing of this smartwatch and that was you can easily update the watch .


Watch faces and customization .


So if you want a customize smartwatch faces and you like to change the watch faces simultaneously then in this smartwatch you will get the more than 300 watch faces along with this you can also set the customize watch faces .


Health related features and sports mode .


Health related features basically this is a fitness tracking smartwatch so on this watch you will get the main health tracking features like 24*7 heart rate monitor with spo2 (blood oxygen) monitor guided meditative breathing also you will get and obviously pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie count, step count such conman features was also there and sports mode .

In this boat watch delta smartwatch you will get the lots of sports mode like walking , running , swim , you cab also read the full list on the boat official website .


Battery backup .


As of now how much mah battery was there give that was still not clear yet but with this boat watch delta smartwatch you will get 7 days battery backup . And to charge this watch magnetic charging cable was also give.

It takes almost 2 to 2.5 hours to get the fully charge and that was good thing and as visual battery backup is totally depend on the how you use the watch if you use the all the features heavily then it will consume lots of battery .

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Special features .


With this boat watch delta smartwatch you will get some extra features like you can get the weather forecast for next 2 days along with this watch you can control the music and even you can also control the camera

If we speak about the notification then on this watch you will get the most of the notification like call notification , email notification , sms notification, etc


Water resistance .


In boat watch delta smartwatch they give us ip68 sweat, splash and dust resistant which was quite good features and in this days most of the smartwatch is comes with this features. With this features you can also use this watch at the light rainy season .


Price and availability and warranty


So here we are taking about the most important thing so price of this boat watch delta smartwatch was between the 2k to 2.5k and you can buy this watch from flip kart and it was launch on the 19th july

With this boat watch delta smartwatch you will get the one year manufacturing warranty .


Final verdicts .


So this watch was not officially launch yet so we didn’t give our final verdict about this watch but as per the above information this watch looks worth it if you have a tight budget then you can consider this smartwatch .

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