Boat Storm Smart Watch Review: Features, Price, Specifications

After the covidv19 pandemic everyone is conscious about there health so to grab this opportunity most of the brand is launching there new smartwatch series so boat is lunching there new smart watch which was boat storm smart watch .

In this article we are deeply reviewing this boat storm smart watch  we are cover the pro and cones of this watch, there specification, and most importantly this is really wort it or not ?.

What You Will Get Inside The Box.

First of all lets talk about the overview of the box so in the front side you  will see the boat branding with the model number which was boat storm smart watch .

For this watch boat is used a timeless pursuit this tagline was used for this watch this was a small detail but it can create huge impact on the overall packing. And like other boxes on the backside you will see the some of the main specification .You will also see the price mention on the box which was something around 6000 but don’t worry that was retail price you will get this watch very low .

So lets move forward the component you will get from this watch first of all they give you one year warranty card , user manual you will get on that user manual qr code you will get that code you can use for the download the official app .

Other than this of course main boat storm smart watch  you will get with the magnetic points charging cable.

Design .

If we talk about the overall design and build then this watch is come with the metallic casing and silicon strip was used for this watch .

The texture of this strip was very smooth. The most importantly this watch is come with the 1.3 full touch screen curved display because of the curved edges it was looking very premium.

To control the other setting on the right side you will see the one physical buttons. And if we talk about the strips then you can change it according  to your choose very easily.

And if we talk about the colour option then this boat storm smart watch  is only available  in three colour like blue and black colour .

The size of the strip was quite broad that why it can easily fits on your hands.

On the back side of the watch they gives you all the components which was measure the heart rate, spo2 and other thing.

Connectivity .

For the connectivity you need to install the official boat pro gear app from the store this app was compatible with android as well as iphone .

By this application you can easily access all the features the interference of the application was very easily to use and it was very smooth .

When we previously test use this application for the boat flash watch then we get the some lagging but while using this time we didn’t get the any this kind of issues .

By this application you can also update this smartwatch to get latest features. By this application you can also control the notification setting of this watch very easily .

User Interference

If we talk about the user interference  on home screen you will get the date, time, total steps you walk and how may miile you cover this kind of the thing you can see on home screen.

Sports Mode .

on this Boat Storm Smart Watch you will get the almost all of the sports feature like swimming, jogging, running, climbing , cycling and handers of the other feature you will get on this watch .

on this watch relax , breathing mode you will also get on this smart watch.

Extra feature heart rate , spo2 etc.

On this boat storm smart watch you will get the heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, blood pressure test , relax this kind of the extra health related feature you will get on this watch .

If we look at the accuracy of this features then it was not gives you 100% correct result it can gives you nearly perfect result .

You need to make your all of this date you just used for your reference you cannot relia on this smart watches not on this boat storm smart watch this was applicable for every smart watch .

If you have serious health problem then you can consult the doctors other than relia on this type of any smart watch this was over opinion on this watches .


Boat is never compromise this so as we already mention the bands which was used they are made with the silicon materiel and that was totally skin friendly you can easily use it for a days without any issue .

And the total weight of this boat storm smart watch was 37 grams that was not bulky like other smart watches you can also use this watch for monitor your sleep pattent then  just imaging how comfortable it was .

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Battery Backup.

The battery backup is totally depend how we use the device like if we use this watch normally then it can gives us 8 to 10 days battery backup .

And if you want more battery backup then you can manual turnoff the heart rate monitor and the sleep monitor then it can gives you few more dats backup.

To completely  full charge this boat storm smart watch it takes only 2.7 hours which was very good.

Warranty .

This boat storm smart watch is comes with the one year warranty after sales serves of boat brand was one of the best service was present in india.

Bluetooth Version 4.2
Bluetooth Range 10M
Battery Capacity 210mAh
Charging Time 2.5 Hours
Working Time Up to 8-10 Days
Standby Time 20-30 Days
Waterproof 5 ATM
Call Alert Yes

Final Verdicts .

If we summaries this boat storm smart watch in one word then it was just amazing. In this watch you will get the all of the features which was very useful for track your health.

The heart rate monitor, spo2 monitor was collecting effectively data which was very good if you look at the price. Design wise it gives you premium look .

Overall this was value for money smart watch which was present in this price range .

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