Boat Stone 200 Vs 260 vs jbl go Detail Comparison

in this article we are covering the unbiased detail review of the Boat Stone 200 Vs 260 vs jbl go after the reading the  full article you can decide this speakers is actually worth to buy or not.

What In The Box-Boat Stone 200

Like another boat speakers you will get the small colorful box which is more stylish from other boat product from the first look it gives a premium look

You will get the model name  in the front of the side with the plug into the advantaged tagline. In the bottom  side you will get the basic details such as speakers watt, shook proof, water resistance and other thing.

Inside the box you will get the product in the carboard box . With this you will get the warranty card, user manual and that user manual is very colorful as compare to the other manual .

In the manual all of the thing are descript very shortly.  With the box you will get the charging cable with the aux cable so you didn’t buy

Specification-Boat Stone 200

In this speaker you will get the 3 watt speakers in the front and the back side you will get the radiator which works like a additional speakers and it was also helps to give extra bass.

Look wise and weight wise this was very light weight the total weight of the speaker is only 310  grams.. With this you will get ipex 5 rating

Design-Boat Stone 200

This speaker was design in the square size.  And if you are look at the side of the speakers then you will get the rubber covering . This speakers was comes with the shockproof features that why this rubber sides was given in this device.

You will get the boat branding in both side of the speakers in the white color. And the bottom side you will get the mounting port you will get .By this mount port you can easily mount this speakers in yours bikes, cycle,

Buttons-Boat Stone 200

On the top of the speakers you will get the few buttons like power on/ off button, volume button, play pause button and you will also get the call receive buttons.

Yes you hear it right you will get the builds in microphone so you can easily attend your calls from this speakers.

To power on this device you need to hold the power button for few second. Because of this device


For the connectivity in this device you will get the bluetooth 4.1 and aux cable connectivity . The bluetooth range of this speakers as visual 10 meters

Battery Backup And Charging

In this device you will get the 1500 ma build in battery as per the boat claim it gives a 10 hours backup which is quite good in our research get the similar result  . But it takes a almost 4 to 5 hours to full charge.

For the charging this device you can use  1500 ma charger but you can also use the 1.0 amp. Charger it gives also similar result.


For the indictors there is no digital display but you will get the some led light so you can easily know the status of speaker according to colors so  when your speakers was searching for pairing then its flash blue light . After the successful pairing this blue light was stopped flashing  and became stable

If you device is connected through the aux cable then green light was on .

Similarly while charging it gives red light indicator and after the fully charge that red light was turn off .

Sound Quality

If we look at its size then it create awesome sound , because of the radiator it improve the bass quality. And mid and high and low was perfect.

And like another speaker  this speaker doesn’t create any distraction in high volume .

Product Dimensions8.27 x 3.08 x 6.83 cm; 133.24 Grams
Compatible DevicesAudio Player , Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Special FeaturesBuilt-in microphonE
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration1.0_channel
Wattage3 Watts
Item Weight133 g
Connector TypeBluetooth

  • 3w rms output
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with 10m range
  • Battery capacity of 1500mah
  • Ipx6 marked water, dust & shock resistant
  • Stylish mountable design with carry strap
  • NA

jbl go

What Inside The Box-jbl go

First of all this speakers  come with the compact size square size . This products was available  in different color such as black, yellow, red , blue and may other colors.

Which color you choose same color box you will get.  Inside the box you will get the manual , charging cable , and other pamphlet from the jbl. With the main speaker .

There are some drawback like the paper manual you will get that was so lengthy not like a boat so sometime you will face some problem. And there is also good point is this manual was available  in different different language.  With this product you will get unnecessary documents, but that not impact the quality of product so can neglect this point.

Design-jbl go

As we already said this pro0duct was available in the 8 different color. That are lots of option available but the black color gives a classy look .

And this product was fully made with the plastics material and you will get the jbl branding in the front side of the speakers  like boat stone 200

On the right side you will get two holes so from that  holes you can easily hang.

On the left  side of the speakers you will get the regular usb charging port. With the 3.1mm jack slot.

Performance/ Sound Quality-jbl go

As a bluetooth spikers it also give well and good loudness. But like the boat 200 there is no radiator was given that why as compare to the bass 200 it doesn’t give best performance.

And if we talk about the other sound quality then boat are similar this speaker also gives a nice trebles and vocals .

Battery Life

In this device you will get the only 600 mah battery so this was very poor battery if we compare with this boat speakers . And its give only 5 hours play time if we use this for 70 to 80 percent volume.

Inside the speakers there is only 500 mah battery but it takes almost 2 to 3 hours. As visual that was also negative point for this.

Product Dimensions8.27 x 3.08 x 6.83 cm; 133.24 Grams
Compatible DevicesAudio Player , Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Special FeaturesBuilt-in microphonE
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration1.0_channel
Wattage3 Watts
Item Weight133 g
Connector TypeBluetooth

  • Jbl signature sound
  • 5 hours of playtime
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • NA

Boat Stone 260

This is another product from the  boat so we did not cover again and again the same things like what’s inside the box. So in this boat stone 260 we are directly moving to the other point

Design-Boat Stone 260

Design wise this is smallest speakers among above all of them. As you all know speaker are typically are mostly available in the black our its doesn’t look cool and its looking trendy so that’s why this speaker is come with the unique eye catching design .

In his device you will get the rubber  back side with high quality cloth covering. Because of the rubber material is given that why its also give us the shockproof protection .

And if we look at the buttons then all of the button are situated in the side of the speakers. The all of the button are quite smooth and it doesn’t require the high pressure to operate like the boat 200 and jbl go.

Specification-Boat Stone 260

Specification wise its totally justifies its price. For the mounting you will get the table top  wall mount option and if you are using  this at outdoor then this feature also  working fine .

And for the enhance the surrounding audio you will get the 1.0_channel speaker surround sound channel configuration. You will also get the integrate microphone.

To easily carry this device device you will get the hook type hinge at top.

Battery Backup And Charging

As compare to the size it give decent battery backup. In this speakers you will get the 1000 mah battery. And according to the officials it gives 5 hours battery backup. This is quite well if we compere to the jbl go .

Its takes only 2 hours to completely charge this speakers. You can easily charge tis device with usb cable which was comes with the box. And you can also use this spears while charging that awesome of the extra additional feature .


This boat stone 260 is comes with the ipex5 rating which means this device is not a complete wearproof but it is a only water resistance device. So you can easily use this for your small pool party, or any other outdoor places. And you can also use this while raining .

Sound quality-Boat Stone 260

One of the important things of the any speakers is that there sound quality. This speakers is comes with the 4.44mm driver so as compare to the above  two speakers driver size is quite small that why automatically output quality of the sound is not good as the boat 200.

And if we talk about the other things like bass, trebles, vocals then it give perfect experience. The microphone was given in this speakers that also working find and call quality also very good .

If we consider the price there compact size then it will give the best output.

ModelStone 260 Blue
Product Dimensions10.3 x 9.3 x 4.3 cm; 440 Grams
Compatible DevicesSmartphones, tablets and computers
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Special FeaturesWaterproof
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration1.0_channel
Wattage4 Watts
Item Weight440 g
Connector TypeBluetooth

  • 1 year warranty
  • Boat stone 260 is ipx5 water resistant
  • Shockproof
  • 1000mah, battery
  • 1.5-2 hours charging time
  • NA

Final Verdicts Which Is Best Boat Stone 200 Vs 260 vs jbl go

The all of three speakers have there own specification . But in our chose jbl go is slightly week among other speakers. Because that speakers was running on the old version of the bluetooth as well as there are so many color option was available  but honestly they are not looking good.

And if we talk about the other boat 220 vs boat 260 and both of the speakers are good for travelling there battery backup was also quite good. But if you want a lode speakers then you can blindly consider the boat 200.

And if you want fashionable speaker and you can negotiable in the loudness then you can go for the boat 260.


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