Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker Features, Specs, Review

in this article we are covering the unbiased detail review of the Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker after the reading the  full article you can decide this speakers is actually worth to buy or not.

what’s inside the box[Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker]

In the front side of the box you will get the product name with the tagline of this product for this product tagline is roar with beast that was a catchy tagline .With the boat branding.

In the back side of the box you will see the some highlight of this speakers such as 40 watt output, handfree calling option, ipex 6 rated product, usb, bluetooth connectivity, to carry this product you will see the strap and price also mention in back side of the box.

From inside the box you will get the small white box in that box you will get the accessories like the warranty card, pamphlet, aux cable, and you will also get the usb type c charging cable. With the manual.

To charge this speakers you will also get the carry strap with the hook type of the attachment , along with this for promotional purpose thy also give a product tour guide pamphletin that pamphlet they mention there other products and if you want the extra information about that product then you can also visit there official website.

and of course you will get the one main boat station 1500 speakers.


In the front of the Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker you will get the four buttons there such as power off on button, volume up down button , next track, previous track .

All the button are color with the red so you can easily find that button. After the power on you will see the two led indictor light this information we are covered in the very detail so read this full article.

To carry this speaker you will get the hook hang in the corner of the buttons . In this speaker you will get the  two bass radiator with that radiator which was placed in the side of the speaker because whiing when it is on it will give a very good surrounding sound.

In the front side of the speaker you will see the boat logo with two 20 watt speakers in the bottom side of the speakers you will get the all ports such as charging port, aux port and usb port was also there and for the waterproofing this port was coverer with the plastic cap.


Build Quality

This Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker  was build with the premium material look wise this is very similar with the spine x 2.0 .The finishing and the coting of this speakers was extraordinary.

in the side plastic material used with the rubber material, so in case if it is fall from height then it will handle all damage. and because if the rubber they also give premium finish.

in the bottom  side the speaker you will get the slate type pf the base give which was made with rubber this was very beneficial while placing because of the rubber slate  it will give extra grip so it will prevent from the damage.

strap  which was give that was made with the nylon material so look and designee wise was up to the mark .

sound quality.[Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker]

so lets talk about the sound quality if we describe  in the one word it is  amazing we did not get any distortion in any base tribes .

specially base  is very awesome the depth  of the base  is very good . you will fall in the love after listing the bass. and all off we know the boat is know for there bass

Next lets talk about  the tribes  from our test we get the clean and clear tribes in highs low mids so in this segments also get the full points

If we talk about the  loudness then for the loudness you will get the  40 watts powerful speakers  . This speakers is comes with inbuild two setting indoor and outdoor setting in the both setting that works very good.

So if you want to host small party then myhos is perfectly. You can buy  this without any worry.

How To Pair This Speaks To Bluetooth

Pairing with the bluethhoth was vey easy process for that only you want to  press the power button on boat stone 1500 speaker for few second after pressings the power button blue led light was stated  blinking that means your device is now ready to pair .

Secondly just turn on  the bluetooth setting and search for the new device that is in the search menu you will get the  name of the boat stone  1500 after the clicking on the name your device is now connect through  the bluetooth.

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How To Use The Toggle Eq

If you want to charge the outdoor mode to indoor mode or if you want to change indoor mode to outdoor mode then just double press the foreword button .

Battery Life

In this speakers you will get the 4000mah battery backup. It takes only 4.5 hours to fully charged but before the charging make sure you are using right adaptor.

As per the company claim it gives almost 8 hours playtime which was very good. With this you will also get the over current protection with over voltage protection.

How To Charge This Speaker ?

Before start the charging of his device make sure your device is off don’t charge this device while when you are using because it directly harm your battery .

To charge this device you can use the type c power cable which was come along with the product. To know the status of the charge while charging led was turn on  in the red and  after the fully charge that red led automatically turn off.

Tws functionally .

Tws functionality means twpo boat stone 1500 paired with each other and you can use the both speaker at a one time you need to just pair with them .


This device is certified with the ipex 6 means this is not a fully water proof this is water resistance device so you use .

Led indictor[Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker]

Blue LED Turns On was turn on when you are Power On  device .

Blue LED Turns Off  when you are Power  off on device.

Blue LED starts flashing when device is on Auto Pairing Mode

Blue LED stays steady when you device is successfully paired .

Blue and green LED flash  alternatively when you are pairing with TWS

How To Know How Much Battery Was Available In Boat Stone 1500?

How much battery is there that is indicate thought the led light. There is not digital screen was given. The batter status was divided into the three led light if your battery was in the 70%-99%  then third led light was flashing.

When 30%-70% battery available  then second led light was blinking and first one led start blinking when your charge is around 30%


With this product you will get the one year manufacture warranty so if you face any issue within one year then you can claim very easily.

You can also claim warranty by scanning the bar code which was comes with the warranty card. And if you face any problem claim the warranty then you can read our article.


  • Stereo speaker type
  • Ipx6 ipx rating
  • Full range driver driver type
  • 70mm *2 outer & 31mm *2 inner driver size
  • 4000 mah battery capacity (mah)
  • 15 hours playback
  • 10m bluetooth range

  • NA
Model Number Stone 1500
Type Mobile/Tablet Speaker
Bluetooth Yes
Configuration Stereo
Power Output (RMS) 40 W
Compatible Devices Android. Windows, iOS
Connector Type Bluetooth, AUX, USB
Bluetooth Range 10 m

Final Verdicts .

Boat is always comes with the surprising devise according to the boat officials Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker is loudest product from the boat.

Look wise this is  very premium product . And sound quality of the boat product was just  amazing they did not compromise in there sound quality.

Backup wise it will give you almost 8 hours sound wise , which was very good if we compare with any other products.In short this boat is one of the most amazing product from the boat.


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