Boat Rockerz 650 Review: Features, Specifications, Price 2021

Boat is finally comes with the there new product which name was boat rockerz 650. After the so long period boat adding the new product is the boat rockerz lineup

Boat is always give us value for money product and most important they deeply analysis the india audience demand that why few years ago boat based start up company in delhi was ruling in todays time and if you don’t know then boat is worlds 5 top selling brand .

So lets come into the real point so in this article you will get the detail information about the newly launch boat rockerz 650 its specification , build quality , battery performance and other information we are covering in this article so read this article till the end at the end of the article we are also gives our personal verdict this is really worth it or not .

What is inside the box.

Inside the boat rockerz 650 headset you will get the main product to charge this device type c charging cable was also given along with this user manual , warranty card and other promotional pamplate you will get with this headset.

Design and build quality.

So if we look at the design of the boat rockerz 650 headset then it is similar nearly very similar to the boats other headset and if we talk about the build quality then it was made with the plastic materiel.

As of now this boat rockerz 650 headset was available in the red color but we are sure in upcoming days it will available in the various color combination.

The most important thing of the headset that was its comfortableness so as you all know if you use this kind of the headset for a long time then definitely cause the ere pain or any other discomfits so to solve this problem in boat rockerz 650 they gives us soft ere muffs.

So if we look at in the details then on the both of the earecup side you will get the boat branding which was looking very cool.


So if we look at the connectivity of the boat rockerz 650 headset then its have bluetooth 5.1 version and if we talk about the connectivity rage then it will easily cover the 10 meters of the area .

The connectivity boat is never disappoint us so without any dought on this boat rockerz 650 you will get the simless connectivity and most important this headset was compatible with the android devices as well as apple device even you can use this headset with your pc or laptop .

Battery backup .

So most important thing of the any bluetooth headset is that was its battery backup so in this headset you will get the big 1000mah battery which gives you 60 hours battery backup means almost 2.5 days it will give you battery backup .

To charge this big battery this headset was comes with the type c charging cable which fully charge this device within a 1 hours and this is one fast charging option was also available means if you charge this device for just a 10 min then it will gives you minimum 5 hours backup .

Battery backup is also depend on the how we use the device .

Sound quality .

Boat is always known for there deep bass so in this boat rockerz 650  headset you will get the similer experience . Along with this deep bass you will also get the 40mm driver unit and if we talk about the driver type then in the boat rockerz 650  you will get the dynamic driver which directly impact on the sound quality .

One thing was also we want to add and that was loudness of the headset so even in this device you will get the very loud sound

Price and availability .

If we look at the price of the boat rockerz 650  then it have something 4k retail price but by the special discount you can purchase this product around 1.8k rs to 2k rs very easily .

And if we look at the availability then it will easily available on the amazon India and it will launch on the 30 june .

Warranty .

So this boat rockerz 650  headset comes with the 1 year manufacturer warranty which you can easily claim through the online process and it will covered the manufacturing defects .

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Final verdicts .

So as per the above information this boat rockerz 650 was looking quite nice the design of this product was also good other than this price of this product was also quite reasonable

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