Boat Rockerz 550 Review: Features, Specifications, Price 2021

Indian audience is always looking for value for money product this formula is very perfectly understood by the indian start up company which was boat . After the successful launch of the other devices so now boat is launching the new boat rockerz 550.

In this article we are deeply covering  all of the details about boat rockerz 550 there price, specification , sound quality so read this full article.

What Is Inside The Box -Boat Rockerz 550

First of all we talk about the outer look of the box then on the bottom side of the box we see the boat branding and we also get the new tagline for this product which was rhythm of nirvana that was something new which was different from the other brands .

On the back side of the box you will get the all of the feature like driver size, battery , playback time and other stuff was mention on the back side of the box .

They also mention the pricing which was 5000 but don’t worry you will get this in the half of the price just read the full article .

So lets talk bout the what contain you get it from the box so first of all you will see the plastic pouch inside that pouch you will get the aux cable  with the micro usb cable for charging this device . The length of the charging cable and usb cable was quite good .

Other than this you will get the warranty card if you want to claim that warranty then you need to scan the qr code which was given on the card .

Absolutely  you will also get the manual of this boat rockerz 550 product and last oke and most important main boat rockerz 550 you will get .

Design-Boat Rockerz 550

This boat rockerz 550 is available in the five colour variant which was black, black symphony , army green,maroon maverick, and red colour .

Look wise it was giving the premium feeling on the both side you will get the boat branding and above the top of the side you will also get the boat branding .

The cushion padding which was very soft it don’t give irritation in your era if you are using this for long time . To control this headset on the right side of the side you will see the physical buttons and indicator we are deeply cover this topics in next segment .

And you will also get the all main ports like 3.5mm charging port on the right side.

For the better sound experience they will also marked the left and side. Small but most important thing which was air ventilation

Build Quality

If we talk about the build quality then it is totally made with the plastic. But if we look  at the head section then some part of the headset is made with the mental that why it increase the overall life span of the product.

We already told it body is totally build with the plastic but because of the unique texture design it don’t look like a cheap product .


In point of the comfortable in this  Boat Rockerz 550 headset you will get lots of option like you can easily adjust the length of the headset according to your head. To avoid the ere pain that why rubberise materiel was provided .

And if we talk about the total weight of the product the we feel it have slidly more heaver than there headsets

Sound Quality.

If we talk about the sound quality then it is giving the best sound output. The boat is always know for there bass so on this boat rockerz 550 you will get the thummpy  bass output .

Some of the people was completing that boat bass was overpowering the tribles and mids but in this headset you will didn’t get this kind of the problem .

From this device you will get the crystal clear sound quality and if we talk about the mids , low and highs then output was just amazing.

The loudness of this very high on the high volume it dose not create any distroction and we bet you cannot here the any song at the maximum volume more then  mins so just  think how lode this headset was.

By our opinion if you use this headset  at the 80 to 85 level of volume then it will best for you.

By using this headset we use it for watching movies, listening songs and other stuff the it performer very well . If you want a scientific data how lode it is then it sound volume goes to 85 decimal which was seriously harm your era if you using this at high blim regularly .

The most important ting in this boat rockerz 550 you will get the huge 50mm dynamic drivers .

Latency .

In this device you will get the stereo effect that means if you are playing pubg, csgo like games then it will definitely improve your gaming. And if we talk about the latency then in this device you will get the 2,3 millisecond of the latency means if you are a normal gamer then you can consider this headset .

Microphone .

If you want to purchase this Boat Rockerz 550  headset for calling purpose then it is not so good for you because when we testing the headset then we get some eco while using the microphone that why some time our voice is not clearly deliver to the other end.

First of all we think we get the damage unit that why we review the other boat rockerz 550 also but same thing happens . While using the microphone you will get the eco sound .

Connectivity .

For the connectivity in this device they gives you bluetooth 5.1 bluetooth version which was easily covers the 10 metes of the area. You can use this headset withing the 10 metes if the radius.

In our test we didn’t get any connectivity issues . The first time pairing and setup of this device was also quite simple  if compare to the other products .

Other than this for the connectivity you will also get the 3.5 mm port if in case battery was runs out then you can connect this with the 3.5 mm cable and enjoy the music .

This type or the feature mostly useful for if you are a traveller.

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Battery .Boat Rockerz 550

To charge this device you will get the regular usb cable. And if we talk about the overall battery capacity then in his boat rockerz 550 devire they give 500 mah batter.

According to the boat officials it gives 20 hours playback that was very good .

Brand Boat
Model Rockerz 550
Compatible Devices Windows, iOS, Android
Special Features Over-ear
Mounting Hardware 1xRockerz 550, 1xUSB Charging Cable, 1xAUX Cable
Microphone Form Factor With microphone
Headphones Form Factor Over Ear
Connector Type Bluetooth
Item Weight 245 g

  • 1 year warranty
  • 50mm dynamic drivers
  • 20 Hours playback time
  • physical Noise Isolation feature

  • NA

Final Verdicts.

As we already mention boat is always gives you value for money product same thing was happen in this headset in this boat rockerz 550 you will get the all of the features which was you will mostly get on the high end devices.

The design was just fabulous, sound quality was also above average we seriously didn’t expect this kind of the performance from this headset .The gaming performance of this headset was also good but if you are pro gamer then it create some problem .


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