Boat Rockerz 450 Pro Price, Features, Specs

Yet another big surprise we getting from the boat side you all know in recent time boat is mostly focus on the wireless airdrops that’s was good thing but we did not get the something new from the boat side.

So your waiting is over now boat is finally launching there new boat rockerz 450 pro. If you think that was a old outdated product then you are totally wrong.

Yes boat rockerz 450 is a old model but boat rockerz 450 pro will b a totally new product. When boat rockerz 450 was launch most of the people are linking that product but in that time there are some drawbacks was there so boat release that small drawback and they are launching the updated boat rockerz 450 pro.

If you want to read the detail review about the boat rockerz 450 then we are already written on this blog.

Boat Rockerz 450 Pro Launch Date

This boat rockerz 450 pro was announced on the amazon.In and as you know most of the time boat is not directly declare the official lunching date but in this event they are already mention the launching date and that was on 23rd march  2021.

This product was of couse available on the amazon as well as on there official site.


As per the image was available  in the amazon then it was similarly to the previous boat rockerz 450 and this product was available in three different color black, green and creamy white color and you will get the boat logo on the both side of the erecup in the sliver color that was looking very fabouls .

And that design is perfectly goes with the matt color combination.

Battery Backup

As pre the boat announcement the battery backup was one of the highlighted feature in this headphone. From the boat officially  was not announced the battery capacity but if we see the the old boat rockerz 450  then that have the 300mah battery capacity so in this headphone you will see the bigger battery .

As per the company claim and they announced this boat rockerz 450 pro gives you 70 hours playback time that was awesome.

Sound Quality

Another highlighted feature of tis device is 40mm big driver. So you just imagine the normal10 mm driver gives you mind blowing experience then just think how  the sound quality.

In the old boat rockerz 450 some people are complaining the some time bass is overtake the mids but in this device you did not get that type of issues. You will get the overall awesome experience  .

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Fast charging

In this device fast charging mode was also added that was something new from the boat side. With the type c cable .

According to the boat officials they claim that by the only 10 mints of charging it will give you 10 hours of playtime .


In this headphone you will get the dual connectivity option means. You can either connected through the bluetooth or you can connect this through the 3.5mm jack.

If we talk about the bluetooth version then we will get the 5.0 bluetooth version. Not like boat 450 you will get the aux cable. Honestly that aux cable was not  up to the mark quality but we hope that we will get the improved aux cable .

Buttons And Controllers

Till this date boat doesn’t clarify that  what kind of button and how many buttons is there which will get along with this headphone. But as per the reports you will get the normal rubberize button.

If we look at the boat rockerz 450 then most of people are getting difficulty while operating the button so we think this small details was also improved in the boat rockerz 450pro so it was very excited to see how boat handel this problem

Final Verdicts

Boat is a always come with the some innovative product . So we can guaranteed you in this product you will gives you something value for money.

Before the launching the final product it was very wrong to give any verdict but as per the details are available  in the internet as well as information given by the boat official this product will be successful model in the future.

In this headphone you will get the almost everything which was need , like long battery life and if battery  drain  then you can  also connect through the 3.5 mm jack and work perfectly.

Foldable design makes it very compact so you can easily carry  this headphone anywhere. This was totally travel  friendly product.

Additionally  you will get the active noise cancellation if we look at the whole product then this product is defiantly for you.THANK YOU FOR READING THIS ARTICLE COMMENT BELOW FOR ANY QUIRE I WILL REPLY YOU WITH PROPER INFORMATION IT WILL GREAT TO ME IF I HELP YOU

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