Boat Rockerz 450 Headphones FEATURES, REVIEW

In todays market every brand launching  there budget  oriented headphone  in this bluetooth headphone there are lots of  option are available  .So today we are reviewing the  another headphone from the boat which name has boat rockers 450 headphones. In this article we are reviewing the in depth.

There are lots of options  are available  so this product was worth to buy or not. So if you want unbiased review then read these full article.


Pairing The Device.

On the headphone you will get the three buttons as you can see on the above image. Pause button and other one is pause play button.

Middle button are use for the pause play.

To turn on this device then you just press the power button for three fur button until the led light was glowing. You will also get the voice command ready to paired voice command that was good feature.

For the pairing this device just turn on the bluetooth setting on your phone once bluetooth  is on you will see the boat rockers 450 name then just click on them and press the pair button that is . After the paring he device yo will also get the voice command like your boat rockers 450 is connect .

And there is also good new feature was introduce after the successfully paired the device how much battery was left that was lefts that was also shown.

So you dnt need to look at the led .

Control And Buttons .

Like we already mention there are three buttons middle button is pause play button. To go to previous track just the press the pulse button for one two sec. .

Like this if you want to go the next track then just press and hold the minus button for the two to three second. This is how you can control the video and music.

To control the volume that was also easy just press on the plus minus buttons . When you hit the maxim volume the headphone automatically says that you hit the maximum  volume.

Audio Quality .

If we talk about the the audio quality  and loudness then it will the 10 out of  10 marks. When you will use for the first day then probably face some pain in your ears because our body is not used to it .

In our case after use the almost one day our body will was used to that.

In the audio quality there are three mainly points highs section mids section and the base section .

The boat is always know for the super bass so in this headphone  also bass is the main highlight of this device .And if we talk about the mids section means this are when you are watching the movies, or when you are on call then it will get best output.

Some time base is overpower the audio but the audio is a subjective choice so every persons chose it different. But audio vise this is super product.

Lets talk about the high section means tribles section the tribles section also very very well. If we give the point for the tribles then we will gives 8.5 out of 10

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Battery Life

The company  was claim that it ill give you almost 8 hours. But in you test if we use his foe 60 to 70 percentage volume ten it will give almost 10 hours. If you think 60 to 70 percentage is very low then you are wrong this headphone  are really load.

We are also test the charging  test so we are waited  to completely drain the battery after that we used that usb cable which was comes with the box  then it will completely charged within 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours.

When you plug this headphone on the charging then red led light was stared glowing an after the full charging that red led was stop glowing.

 Final Verdicts

Boat is always comes with the new product with the improved functionality . In this device you will also get the 3.5 mm jack so if you run out of the batter so need to panic just plug the 3.5 mm jack and enjoy the music0

Batter wise it also have decent battery backup  we get the 10 hours backup which was very good . And design and comfortableness was one of the key point of the device .

Because of the compact and foldable design his device is totally travel friendly .

So our final verdict is if you are searching he best bluetooth headphone, which give value for money product then just blindly go for it


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