Hello readers in this today’s article we are deeply comparing the two budget wireless headphone from the different brand like boult vs boat. In short in this article we are covering the boat rockerz 255 vs boult audio probass comparison .

This article  is divided with the five topics like battery, design, sound quality, and other important things . At the end of the article you will know the which one is best for you .

Boat Rockerz 255

Boult Audio Probass Curve


Design And Build Quality

So if we talk about the designee of  this this neckband is come with the four different colours like yellow , green, red blue. The most of the part is build with the plastic materiel so that’s why it is light weight as compare to other neckband .

In this device you will get the magnetic ere tips so because of this it doesn’t fall from your neck and it is also look very cool. For your comfortableness this neck band give you extra 3 ere tips so you can attach the ere tips according to comfort .

If we talk about the controller and the button then you will get the all of the controllers and button on the right side and on the left side you will get only logo design.

The most important thing is cable quality so on this neckband they give you flat tangle free cable the quality of the cable was very good if you are rough user then also this neckband works very long .

Battery Life .

On this boat rockerz 255 they give you 110 ma battery which can easily gives you 5 to 6 hours backup with single chage. And if we talk about the charging time then it can fully charged within 1.5 hours .

On this neckband they give you normal usb port type c usb cable is not there.

Bluetooth And Connectivity .

This product is official launch on the 2018 so I this headphone you will get the 4.1 bluetooth version. The connectivity range of this headphone is almost 10 meters.

We personally use this headphone so we didn’t face an connectivity issues .This headphone easily support the almost ever device which has bluetooth connectivity like you can connect this with your windows laptop/ pc, it can also support mac, this headphone also support the keyboard mobiles .


One of the important think of any neckband is it comfortableness so in this neckband you will get the  three extra ere tips so you can change the ere tips according to your ere .

The size of the necknad is little bit big long and the length of the cable also quite big. In this necknad there is no any fuctibaility was given to adjust the length of the cable .

Sound Quality .

The sound quality of this  boat rockerz 255 headphones is very good. If you are bass lover then this headphone is just for you . Sound quality subjective so some people like this super bass sound so we didn’t  give any comment on this .

But we want to add some point that some time this bass over power the vocles. And if we talk about the tribles and vocles then it was not up to the mark but it is negotiable .

If we describe the sound quality in the one word then this is bass cent-rick headphone.

we are used this headphone for watching movies, listening music then we dint face any problem it perform well.

Microphone .

The microphone which was given on this headphone that works very decent you didn’t expect more from this devices because this is budge in this headphone you didn’t get the any active noise cancellation feature that was negative point .

And if we talk about the actually voice quality when your are on call then this headphone pickup the surround so if you are using this headphone on crowed area or traffic then this microphone doesn’t deliver the quality .

If you are using this headphone on the indoor then it perform very well as compare to the outdoor .

Latency .

As you all know if most of the wireless headphone mostly have latency issue but in this headphone you didn’t face any latency issue. If you are a gamer and you are looking for the budget headphone which deliver perfect sound quality then you can consider this without any dought .


Yes this boat rockerz 255  is comes with the ipx5 that means this device is not a fully waterproof but it is water and dust resistance headphone .

By wearing  this you can easily do heavy sport activity without any worry. And because of this headphone is made with the plastic so it is also odor  proof .


If we talk about the warranty of this headphone then  boat is always comes with the one year warranty. The one of the important thing of the boat product was its service enter is mostly available in the all over the india .

The after sales service of the boat is is one of the best you will get

Overall Performance .

First of all this is budget oriented bluetooth headphone . In this headphone we get the all the necessary feature like the premium design , low latency , sound quality also good if you are bass lover.



Like boat rockerz 255 this headphone also  made wit the plastic material the ere tips of this headphone also have magnetic. This headphone is available in the only three colour like gray, red and green .

In this headphone they gives you rounded cable honestly that was very weak if you are rough user then you didn’t go for this .The joints of this headphone was not so strong as compare to the boat headphone .

Like boat 255 you will get the all controller on the right and side . As well as in this headphone you will get only two extra ere tips that was also small negative point

Battery life-boult vs boat

In this headphone you will get the  mah battery life which was big in size as compare to the boat rockerz 255  the charging of both of the headphones is very similar and they get fully charge within 1.5 hours .

Because in this headphone bluetooth 5.1 bluetooth version was used so as compare to the boat 255 it consumer low battery that means it gives almost 10 to 12 hours playtime.

Comfortableness-boult vs boat

This is is fully made with the plastic material so obviously it was light weight. The size of the actual neckband is very comapx as compare to the bota 255.

And one of the small feature but very important that was you can adjust the length  of the cable according to your choose  . This fetite you didn’t get ij boat 255.

Other then this in this headphone  you will get only  2 extra pair of ere tips  that was also small detail but it will impact in long run.

Sound Quality.

in this sound quality department this was excellent . in this headphone you didn’t get the super bass experience . by this headphone you will get the balance sound so if you want to enjoy the volce , tribles then you can consider this headphone

But if you are looking for the bass oriented headphone which was mostly Indian enjoys then you can directly go for the boat 255

This headphone gives the best output if you use equaliser.


Like boat 255 in this headphone you will also get the inline microphone. Boult mention that they have noise cancellation but in real life usage this don’t effect the quality of the microphone .

In this segment both headphone are perform same means both headphone doesn’t  give good performance when you are in the crowded area.

Latency .

We use this headphone for online as well as off line games like pubg, csgo and other other off lie game so while paying the off line games we didn’t get the any latency issue

But while playing the online games we get 1 millisecond latency which is not a big problem, .

Connectivity .

In this segment boult audio probass clear wins the this segment in this headphone provide the upgraded bluetooth 5.0 version.

The bluetooth range of this headphone is almost 8 to 9 meters we used this headphone for some weeks so we didn’t get any connecting issues .

this headphone quickly pair with our devices without any hassle . BOAT ROCKERZ 255 is come with the Bluetooth 4.1 version that why that headphone also connect with the old keypads phone . .

This headphone quickly pair with our devices without any hassal . Boat rockerz 255 is come with the bluetooth 4.1 version that why that headphone also connect with the old keypads phone . .


Boult audio probass  is also come with the ipex5  rating means this headphone also water resistance and dust resistance .

Like the boat 255 you can also use this headphone for the sports activities

Warranty .

This boult audio probass is also come with the one year warranty. Like boat brand there is not a physical store was available till this date that was one of the drawback if you want to claim the warranty or if you want a replacement then you need to file online  complaint over all the was a hreateck process.

BrandBoult Audio
ManufacturerShenzhen Exotic Electronics Co.,Ltd
Product Dimensions18 x 15 x 2 cm; 89 Grams
Compatible DevicesMobiles;Smartphones;Tablets, Laptops;Smart TVs;iOS;Adnroid;Windows;Blackberry
Special FeaturesWireless
Mounting HardwareCurve earphones, 2 extra pair of earbuds, Charging Micro USB cable, User Manual
Battery Average Life12 Hours
Country of OriginChina
  • Long Battery Life
  • Off-Axis magnetic technology
  • Durable Flexi-band
  • Micro-woofer Drivers
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • NA

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Final Verdicts.

Boult audio probass is also a overall good neckband if we look at the price and other thing. In this headphone you will get the all the major feature which was mostly used for the day to day life .

Long battery life which gives you 12 hours battery backup . 1 mils second  that was no so bad if you are normal user  then you can consider this headphone.

Detail Comparison And Our Verdicts.

Boult vs boat design and build quality

Both of the device are made with the plastic quality. But size wise the boat 255 was slidly large as compare to the boult boult audio probass.

The another  major point of this boult vs boat are you cannot adjust the cable in the boat 255 but in bout you can adjust the cable that was a different between the boult vs boat .

Sound quality of boult vs boat.

Both headphone have different sound output like boat rockers 255 is basically this headphone is perfectly good for who want heavy bass .

Boult audio probass its for who want balance sound if you use the equalizer then this headphone gives enhance sound output.

so if you know boult vs boat which is better then our opinion is both of this are perfect .

Battery life of  boult vs boat.

In term of battery life boult clear wins the competition we deeply analysis this topic ij above segmet so read that .

Connectivity of boult vs boat..

Both of the devices is running on the different bluetooth version like boat is working on 4.1 version and bolut was working on the 5.1 version.  Both of the devices are compatible with the most of the device.

So this is our detail  analysis about the boult vs boat headphone both are the best headphone so you can buy any of them.



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