Boat Rockerz 255 Charging Time Detail Information

In this article we are covering the all of the major question which was asked by many people all over the internet so we are covering this topic in details .Boat rockerz 255 charging time

Before we moving on this topic we give some over view of this headphone. Boat rockerz 255 is one of the best headphone from the boat in this category  so as compare to the other boat headphone .

Battery Capacity

If we look at the battery capacity then in this headphone you will get the 110mah li-on battery so it was very pretty amazing if we compare to the  other headset

This headphone is specially made for sport activates  such as the gymming, running , cycling and other activities so it was made with the light weight material so battery capacity also small that’s why its affect the battery .

This headphones comes with the qualcomm csr8635 chip set so it give best battery calibration its doesn’t automatically drain you battery. If we look at the other brands headphone you notice there battery was suddenly decrease like 100 to 70, 70 to 60 without doing anything this is very annoying so in this headphone you did not face this king of any issue .

As you all know battery backup is also depend on the technology so in this headphone v4.1 bluetooth was use so in this device you can pair only one device so its require less power to so its give better battery backup even battery was less mah.

Battery Backup

Battery backup is depend on the capacity of the battery as well as how we use the device that also a major point in the in bluetooth headphone when we louder listen song  that also impact the overall battery life .

As the boat company claim that if we use this headphone in 60 percentage volume than its give 5 to 7 hours battery backup .

And if we use this headphone at the 90 volume then its give only 4 to 5 hours battery backup. And if we use use this headphone on maximum volume than its give almost 3 to 3.5 hours battery backup.

After reading the above analysis you get quest why we consume more battery in highly volume? So don’t worry this query  also resolve this article. Just stay with us and read the full article

In normal 3.5mm headphone voice us transmitted with the wire so its doesn’t require  any heavy energy but in the bluetooth voice was transmitted via frequency so receive that frequency its require the energy .

And if you look at the the design in wired headphone you didn’t get any led light or other notification but in the bluetooth headphone you will get the notification led light.

The most of the bt device also have a certain inbuilt voice assistance like its give warning when your charging  is very low, you are listing at highs volume all of this are that one of the main reason.

Other reason like bt range every bt headphone has a certain diameter in this headphone you can connect the bt within the 10 meters . So if you want to use this headphone beyond the range then it was contently  searching for device for that process it require more energy so in our opinion you can use this or a by bt headphone within there bt range and make sure your device is perfectly pair .

Check The Battery(Percent) how to know boat rockerz 255 is fully charged

The boat earphone is came with the 110 mah battery it is in built battery the battery of the boat 225 headphone is best. The charging of the boat headphone is fast.

But to check the battery percentage is also very mandatory. To find the battery percentage is super easily. You can easily change the battery perfectly . So we will let you know step by step how to check the battery percentage.

First we wan to connect the headphone neck ban with the bluetooth device.

Then on the mobile device in the upper bar you will fin the small icon of the bluetooth and of the side there its have the battery percentage icon son on that icon you can see your bluetooth headphone battery life.

Charging Indicator(Led Light)

It have the charging indicator led light on the headphone you will see the small led light on that.

Its tale up to 90 to 110 minutes to get fully charges . And when you plug in to get the charge this boat rockerz 255 it indicator red led which mean it getting charge. So from that its make easily to know whether the headphone is charging or not.

Sometime when its get charging is in the usb cable it will make easy to identify the use.

Charge Boat Rockerz 255[Boat rockerz 255 charging time]

Boat rockerz 255 is very easy to charge as we already see that this headphone is work wire less and the its have to charge when battery get down.

So it require to charge when the battery gets less.

So now we will let you know hoe to charge this boat rockerz 255. This headphone have usb charging port on the right side you can charge with the charging cable.

Its required 1a type charging cable then only it will charge properly.

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Review[Boat rockerz 255 charging time ]

This headphone was available in 4 colour and all are the attractive colour. In this the important and the best point is that its have magnetic headphone it means its have the best feature. While running and gymming, its good.

The cable is have flat tangle free cable which mean it will not get tangle from the regular use also. And from that it will long lasting.

In this you will get the 3 types of ear buds so according to you chooses and fit you can select and attached. The earbuds have the best quality so it will not hurt you ear.

The battery life of the headphone is also very good it run up to 8 to 9 hour easily if we charge fully. If you are in hurry so 25 to 30 min of charges you will get 5 to 6 hour battery backup easily.



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