Boat Bassheads 152 Specifications, Price

In this article we are covering the unbiased detail review of theboat bassheads 152 after the reading the  full article you can decide this speakers is actually worth to buy or not.

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What’s Inside The Box

The design of the Boat Bassheads 152 box is very simple as its compare to the other earphone which was available  in the market like the jbl , samsung, etc. So design wise this is very common you did not get the extra ordinary or something new in this packaging .

On the packaging you will get the all the major details such as this headphone design was made in us and manufacturer in china. Driver details was also mention in the pacaking.As well as this product also imported  by the mumbai based imagine marketing pvt ltd

The size wise this Boat Bassheads 152 was very compact one one of best point is this that  you can easily saw the headphone without opening the box. There is only one weird thing the product seal was given on the bottom of the box but you can easily open that box from the top so seal which was given that makes no  sense.

Like any other boat headphone you will get the main headphone with some paperwork like warranty card, brand promotional pamphlet ,etc.

Build Quality

So lets the talk about the build quality of the Boat Bassheads 152 from the first  view it looks very light weight. And in this headphone you will get the metal housing which was very good . If we look at the others brands headphone  then they give you plastic housing which was very delicate and that  are not long lasting.

Before you make any though about the design we give you detail information so read the full article .In this headphone you will get only metallic housing from the out side and in the inside you will get the normal plastic hosing. In our opinion that housing can be improved.

As well as you will not get the metallic grill on inside the ear tip but that was negotiable if we compare to the prise .On housing you will get the pin holes that pinhole are used for the noise cancellation

To improve the life of the headphone you will get the extra rubber gripping on the joints of the cable.

In this Boat Bassheads 152 headphone you will did not get the fully kevlar birded wire. And to control this headphone  you will get only one buttons with the microphone which was placed on them . Look wise and feel wise they give premium feeling and its look very durable.

On this headphone you will get the 3.5mm gold plated headphone  jack so it give 100% good connectivity. The headphone jack was available  in the l shape so it doesn’t create any discomforts.

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sound quality[Boat Bassheads 152]

In this price rang this was one of the best headphone was available in the market  like in the premium model headphone you will get the hd sound like that sound you will get in this headphone

Instrumental separation was also good in this headphone . As compare to the mi base, realme buds, samsung’s headphones.

In this headphone you will get the excellent base with the tribbles was also good. And boat is known for bass and loudness so same thing was seen in this headphone.


In this headphone you will get the inline mic so it can easily caught  your voice you will did not have any disturbance while you on call, zoom meeting .

Comfortable .[Boat Bassheads 152]

This is one of best headphone you ill get on his price range. If you think the housing which was made up by the metal then it will bulky then you are absolute  wrong. Ear tip which was given that was also good . You will get the extra ere tip so you can easily replace that according to you size.

  • PVC dual tone braided cable
  • In line Mic
  • 1 year warranty
  • No magnetic earbuds available

Final Verdicts

In this price range you get the best feature and the price rage is also very low as compare to the other brand.

Every product have there some of advantages and disadvantage , the detail information we give you in the above article you can read.

But we will let you know that this is one of the best headphone as compare to the price in this price raged you will get the extra denfits and it worth to buy.



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