BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC Review: Specs, Features, Price

Mostly boat is know for there oriented audio product but this time boat come with the new mindset that why most is launching there premium airdrop an there name is boat airdopes 701 anc .

BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC  Review: Specs, Features, Price

So in this article we are unbiasedly reviewing this airdrop it is really wort it or not or any alternative option are available not all kind of answers you will get it in this article.

BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC  Review: Specs, Features, Price

What is inside the box.

Without any wasting time with this device you will get the main boat airdopes 701 and with the charging case to charge the case usb type c charging cable with extra ere tips and user manual you will get it .

BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC  Review: Specs, Features, Price

Design  and build

The design  wise it was comes with the ordinary design wise you didn’t get the extra ordinary function. But if we look at the build material then full product was build, with the heavy plastic material that looking very durable .

As per the early report this boat airdopes 701 and airdrop was available in only matt black colour but if we look at the history of the boat then boat doesn’t lunch there product in the single colour so we can expect this product was available in the more three to four colour combination .

Boat has one speciality when they gives you new tagline for there every product this was there marketing , speciality so on this airdrop we see the noise got no chance this tagline this tagline perfectly explain this whole product so still if you didn’t understand it so don’t worry we are explaining  thing in this article so read it very carefully .

After that lets talk about the actual boat airdopes 701 and so on this airdopes you will get the silicon ere tip which was totally skin friendly

And on the both side of the airdrop you will get the touch capacitive buttons with the indicator light.

If we talk about the charging case then it was very compact and on the front side of the case you will get the boat logo and on the back side of the case you will get the type c usb port.

BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC  Review: Specs, Features, Price

Buttons and controllers .

As we already mentions on this device you will get the touch capacitive buttons the response of this button was quite smooth and very fast. We are mention with you can control with that buttons like after pressing the right airdrop for 3 second you can automatically switch between the normal  mode in to the active noise cancellation mode.

If you press the right airdrop for just three second then you can switch the crystal mode in t the gaming

Other this you can also easily access the voice assistance feature with the single touch as you can also perform some conman task like you can play pause the musics, reject answer the calls and lots more features you can perform by that button if you want more information then you can consider that user manual which comes with product.

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Connectivity .

For the seamlessly connectivity in this boat airdopes 701 and you will get the Bluetooth 5.0 version and the fist time setup of this device was also easily you need to just open the lid or you can manually press the button of the airdrop for the three second that’s it  you can turn on the Bluetooth on you device and pair it now your device is now ready to use .

In this airdrop you will also get the instant wake and pair function means when you type it on the device then it can automatically pair. So you didn’t want to repeat the pairing process .

Battery backup

The most important thing of any airdrop in that is battery  backup so on the charging case you will get the 550 mah battery backup and on the both of earbuds you will get the 50 mah battery backup .

And if we look at the battery backup of the charging case then it can give you 22 hours playtime with single charge and actual airdrop give you 5.5 hours playtime with the single charge .

The overall battery backup I is also depend  o the how we use the the device if like volume it is major factor if you use the any airdrop at the high volume then absolutely it consume more battery .

Like they active noise cancellation feature also major point so you can use it according to your need ..

And most import thing of this airdrop that is this airdrop come with the fast charging feature means if you just charge for just 5 min  then it can give you 60 mins backup.

Sound quality .

To give the best sound output  you will get the 9mm driver size and if we get the 9mm dynamic drive so by with this airdrop you will get the crystal clear sound out put and most import thing boat is always know for the there sound quality  so you will definitely get the extra ordinary bass on this device .

Call quality .

This is a stereo airdrop so on the both side of the airdrop so it will very clearly pickup  your voice and pulse point of this airdrop is this airdrop also have active noise cancellation feature so during calls it will enhance the microphones performance.

So if you want a airdrop for the calling purpose so you can also go for this .As per the boat official statement this airdrop cancels the noise upto 30db we get this information from this sources


BOAT Airdopes 701 ANC  Review: Specs, Features, Price

Officially this boat airdopes 701 and product was available in the online  stores like amazon and boat store. And it will launch it on the 18 april 2021.

Headphone TypeTWS
IPX RatingIPX7
Driver TypeMoving Coil
HD SoundYes
Battery Capacity (mAh)
50mAh buds and 550mAh Charging Case
Playback Time
5.5 hours per buds and 28 hours with charging case
Charging Time1.5-2 hour

Standby Time70 hours
Bluetooth Range10M
  • Only 1.5-2 Hour Charging Time
  • Fast Charging Option
  • Compatible With All Devise
  • 9mm Driver Size
  • Only One Colour Option Available

Final verdict .

Basically this is mid range airdrop but this is mid range device in this airdrop you will get the premium feature which was you will get it on the premium  devices.

After reading this all of the above point you will get to know how good it was so we didn’t repeat the same thing on this article again and again. Other than this are some there feature was also available like ipex7 certified product , very low charging time, gaming mode so you can play games without any latency issues .




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