Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro: Which is Best Value for Money

As you all know how big boat brand was establish in the over the years boat is from the recent yeas boat is not only develop the headphone but as per the trends they are also adopted it and mainly they understand the need  of the Indian consume that why within the only five yeas boat is became the Indians top selling audio brands.

Boat Airdopes 621

To give the touch competition to the other competitor they are also launch there audio product if we look at the previous few months then they are at least launch one audio product so it was also very good strategy because consumer get something new. But there  is one problem arise because of the lots of the product was launching that why people was get confuse which is best among on them so in this article we are comparing the most popular airdrop which was boat airdrops 621 vs boat 441 pro.

Design and build quality Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

If we look at the build  quality and design of the both airdrop then both of the airdrop was comes with the plastic material. And if we look at the  color option this boat airdrops 621 come with the only two color option which was black and white

And if we look at the boat 441 pro then you will get the mot than 10 color option which was very good. The build design of the both of the airdrop was identical with the each other .

Boat Airdopes 621

Both of the charging case feel heavy in our hands because on the both of the device we get the power bank that why its feel little bit heavy

If we look at the shape of the charging case then it was also similar the edged of the both charging case was very fine and you can easily charge this even in your picket without any hesitation.

In both of the airdrop we will get the plastic body so it was if you think it was not long lasting product then one thing we want to clarify this was totally wrong .

So lets talk about the actual airdrop then it was also made with the plastic material with the silicon ere tips.

Boat Airdopes 621

Connectivity Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

So if we look at the connectivity of the boat airdrops 621 vs boat 441 pro then on this device you will get the Bluetooth 5.0 version which was easily cover the 8 to 9 meters area .

We  primarily use this airdrop for almost one month so on this time period we didn’t get any kind of the connectivity  issue which was good .

Even when we are use this airdrop in other room then also it will capture good signals.


Other than this in this you will also get the instant wake and pair technology which means after the opening the lead it will automatically with the device..

The most important thing both of this device was compatible with the laptop, desktop, mac iphone so you didn’t get any compatibility issue.

And still if you face any problem then first of all factory rest the airdrop then try to connect them .

Comfort Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

So in this section we are taking about the comfortable mess so one of main thing of the any airdrop was that ere tips so on  this airdrop we will get the silicon ere tip which was 100 skin friendly so even after using the long time it will doesn’t cause any problem in your ears.

We are also use this earbuds for the daily activities as well as sports activities  so when we are use this for the heavy activity then we face some problem but after the replace the ear tip with our own ere size the it will work perfectly.

One tip we want to give to you so after using the both of the airdrop directly make sure you will attach the correct ere tips that it this small problem was we face but it is not a big deal

As we already said we are also use this boat of the airdrop for heavy workout session then we didn’t get any swerring problem in our ere.

Battery Performance Difference Between Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

So if we look at the battery performance then first of all talk about the boat airdrops 621 sp as per the official it will gives us 150 hours battery backup yest you here it right you will get the 150 hours battery backup so if you think how it was possible in it was totally possible with the big 2600 mah charging case.

Look at the charging time it will fully charge within the 45 min and if we look at the individual playback time of the actual airdrop then it will gives us only 5.5 hours playback time but it will gives only  we use this for specific  volume .

The most important thing in this boat airdrops 621 was it will also work like a power back but you can use it only in the emergency situation.

So lets move forward and talk about the boat 441 pro the  on this airdrop you will get the similar 2600 mah battery backup which was easily give you 150 hours playtime.


And if we look at the charging time the it will get the 1-1.5 hours to get fully charge which was slidy take more time in compare to the boat airdrops 621.

As per the official statement by the single charge it will gives us 5-hours playtime but in in a real life it gives us 3 .30  hours if you use this at the full volume.

And like the boat airdrops 621 I this boat 441 pro devise you will get the power bank function which you can use at the emergency situation  because if we regularly use this for long time then it  will have chance it will reduce the battery capacity .

Controls Feature Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

So on the both of the airdrop means boat airdrops 621 and boat 441 pro you will get the fully touch responsive touch controllers .The touch response  of the boat  of the airdrop was quite similar and very fast.

With this touch controller you can control the most of the task like you can attend or reject the call, play pause the music . Video .

One drawback of the bot of the airdrop and that was volume controlling function was not give on  the birth of the buds.


Latency Comparison in Boat Boat Earbuds Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

Without any wasting your time we in this both airdrop we get the latency issue while playing online  games like pubg , free and other games but it was very negotiable latency it will doesn’t  effect your gaming performance. But if you are pro gamer than you can go for dedicated gaming airdrop.

And if you are normal user the most of the all then you didn’t get any issue while using you tube , streaming movies, listing songs .

Microphone and calling experience.

On the both of the earbuds means boat airdrops 621 and boat 441 pro they give us stereo mic so on both of the airdrop pickup clear voice while calling you will get the extra ordinary experience.

The most importantly on both of the device we will get the we get the  passive noise cancellation feature mess it will automatically reduce the surround noise so it was perfect airdrop for calling , zoom meetings .

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water-resistant ratingsBoat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat 441 Pro:

On the both of the airdrop they give us ipx7 rating so it was not a totally water proof device but it is water resistance and dust resistance airdrop.

Because this airdrop was water resistant then you can also use this airdrop for heavy workout session.

Audio performance.

On the airdrops 621 you will get the 6mm dynamic driver which was gives us thumpy bass . In this airdrop thymy bass was present but it will doesn’t not over power the over all audio experience.

If we look at the vocal , tribles amd mids then it was preform very decent. But sometime it will get some distraction when you are using this at the high volume.

But if you are used this airdrop for the 80 to 85 volume then  it will doesn’t create any distraction. And 80 perfect volume was also very loud honestly if you use this airdrop at the full volume for a long then it will also damage your ere.

So lets talk about the boat 441 pro so in this airdrop also you will get the 6 mm dynamic drivers. In this airdrop we get the balance bass so if you are a bass lover then you need a equalizer to tune the bass.3

Overall from this airdrop you will get the balanced audio output . Like 621  you will did not get any distraction even at the high volume that was a good feature.

So if we compare the both of the airdrop boat airdrops 621 and boat 441 pro then  441 pro  give us better audio experience. But if you need only heavy bass then you can go for the 621.

Conclusion: Boat Airdopes 621 or Boat 441 Pro Which is Best?

If you read this article the  you realize this both of this device was very similar and you can also consider this was identical to each other  than  build quality, there function , water proof technology was similar .

The most importantly if you look at the price of the both airdrop the as also it was very similar but there is only one difference between them and that was audio performance both of the airdrop have there drawback and plus point so you can buy any of this airdrop because it was nearly identical to each other .



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