Boat Airdopes 611 Review: Specs, Features, Price

In this article we are covering the in depth and unbased review of the newly launch earbuds which was boat airdropped 611 so read this full article after reading this article you can easily take decision this airdrop is good for you or not.

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price

Airdopes 611 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Mic

What inside in the box

Like any other boat product packing of this product was very unique. The size of the box also very compact. On the box we will get the branding from the box .

This airdrop was very unique and the packing of this boat airdrop was little bit difference like in this packaging of this airdrop we see the tagline which was gliding towards bliss.

In this product boat makes some experiment and they makes boxes very colourful the box

In the box  you will get the main product which was airdrop with the charging case. With the usb c type of the cable. Along with this you will get the some extra ear buds .

To claim the warranty warranty card also there with other some pamphlet .

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price


The most importantly this airdrops is made with the plastic material but build wise and look wise this is very strong and give the premium classic look.

This airdrop is available in the only two colours first was sporty blue and other colour is active black seriously both are looking very good .

The design of this airdrop was quite different mostly we get the boat branding on the front side of the box and boat logo on the top of the box but in this airdrop we see the boat branding only the top of the box .

The both of the colour variant was comes with the matt finish the charging case comes with the matt finish .

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price

Lets talked about the airdrops in the you will get the boat branding from the on the both side.If we look at the weight then as compare to there other airdrop it was very light weight.

As per the audience company also makes some experiment with  there products that why in this airdrop you will get the some extra feature which was we describe below.

The most of the people makes mistake   while wearing the airdrops we all know there are two side one this left side and other one is for right ear some headphone dos not directly mention the the side that why in normal we didn’t face any issue but while playing games, listing 3d music, watching 3d movies so if we were wrongly then spoil the all entertainment that why in this airdrop mention the clearly the which is left and which is right side of the airdrop .


If we give the point for the comfortableness then  we will give 10\10 rating because of this airdrop is fully made with the high quality plastic  materiel because of that this airdrop was very light weight .

For the review we used this usd airdrop for more than 5 hours daily for seen days so we didn’t feel any issue.Before the start using this product make sure you attach the correct size of the earbuds.

This airdrop comes with the three different size of the earbuds large, small and medium .

This earbuds is made with the high quality silicon materiel not made with the rubber so because earbuds was made with the silicon it gives a tight grip .

Bluetooth pairing

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price

In this you will get  5.0 Bluetooth version like any other Bluetooth airdrop. But in this airdrop you will get the some extra features which was mostly get on the high end airdrops.

That features is this airdrop was automatically connect the devices which was lately paired so you don’t need to pair this device again again . This technology called as the instant pairing

The Bluetooth rang of this airdrop was quite decent it cover almost 7 to 8 meters area.

Gaming experience

Gaming experience with this airdrop was overall nice we did not feel any latency issue so it was very good for if you are playing games like pubg , csgo etc.

This airdrop perform well in online games an well as offline games.

Waterproof/ water resistance

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price

This airdrop was comes with the ipx 5 rating that means this is not a fully waterproof airdrop this is a only water resistance airdrop .

Because of the water resistance feature you can use this in rainy reason also.

Comfortable while sports activities.

This airdrop is super comfortable so you can also use this while the sport activities because of the plastic build material you did not feel any weight in your ear.

Because of the silicon earbud its perfectly fits on your ears.But make sure for safer side if you are wearing this while then its is perfect but if you are using this while running then avoid to using this airdrops.

And if you are using this while cycling, gyming then you can use this without any worry

Noise cancellation

In this airdrop we are also get the noise cancellation feature. This noise cancellation was perfectly works if you are using in the crowded area  then you will get the best voice quality .

And if you are planing this airports for the attending the meeting, online lectures , then its was perfectly for you . Because of the noise cancellation feature it will give the best sound quality.

Sound quality

The sound quality of this airdrop was amazing in this airdrop you will get the 5.5mm driver honestly we feel because of the 5.5mm drive we did not aspect the good sound quality but that was wrong in this airdrop you will get the thumppy sound .

In this airdrop you will get the excellent mid and high and even in the high volume it dose not create any distortion . In sound quality you will get the value for money product.

boat airdopes 611 Specs, Features, Price

Battery life

Most importantly in this airdrop you will get long hour battery life.

1.How to reset this boat 611 ?

Ans: to reset this device that was super easy you need to just put both airdrops in the after that just press both airdrops for 10 sec that is you airdrop was reset .

2. How to know battery was fully charged?

Ans : the led which was placed in the back side of the charging port that led light was turn in to the green colour .

3. Any application need to install to run this airdrop ?

Ans: to run this device you don’t need to install any application just pair with bt.

4.What is the size of the driver ?

Ans: you will get the 5.5mm driver.

5.Airdrops names was not showing in the search list?

Ans: if you did not get see the name of the device then try to reconnect

Model NameAirdopes 611
Product Dimensions4.5 x 2 x 2.3 cm; 5 Grams
Special FeaturesAndroid Phone Control, IOS Phone Control, Lightweight, Microphone Feature, Water Resistant
Mounting HardwareAIrdopes 611, Micro USB Cable, Additional Earmuffs
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-In




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