Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features

In this article you will get the detail information about the boat airdopes 402 so after the reading this you will know this is worth to buy it or not.

So read this full article  we are also mention pro and cones of the boat airdopes 402 so read this full article

Whats In The Box .

Boat airdopes 402 is comes with the traditional bats compacts box in this you will get the surely the main boat airdopes 402

After that you will get the one charging case which was slidely large but it can easily fits into your hands you can easily open that box with your one hand.

After you will get the one year warranty card this warranty card you can used if you face any problem in your airdrops. After that you will get the some branding pamphlet on that pamphlet you will see that other product from the boat. Boat Airdopes 402

For your conformable you will get extra three ere tips so you can attach the ere tips according to your comforts .And last one is that  you will get the normal usb cable for the charging.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021


The design of this boat airdropped 402 is very unique in youtube videos and pictures you will see that was very big product but in real this airdrops was very compacts.Like another products like realme size is very compact.

This airdrops is available in three colours first one is matt black other one is white and last one is pinkies.But in our opinion  matt black colour is best looking airdrops .

In the charging case you will get the boats branding in there front of the box with there tagline and on the top or the charging box you will see the boat logo.

This boat airdropped 402 is totally made with the plastics but the plastic which was used that was good quality. That why its dose not look like a cheap local products.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021


With this boat airdropped 402 you will get the extra three pair of the ere tips so you can easily replace that according to your ear size.

Because of this Boat Airdopes 402 headphone is made with the plastic so it was very light weight so it doesn’t feel heavy in your eras. In our research  we used this airdrops for almost  three hours continuously so we didn’t feel any problem we didn’t feel any pain in ears, headache so it was very comfortable for long use

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021

Noise Cancellation

Like any other boat airdrops in this airdrops doesn’t have any noise cancellation function so if you  are using this Boat Airdopes 402 in any crowed area than its doesn’t not give best performance.

So if you want to used this airdrop for less crowed area like the office used,then you can easily go for this airdrops .


In this Boat Airdopes 402 headphone you will get the stereo microphone which mean you will get the microphone on the both side of the airdrops so by using only one airdrops you can easily attends the calls.

Because of the mic is place on the both side of the airdrops you will get the extra ordinary voice as compare to the other brands headphone.

Because of in this Boat Airdopes 402 device it dose not have any noise cancellation so we didn’t recommenced to used this headphone in crowed area.

So if you want airdrops for attend the office meetings,zoom meting attend the online lectures so you can blindly consider this airdrops.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021

Battery Backup/ Charging Time

The most important thing of any airdrop is battery backup in this Boat Airdopes 402 airdrops you will get the 4 hours battery backup. In the charging case you will get the 450 mah battery so you can charge this airdrops three time so total overall battery backup of these are 12 hours battery backup.

To the charge the battery you will get the normal usb cable the charging port is located in the back side of the case with the led notification lights because of the notification light is located in the back side that was a small negative point but it is a negotiable .

The battery backup is also depend on the how we use the product means if we used this product at the maximum volume then automatically there battery life was detects.

In our research we see if you used this at 60 to 70 percentage volume than its gave the best battery backup so we recommended you also used this at 60 to 70 percentage volume.

In this airdrops you will not get the new usb c type charging port but that is not a big deal.

By the company claim that if you charge this airdrops for only 5 mints then it will give you a 40 mints playtime. Which was very quite impressive so if you are in hurry then you can use this features this features works like a fast charging option.

But as you all know  if we used fast charging repetitively then battery battery became very weak but in this Boat Airdopes 402 airdrops you will did not face any kind of this problem

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021

Voice Quality

As we all know boat is known for there voice quality there thummy bass so in this airdrop you will also get the similar experience so in this device  10 mm bass was used so it give you awesome bass sound.

By our analysing 70 to 80% volume was very loude and we didn’t recommended  to used this at there full volume because  this was loud if you use this for long hours then it will definitely  hurt your ears.

Voice during the normal phone calls was okey it give you a crystal clear sound in this airdrops you will get the stereo and mono speakers


Latency is one of the most important in any wireless headphones or airdrops. To check the latency issue we takes some test such as we play some games, play some videos on youtube, we also play some videos on ott platform such as the netflix and amazon prime and the result was quite impressive .

While playing videos on netflix and and other oot platform we didn’t get any latency issue. Similarly while youtube videos we did not face any latency .

While playing the online games such as pubg , fire and we get the 1 sec latency issue and while playing the offline games we didn’t get any latency so you can go for this airdrops we also compere this airdrops with others brands airdrops like realme so we analyse this airdrops has very low minimum latency issue .

Buttons And Controllers

In this Boat Airdopes 402 airdrops you will didn’t get any kind of the physical button .

But in this airdrops you will get the touch sensitive button which was place on the middle of the airdrops if you want to play or pause any video or music then you just touch the airdrops .

If you want to attendant the call and end the calls then you need to do same thing just touch the middle of the airdrops.

And if you want to rewind or switch forward  the next song then you should just touch the left button for back music and right button for the forward music.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021

voice assistance

Yes you heard right in this Boat Airdopes 402 airdrops you will get the voice assistance features .By just holding the airdrops you can easily activate the voice assistance  this voice assistance support the google and siri .

Bluetooth Connectivity

For the bluetooth connectivity you will get the bluetooth 5.0 version. Like any other bt airdrop it has 10 meters connectivity radius.

In our test we used this airdrop in 2 bedroom kitchen room in that case we get 100% good connectivity all over the room which was quite surprising because most of the bluetooth headset lost there connectivity if there is obstacle like wall .

Strong connectivity is one of the plus point of this airbirds.

Waterproof/water Resistance

This boat airdrop 402 airdrop was ipx4  certified so it is not a waterproof but its a water resistance so you can use this while light rainy condition, shows .

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If we look at the warranty then you will get the 1 year manufacture warranty and if you purchase this device from the online shopping stores like amazon, flip-kart you will get option like 10 days replacement policy .

And if you want to know how to claim the warranty then we are already write the detail article so we recommend you read that article link was given below.

Faq. Is Suitable For Gymming?

Ans: yes you can use this airdrop not only while gymming you can also uses this for other major sports activities such as the cycling, running, but take care while running you attach the right ere tips or not To Know How Much Charge Is Left?

Ans: it is very simple in the back side of the case you will see the some led light if that led light turn into blue to red then your battery was about to finished. To Know The Airdrop Was Fully Charge ?

Ans:it is very simple  while charging that led light are blinking and  blue after its get  fully charged To Know Both Airdrop Was Connected?.

Ans:first of all you need to take out the both airdrop  from there case after that if airdrops blinks into the blue light then its means your airdrop  was connected. To Turn Off The Airdrop ?.

Ans: to turn off the device other is not any physical button are there to turn off just put both of airdrop in the connect automatically turn off. To Reset The Boat Airports 402?

Ans: for the reset  you need to first of all un pair with all device that it then turn off the boat airports 402 and turn on your devices is now reset . Many Devices Can Used At A Time?

Ans: because of the bluetooth 5.0 bluetooth version you can only use one device connected. Compatible With All Mobiles Phones?

Ans; yes it is compatible with almost most of the android phone but if you want to paired this device with the old keypad phone then it is not possible .

9. We Can Used This In Laptop?

Ans; yes this  boat airports 402 easily paired with  any laptop which has a bluetooth support.

10.which Material Was Used In This Device?

Ans: this airports is fully made with the high quality plastic material Is  Water- And Sweat-resistant.?

Ans: yes it is  water- and sweat-resistant. So you can easily used while sports activities.

  • Very lightweight
  • Good sound quality, better vocal quality compare to other earbuds
  • Good and stable bass and best treable.
  • Charging speed of case is pretty good
  • Perfect fits into the ears
  • Constant blinking light will disturb one who is sitting next to you
Model NameAirdopes 402
Headphone TypeTrue Wireless
Sales PackageAirdopes 402, Charging Case, Additional Earbuds(S,M,L), Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card
Deep Bassyes
Other FeaturesIPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant, Stereo Hands-free with Built-in Mic, Immersive Audio, Super Touch Controls
Headphone Driver Unit10 mm
Standby Time180 hr
Warranty Summary1 Year Warranty
Bluetooth Range10 m
Designed ForApple, Android, Windows
Sweat ProofYes
Not Covered in WarrantyPhysical Damages
Covered in WarrantyManufacturing Defects

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Price 2021

Overall Verdicts

Boat airdrops 402 is one of the best product from the boat in this the  main features  of this device is the battery life and the weight of the product is light weight ..

In this price range we test compere with the realme buds and price wise both ares same but in the quality boat airdrops was best boat give you one year warranty and realme gives only 6 months warranty. And look wise and other feature wise boat was far ahead.

The sound quality is always up to mark from the boat side they never disappointed   us in field. With this airport also you will get the  hd sound quality with the 3d sound card with the minimum voice latency so it was also good you. If you are using this for the gaming purpose then also you can consider this airdrops.

The look wise also good because off the matt finishing its looks very premium .



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