Boat Airdopes 281 Pro All Features & Specifications

Hello friend how are you doing so in this article we are deeply reviewing the upcoming boat airdrop which name was  boat airdopes 281 pro so in this article we are unbasically cover the all the aspect means this it’s feature, specifications,it’s price and most importantly where you can buy this. So first all this airdrop is the update version of the boat airdrop 281.

What is inside the box

So inside the box you will get the all the basic components like charging cable ,  , extra ear tips, user manual book , warranty card , thank you card that it.

Build quality and design

So first if all this is made with the heavy quality plastic materiel. This boat airdopes 281 pro is comes with the four different varieties which was black, blue ,white ,  the basics design of this boat airdopes 281 pro was similar to the last one the main charging case it was looking little bigger as compare to the other airdrop

So let’s move in to the actual airdrop so on this airdrop you will get the silicon ere tips which was skin friendly and if you even use this for a long time it doesn’t cause any discomfort in your ears

If we look at the small detail then on the both of the ere tip you will get the boat branding which was looking very cool .And similarly on the actual charging case you will also get the boat branding on the front side.


So most important part of the any tws is sound quality and microphone so in this segment we are talking about the microphone so you didn’t believe it but on this airdrop you will get the 4 dedicated microphone.

Means on the each of the airdrop they gives 2 microphone.

So without any dought from this boat airdopes 281 pro you will get the more crystal clear audio output so if you are mostly on call or you are student any you are frequently attending zoom meeting ,classes then this airdrop is perfectly for you

And most importantly if you are a you tuber vlogger or contain created and of you don’t like to carry multiple mic then this is on for you.


so on this Boat Airdopes 281 Pro  you will get the Bluetooth 5.1 or 5.0 version which was very good and it was value for money specification . in the connectivity boat is never disappoint  us .

In this airdrop you get the smooth connectivity and most important you will also get the instance reset function which was something new and that was very good because if we want to reset the airdrop then we need to follow the process and without the charging case resetting  doesn’t do  so because of this dedicated reset button it will save our lots of time and most important the total resetting process was became easily .

Battery backup

On this device you will get the big battery means on the singe charge this boat airdopes 281 pro  will easily give us 32 hours battery backup yes you here it right this small size airdrop give us more than full day battery backup even if you are a other user.

And if we look at the signal airdrop then on this signal charge it will gives us 6.5 hours battery backup but sometime if you use this airdrop at the 70 to 75 volume then it will gives you low battery backup.

If you are use this airdrop at the full volume then it will automatically consume more battery .

Other than this on this boat airdopes 281 pro  you will also get the charging fast charging option so from this features within just 5 min of the charging it will gives is 60 min backup so if you are in hurry then this feature was life save and most of the people was also negated bluetooth airdrop because in the emergency situation it was not useful so this problem was also solve on this boat airdopes 281 pro  .

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Sound quality .

Boat never disappointed us on this sound quality . Boat is always know for the thummy bass so on this boat airdopes 281 pro  was also you will get the thummy bass .

On this boat airdopes 281 pro  you will also get the boats signature sound . And as per the early reports you will also get the crystal clean sound from this device .

Noise cancellation .

If we loot at the price range then we didn’t expect you will get the environmental noise cancellation feature this feature was very helpful for the calling purpose mean because of this environmental , noise cancellation it will automatically reduce the surrounding sound and gives us better output .  This feature was very useful if you are in the crowded area like a market ,

One tip we want to gives you if you use the correct size the ere tip then it will also work like a passive noise cancellation feature .


In this boat airdopes 281 pro you will get the one year warranty from the date of purchase . As we till yet not confirm but look the previous boat airdrop we probably telling you.


Final verdicts

In this boat airdopes 281 pro we tell you all the features and specification of this product. This all the features is all the useful and the product is good.

This all the information is provide from our sources we got the information and we tell you probably. We will update this article after the product is launch so stay tune with us.

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