Boat Airdopes 171 Price, Features,Review

In this today’s article we are telling about the recent budget segment airdrops from the words leading company which name has boat airdopes 171.

So in this article we are review in depth so at the end of the article you can decide this product is worth it or not. So read the full article.

Boat Airdopes 171 Price, Features,Review

Boat Airdopes 171 Lowest Price, Features, Deals, Offers 2020


This boat airdropped 171 is comes with the compact small size. On the box you will get the product name with the tangling of this device which has .

On the side of the box you will get the some details about there features like bluetooth version, Ergonomic agnatic design, playtime time, voice assistance and other stuff was mention on the side of the box.

Inside the box you will get the one year warranty card, extra 3 ere tips also provided, usb charging cable and  any other boat  product pamphlet you will also get with the main Boat Airdopes 171.

Boat Airdopes 171 Lowest Price, Features, Deals, Offers 2020


So first of all we talk about the charging case this product was available in the four different color such as rose gold, cool grey ,mysterious blue and obviously active black.

Size wise charging case was quite normal you can easily put this on your pocket . One of the noticeable change in this charging case was the boat branding was print on the box that was very light sometime its hard to see boat branding actually mention it or not .

On the back side of the charging case you will get the charging port and bottom side of the charging case you will see the other information like charging voltage and other safety information.

Boat Airdopes 171 Lowest Price, Features, Deals, Offers 2020

So lets see the actual Boat Airdopes 171 by the first look it was very compact if we look at the other airdopes. Like charging case you will also get the boat brand on the both side of the airdopes.

For the better experience which one is left side of ear birds and which is right . So its clearly mention  left side , right side of the airdrop was properly mentioned on them. As well as you will also get the notification light on both side.

And for the calling proper microphone was also provided on the both side.

Boat Airdopes 171 Lowest Price, Features, Deals, Offers 2020

Sound Quality .

Before the reviewing we think that because of this is budget segment airdrop so we didn’t except much more from this device.

But honestly after reviewing this airdrop its totally change our mind. In every aspect this airdrop gives awesome sound quality.

You didn’t feel any distortion in high volume. And if we talk about the trebles, mids and highs then it perform well.

Boat is always comes with the extra bass feature but in Boat Airdopes 171 is feature was lacking. But yet again we reminding you this is budget segment airdrop so this is gives a far batter performance if we compare with the other brands airdrops.

Call Quality ..

With Boat Airdopes 171 you will get the stereo mic so obviously it gives a good call quality. In this device there is no specific noise cancellation was given that why it doesn’t give proper performance in crowded area.

So if you are looking for normal calling then you can consider this airdrops.

Gaming Experience .Boat Airdopes 171

This boat airdrops 171 gives a decent gaming experience. Because of the stereo feature you can easily differentiate enemies is come from the left or right side.

This stereo effect was perfectly works when enemies was close to you if enemy was on the distance then it doesn’t perform well .

But in this airdrop we didn’t get any latency or lag issues while playing online as well as offline games.


This airdrop is certified with the ipx4 that mean that is water and sweat resistance. So you can easily use this airdrop while you are gymming.

Comfortableness-Boat Airdopes 171

Conformable wise this is one of best airdrop present in the current time. One of the main feature of this airdrop is weight this airdrop is buis with the high quality plastic materiel that why it was very light weight .

And so if we talk about the ere tips then this boat comes with the three different size of the ere tips that why you can easily replace the wre tip according to your ere size

Batter Life

Mah battery in the charging case and in the airdopeswe will get the in this device you will get the 43 mah two battery so with the charging case it give you 10 hours battery backup .

And if we talk about the only airdrop then it will gives 3 hours battery backup.

Charging time of the case and the airdrop was very low it takes only 2 hours to full charge the case.

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Connective .

This airdrop is totally work on the Bluetooth 5.0 technology which covers the almost 10 meters of radios area. In our research we didn’t face any connectivity issue.

Our team use use this headphone for almost 3 month and our experience overall for this product is best.

  • up to 3 hours playback time
  • Bluetooth v5.0 with a range of 10m
  • Ergonomic design with Smooth Controls
  • NA

Final Verdicts

First of all this is budget segment airdrop so we not comparing this product with the higher price. We compare this product with almost this same price range and provide you the detail information.

Fist of all look wise it doesn’t feel like cheap products. And we talk about the sound quality then is give reasonable experience , but if you are a gamer then this airdrop is not for you, and if you are a gamer then you can go for the wired headphone it will gives a batter experience.

In this airdrop you will get the all the features which was have on the hinger mid ranges device so our opinion if you have very tight budget then you can go for this airdrops.



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