[Best] mosquito net for windows and bed India 2021

During monsoon, we are likely to get affected by harmful diseases and most common is from mosquitoes diseases like dengue,malaria,typhoid etc is the one of the most common insect is there which in a our house we can see in day to day life,whether our home is clean or not the mosquito is a;way there. So for this we can get many of the diseases like malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, Zika and many more. Which is much more serious diseases an some time from this diseases even we can die. So its very important to use some of the best mosquito net from which we can protect our self from te mosquito and the mosquitoes diseases .

Best mosquito net for windows

To protect the from mosquitoes there are many of mosquito spray , repellents, candles,mosquito agarbatti,mosquito papers,electric mosquito bat,mosquito net etc.But to use one of the most safe is mosquito net because net it will cover the area where we sleep is called  mosquito net for bed.mosquito net for baby is most important and safe because for babies mosquito is very harmful because babies immune system is low and there skin is sensitive so to protect our babies the baby mosquito net is very useful and good.

By the time goes and years the mosquitoes also develop and its any of the repellent or liquid vapours does not work on mosquitoes its only for few times works then its again come,so it s good to use mosquito net.

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1.Classic Mosquito Net Polyester Foldable 

Classic Mosquito Net Polyester Foldable 


  • Easily Washable
  • No Requirement to nail the wall.
  • Storage Bag Included
  • convenient Entry and Exit
  • Easy to fold, Easy to carry

The Classic Mosquito Net Polyester Fold-able is one of the best product available in the market.It is very durable and user friendly its easy to use and carry also in the trip we go. The look is more pleasant and nice its look like a prince net pleasant look genuine classic and most fabulous classic mosquito net. It is made of Polyester its look is nice.

The product which was shown in the above picture its exactly look same.To close the net the chain is available the chain quality is also a remarkable. The chain are available in Two sided zips are very smooth and it will not stuck in between.

This is very important product should be use in our home fro our and our family safety.The size would be Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cm  can Easily accommodate bed for King size bed , Super King size bed and it will Perfect fit – for both king and queen size bed. It is easy to wash also the steel wire are corrosion free and long lasting.

It is also easy to use and install the mosquito net will only 2 second or less than 30 second you can also fold and kept in 30 second when its not in use and you can mange your bed in morning, and cover all the empty spaces. The now place will remain open there isn’t a mosquito bite on his face or elsewhere on your body. The product is most use full for our small children and old age people.

You can also use when you are going to trip or picnic where sleep facilities are not good and you can use this easily and its not take much space so you cane carry easily. When you have children in your home it easily to play bed like tent,and it is a real fun entering for them.


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2.Mosquito Net Screen Curtain for Main Door and window

Mosquito Net Screen Curtain for Main Door and window


  • used for main door/ balcony doors/ kitchen
  • quick open and automatic close.
  • Keep mosquitoes out
  • Polyester material
  • Easy installation
  • Additional push pins are provided

Mosquito Net Screen Curtain for Main Door and window it is a best to use for hole day and night and it will not to worry about the mosquitoes to come in the home you ca opens the door for whole night and enjoy the starts.

You can sleep peaceful without any use of the chemicals product for the mosquito like repellents like liquid vaporiser  etc its harmful for human also with the most and regular use of the chemicals so use of Mosquito Net Screen Curtain for Main Door and window is a safest way to use. The easy to install also only want to stick any adult can easy install the product.

The length of the product is quite good. From the use o this mosquito net screen curtain you will get free air his and you will  get the decent ventilation in the house. You can use anywhere where you fell the mosquito will enter in your home like they  are used for main door, balcony doors, kitchen utility doors or any doors wherever there is a chance for mosquitoes to enter the home.

Your family will be  safe from Mosquitoes and Avoid the  Chances of Dengue and other Mosquito related virus. Additional push pins are provided for an installation which you can use and good quality.During monsoon, we are likely to get affected by harmful diseases


3.Healthy Sleeping Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net

Healthy Sleeping Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net


  • Storage bag included
  • Easy to carry, Easily Hold and Fold, Easy to use
  • 30 seconds  assembled 30 seconds folded
  • Extra cloth at bottom  
  • Easily washable 
  • Available in Multiple size

During monsoon, we are likely to get affected by harmful diseases many of the disease so its very important to take care much in the rainy session from mosquitoes you will get many for the disease which will cause serious issue to our health. Healthy Sleeping Fordable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net is the one of the most easy and safes mosquito net is there To safeguard yourself against such hazards,and dangerous disease.The net quality is good its made up from premium quality fabric.

Its looks is good and budget friendly to afford and if you are looking for a healthy solution for escaping from mosquito bites go for it.The size is perfect its fit to your bed easily perfectly fitted for  6×6 bed.Its easy to fix and again pack and store it take little space. Most of its very good for the small babies to protect it from the mosquitoes. Inside the net its feel good when you use its like little warm felling.

The most good point is easy to install and the quality of the product. The look also awesome its look perfect which shown in picture colour is sky blue. Its easy to wash also this is the plus point. Its made in India .


4.Verdioz With Device Mosquito Net Foldable Double Bed Mosquito.

Verdioz With Device Mosquito Net Foldable Double Bed Mosquito

  • Suitable For Double Bed
  • Excellent stitching quality.
  • easy entry and exit
  • 2-ways zipper
  • high quality carry bag
  • Easy to install, fold down and wash
Verdioz With Device Mosquito Net Foldable Double Bed Mosquito is one of the most good product among on of them.Its easy to affordable cheapest price and worth for money .The colour is attractive and its looks good and the quality of the net is nice and worth for it. This made of the Little heavy metal and its last long compare to other product. It is get the zips to close the net the quality of the zip is also good.
It is also you can use when you want to sleep in the open area like on terrace,camps,etc. easy to carry when you travel it does not take much space and easy to install.
In this also you will  get 9 inch extra cloth attached at the bottom on all 4 sides for extra protection and you will get 4 elastics attached on all the four corners for better fitting and gripping. It is easy to wash you can also remove stain from  with the help of tissue very easily

Advantages :

  • For better sleep
  • protect form mosquito
  • If use of window mosquito net its also use in day time and open the window 24*7,and get natural light
  • Environment friendly
  • Chemical free
  • for children easy to enjoy like there small house.
  • One time investment
  • Long lasting
  • Protect from all small fly inset not only from mosquitoes
  • Travel friendly
  • Space not occupied more



chose with the bed size and depend on your usage .

storage place

check the dimension before you buy with the open net and close net so its easy to chose the storage place.

1.can mosquito net be washed in washing machine?

Yes, with hand but not put in the washing machine.

2.can mosquito net stop bed bugs?

YES , because its cover from all side so any of the small insect will not get in easily.

3.how mosquito net is made?

ITS made with the plastic material mostly and the corner is made of steel.

4.how to wash mosquito net?

It can wash with the help of soap and water and for more information you can refer manually book.

5.how fold mosquito net?

It is totally depend upon the product.

6.How many persons can sleep under this ?

It is average size.

7.how to kill mosquito?

It will not kill the mosquito but it can not go inside the net, so inside the net people will safe


MOSQUITO NET IS GOOD FOR THE DAILY use you can easy to install and pack also . It is time convent and cheapen instance of wasting more on the mosquito repellent,sticks,sprays etc, ONCE you can buy this mosquito net and use it is long lasting.

It is also good to use the the day time because it will not to close the window if you use window mosquito net and get the natural sun light and not worry about the Mountie or any little fly’s .

From the chemical sprays , repellent etc its use of frequently its harmful to our human health.

From the mosquitoes bites some time its you will get may for the dangerous disease like dengue,malaria etc . This all disease its very dangerous some time its even we can hospitalize .

So,Its easy to use mosquito net its very cheapens and safe


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