[Best] 5 Trash Can For Kitchen in India 2020

In the ancient times as there is no such types of trash can on that time but also the environment was clean because at that time there ar not so much of advance invention not done like paper, factorises wastage, plastic, packing material etc.

But know as you can see there are lost of wastage material is there to Keep your surroundings clean, make the earth green. The trash can is very important not only i home but also in the public place and office.

As we can see the day to day population increasing the dust and more waste material is collecting because of the more factories and more plastic even there are many of the industries and we live in the urban area so we can make our wastage dump in the solid or burn so we want to trow in the trash can.

There are different different type of the trash can are available in the market and with our usage we can chose the trash can as the times goes there many of the changes is come in trash can early there are only like normal dust bin is there but know there are many of the advance trash can are available.

Like for different type of wastage some for only paper, for homes different for big load different trash can and know on the trending the pedal dustbin is best as it is hand free.

Product name 
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1.Mofna Industries Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin

2.Home Centre Ella 3 Litre Metal Pedal Bin – Black

3. Parasnath Stainless Steel Perforated Dustbin 6L

4.Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin.

5.Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin, Garbin.

1.Mofna Industries Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin

Mofna Industries Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin is a one of the best and important product for your kitchen. Not only for the kitchen but also for the office,school ,etc.

The product have good lid and easily to open and put the garbage without any of messy. From the help of tight lid its good fitted to can and not get any smell out from the trash can.

Look of the product is super classy and it came in the silver colour. Good premium quality of product it is made up from Stainless Steel material. Easy to remove the inner bucket and clean . The outside material is fingerprint proof finishing.

The new type of pedal technologies which s very good not use of had to open the trash can.

You can also put plastic garbage bag easily and put the garbage so from this your trash can will be clean every time when its empty.

  • Perfect For Small Spaces
  • Strong Steel Pedal Are Used
  • Easy Trash Disposal
  • NA

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2.Home Centre Ella 3 Litre Metal Pedal Bin – Black

 2.Home Centre Ella 3 Litre Metal Pedal Bin - Black


It is a very awesome product the look is so classy and it is easy to affordable the price is cheapest, in this price is one of the best product. The product finish is in black Matte colour and it is made up from heavy duty steel material.

The product quality is good and elegant there will be no dent and scratches. The size of the product is 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 25.5 cm which is good enough.

Easy to clean only you want to required soap and water with help of this you can clean or you can use a damp cloth and wipe the din.

Easy to carry this trash can because the weight of thee product is just 3.06 Kilograms.

  • 3 Litres Capacity
  • Steel Material Used
  • Solid Design
  • NA

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3. Parasnath Stainless Steel Perforated Dustbin 6L




Parasnath Stainless Steel Perforated Dustbin 6L is a available in the steel body and it is made up from high quality of the stainless Steel material,. The capacity of the product is good enough which is up to 6 litre which is best to use whole day without empty in the middle it will also from the larger size save your time to not to empty in the middle

Has you all know it use for the dry garbage it mostly use in the office and you can  also use in  Common Rooms, Bathrooms Bedrooms, Soho, Under The desk etc.

The product dimension is 27.94 x 70 x 27.94 cm; 960 Grams. On the bottom it provide the rubber mat which will help to prevent from slipping. Mostly it will can use in the study room. Because kids bedroom it mostly messy so we get give the good habit to put garbage in the trash can.

Price of the product is cheapest t as we can also says its value for money. You can use this trash can With Or Without Garbage Bags.Mostly it is long lasting.

  • Compact Design
  • Multipurpose Value
  • Made With Stainless Steel
  • NA

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4.Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin.


Cello is one of the best and very well know brand. The brand is very good the product of the brand is long lasting no doubt the cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin is one of the one best product in there list.

Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin is good for the daily use it is most good that easy to use and easy to wash anytime when you require you can easily remove the inner bucket and wash with sop and water and you can assemble in 2 min.

The product is made up from premium quality of plastic which is durable and strong. There is peddle is provide with the help of the peddle you can open the din and not to use hand and not worry of germ .Light weight product it is only 910 g weight.

  • Strong And Durable Material
  • Easy To Clean
  • Equipped With Foot Pedal
  • Removable Bucket
  • NA

5.Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin, Garbin.

Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin, Garbin


Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin, Garbin is made India it is a Indian brand so the price is also affordable in this price range is very best product. The look is pretty elegant and matt finis black colour will available .The product is made up from the high quality of plastic martial.

It is value for money.You can buy this product without any worry it is a excellent product and long durable. And not take so much space easy to use.

The size of the product dimension is 25 x 25 x 36 cm; 800 Grams and the weight of the product is 0.8 Kilograms. It is lightweight,  Rust Proof, Leak proof.

  • Made In India
  • Easy To Clean
  • Special Swing Lid
  • Rust Proof, Leak Proof
  • Medium Size

Things Should Know Before You Buy:

According to your space and usage.

It is totally depend upon your usage like for kitchen its different, for office its different,etc.

Which size should purchase.

It is depend upon the family member if it is big family so big trash can and if there is small family small trash can you can check the litres before purchase.

Which one is good metallic or plastic trash can.

Both are best because both are long lasting the metallic gives you a more classy finishing and plastic its have variety design and price is low as compare to metallic trash can.


Be part of the solution, not the pollution. This should be applicable for all the people o the earth nature is the most wonderful thing in the world and it is god made. As we have the responsibility to save our nature and not make any dirt or any kind of the pollution in on the earth.

So for to save the nature the trash can invention is done so our day to day life any of the garbage or wastage we can throw in the dustbin and after that it depose to some safe place so from the environment will be keep clean every time.

As we all of know environment population is high on the earth so our little help to our world will be big help to our nature just one step forward will change our world and make the environment clean so for the first this main purpose the trash can should be use and from the garbage we get many of the disease so for not to spread the disease we also want to use trash can.

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